I have an ongoing bet with a friend

I have an ongoing bet with a friend.

Tell me, which of these photographs do you feel the most sexually attracted to?

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r3, c3

All of them?

Number 9.

The one genuinely smiling.

the third ones from the left on the top and bottom rows

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R1, c4

nice. you want her to whip you don't you lol.

third top row and with the tongue out

Which do you consider that to be?

I’m realizing now that I should have numbered the photos.

That wasn't my initial feeling, but I could see how that face would envoke that. I just like the like the semi-blank but serious look.

I get that too.

R3 C1

interesting why is that?

I think it’s more of a submissive pose, but I’m not entirely sure because I’m not particularly sub or dom

sort of thought so too.

row 1
column 2

The one where she looks the most attractive.

Row 1 column 1.
Row 2 column 1.
Row 3 column 1.

Nothing from row 4. All the exagerated sexual ones like row 3 column 3 or row 4 column 2 don't do it for me. It needs to look more natural besides anything showing her teeth ain't going to work.

If I had to choose just one then probably row 3 column 1. She looks attractive while also has the submitted look of "do whatever you want".

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Top left. I dont know why.

you picked the control , talk to your doc about autism

R2 C1


I really like r3 c1

I mean technically none? Shes not my type.
But if i HAD to choose one then it would be the third. Top row, third from the left

2nd row from bottom 4th picture, it's the last face I see before I start cutting.
Women are the most beautiful their last seconds aware of this earth

Bitting the lips image.

These are correct

R1 C4

These but only if they're directed at me.

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Top right, please.

Top right mostly.

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Bottom row, second column

Top right

top left

top right

almost 4 peoplegiving same answer of top right. i guess bevause we love make a kid on ourself.

Bottom row second collum

> i guess bevause we love make a kid on ourself

R1, C2
What's the bet?

R3 C1

11 & 14

I'm attracted to the scared one on the bottom. Is something wrong with me?

R3 C3 as well

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You mean the sex face one? The only thing wrong with you is autism for not being able to identify emotions in facial expressions.

It looks like she's scared but simultaneously turned on by a gigantic dick

I guess it makes sense since that's my fetish

It looks like she has a dick inside her and she's getting pounded.

same but other way round

all but top right make me soft

The ones where she's smiling.

Top left, or top right as a close second.

Are you going to tell us what the bet is or are more responses needed?

Column 2 Row 4

r2c3 because it seems natural or makes me feel like we're in a relationship
but r4c2 looks like she's faking an orgasm, so people probably like that

None tbqh

maybe you want catalog with a girl of different skin's colour?

sexually attracted r3 c1

genuinely attracted r1 c3

R2C3, though I'm not sure why

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eyes closed r3,c1