Let's talk about flirting over text

Let's talk about flirting over text.

I've befriended a hot guy over IG. He lives in my city but is currently out-of-town. I've commented on his pics and vids before and he's receptive to what I have to say. I've DM'd him a few times but so far it's just been casual talk. I want to let him know I want to romance and fuck him but in a way that won't make him think I'm a dumb whore. Any advice on how to go about it?

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Just tell him you like him, guys dont like it when you play Coi, and play around, until we're in a relationship.l

"You want to hook up when you return home?" - would something along those lines work?

I take it you're American, so I spose something booked that, you could try hinting you like him, then if he doesn't catch on, just tell him you like him and wait for an answer

Canadian but close enough.

How should I hint? This guy isn't terribly bright but he's a sweetheart. Usually when I connect with guys it's through intellectual means rather than flirty shit.

Send him sexy pics. “Hey big guy, what kind of ladies turn you on? Wanna guess the colour of my panties?”

it wouldn't hurt to try hinting him but guy at least in my case prefer if girl's just straight up tell that they like us instead of giving hinting cause hint can go a weird way.

I should mention he's sexually promiscuous with several girls in his life.

My issue is that I've been rejected by many guys before so I always feel like I'm approaching men in the wrong way.

>won't make him think I'm a dumb whore

You are a dumb whore though and he probably knows it already. Which is why he’s keeping distance

>Let's talk about flirting over text.

stopped reading

grow up and call them everyday- multiple times a day if you want them in your life cause you are wasting a lot of time otherwise

We don't know each other well enough.

Yeah, so what's the bridge between that and "hey how are you?"?

"I really like you senpai! You should take me out for coffee

"When do you come back to [city]? Want to go get coffee?"

Keep in mind, he has a couple of girls in his life so I have competition.

>Keep in mind, he has a couple of girls in his life so I have competition.
In that case suggest a night time activity. If it's a night date he'll know it's serious.

Good advice.
>"Hey when you get back want to go to [restaurant which stays open late]?"

I wouldn't mind fucking him on the first date. I'm expecting he's expecting it.

>I wouldn't mind fucking him on the first date
>I don’t want him to think I’m a dumb whore

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That's cool, but fair warning that there's a 50/50 chance he'll hit it and quit it if you smash on the first date

Might as well make it a bar, then. Damn attractive people make me so jealous and bitter FUCK

Will do. He's into drinking so that will be fun.

I have to show I'm I have substance to me, that's what I meant.

Why do I like dirty talk over text but in bed think it's funny or awkward