Is it over?

Do I still have a chance with this girl, or should I drop her like a sack of bricks?

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>Friendzoned from workload
Can you just wait and date other girls?

You don't even have half a percent with this girl, move on and start from scratch with another girl.

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She said it quite clearly and as respectfully as possible my dude, she doesn't want to date you. Find someone else

Yeah, I definitely can pull other girls. I was mostly just curious if I should ever try with this one again.

Thanks bros.

Dude just friendzone her back, now you have a friend.

Say "fine do you wanna hook up though? No relationship attachments"

She seems like a Christian girl though.

say "YEAH! that sounds awesome in all reality I am fairly busy too" make her feel like you haven't missed shit by not dating her.


>Do I still have a chance with this girl, or should I drop her like a sack of bricks?
let me put it this way: DROP! ASAP! DROP!

>"YEAH! that sounds awesome in all reality I am fairly busy too"
cringe, dont do that. That sounds extremly fake. Be honest, tell her that your hopes were disappointed and that you are not interested in a friendship. Then move on without hard feelings. Cut all contact right away and everything will be fine very soon.

I feel like that could potentially give me a bad image.

I'd type "k"

nahh fuck that she didn't have the guts to be honest and instead is keeping our guy on the side incase she needs an emotional pick me up. fuck this bitch, if she want to play games she can get a game.

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I think this makes you look a lot better than the shit these other anons are recommending.

bait or 12yo

"Aight bet"

Then use her at the very least as party/event filler. It's useful to have chick friends, and guess what you still get to flirt with her. 90% she decides to fuck you anyway one day if you just keep a pace of not needing her but kinda obviously digging on her.

Not user, but this is actually honest though right? I'm an oldfag and back in the day when a girl would say let's just be friends you knew she wasn't interested and you said okay but then you never had to talk to her again, just say hey whenever you ran into her.
What happens now? Same thing except you have to like her shit on Facebook?

OP i wouldn't even respond, and move on for the rest of your life from this person

OP doesn't have a chance with any girl. Dumping a girl you would date because she just wants to be friends shows you don't give a shit about her as a person, only as pussy. Dumping her means she'll tell everyone she knows youre a gross pervert.
Keeping her could mean a great friendship. It could mean she knows you actually respect her and might enjoy dating you instead of it being a burden. If not, it shows other girls that you respect women.

I'm a girl but also a dumbass, take my advice how you will. Maybe she's just politely rejecting you. I say, give friendship a shot, like really put effort in, but know when youre not wanted.

literally dont post on this boeard again you dont know how shit women are and why the best way to deal qith a situation like this is to cut them out of your life.

jesus christ just stop
fucking stop

Lmao holy fuck you got one thing right at least

You do have a chance with her, all you have to do is subtly show her that you've got shit going on your life and that she's not the only girl in your life

If she wants a friendship, then you know what that means, she wants your attention. Women love attention, because of the validation

>go out
Did you actually have plans or did you just ask her 'out'? If the latter it was never anything anyway.

Damn is it really all or nothing with you chumps? You would rather be nothing at all than simply be her friend?
Loser. You dont deserve her

She will probably be glad to have you out of her hair desu

Just let it fade rather than outright ghost her. Is she a friend or some rando?

and this is yet another example of why women should not have any rights whatsoever

Just a girl in one of my classes

user, they are the freakiest kind. Go for it my dude.

What have you got to lose?

>"aight bet"


I would never consider being 'nice' to someone who just dumped you, there's no way that can ever be useful to you
"thanks for telling me, but no, I don't really want to be friends, see you"


disagree. People talk. nothing to gain by being a dick either. just exchange a general courtasy then stop talking to her. Just "sure, no worries" 90% she doesnt actually want to be OPs friend. But if she does start talking to you after, just sort of shrug her off.

but you said it yourself, she actually wants someone else to bleed, its a very mercenary decision on her part
maybe its just a personality difference, I don't like being nice to people if they dont strictly deserve it

I dont like burning bridges. If there is something to gain from being a dick it is another discussion. Otherwise one day her friend asks her about you and... Or a friend of a friend, etc Like I said girls talk.

also I think the incensere "friends" part is largey women lacking self awareness and trying to be polite, or they think they actually mean it. most women have a flawed understanding of letting men down easy, and I have heard of men having irrational meltdowns that would make women act this way. Doubt she is doing it with the intent of stringing on OP or being a bitch. Even if 100% agree it is effectivey doing that.

This is totally bullshit. I asked a girl out and she said yes, and the day came and she said she's too busy to do it. Then she never texted me again. You are acting like she gives a fuck about the friendship. Girls got more friends than they can talk to anyway.

Dude if you were Chad she would drop everything to go out with you. Ghost her ass

Weininger was right


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You were a second choice when the first choice was not available. He has become available and she cucked you. Sack of bricks.

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