Nobody likes me. How do I make friends?

Nobody likes me. How do I make friends?

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Become lik-able

Go outside and walk I guess.

Focus on why people do not like you and improve in that area.

You can start by not posting depressive sad images like a retard

Why do you think nobody likes you?


I do that already.

I'm not sure why people don't like me. I don't really know what people like.

I had to post an image to make a thread.

I'm not sure. I think I'm boring and ugly.

I'm too hairy to be lik-able.

>Boring and ugly

Ugly part is irrelevant to have friends. Are you a girl? Cause if girl dudes will treat you as a friend if ugly, girls already do that unless you pursue them anyway.

Boring part is not easy to fix, what do you normally in you spare time? Do you go to school? What are your hobbies?

Idk but if you find out let me know

Hang out with people who have similar interests as you. What are you into?

Because you're probably so self absorbed in the fact that people don't like you that you aren't self aware at all.
I've seen people being "wrongly" self aware and asking shit about stuff that doesn't matter and ignoring real problems.

Imagine wanting to be friends with shit tier humans

Cats are superior

>nobody likes me
Literally everyone thinks that but there are always people who like you but you just don't know it yet. Or, if nobody actually likes you then you're in the wrong place and should make new friends.

>How do I make friends?

There isn't a fixed way to become friends, just do what you do normally and start talking more and longer to people, laugh a bit more, ask people about themselves a bit more, and maybe out of all the people you talk to you'll resonate with a few, and by then you're already friends.

>Are you a girl?
>what do you normally in you spare time?
I don't have much. I work a menial job "full time" and am a "full time" student.
>Do you go to school?
Yes, college. People there only ever talk to me if they want me to help them cheat and get mad when I refuse.
>What are your hobbies?
>What are you into?
I am told Jow Forums, anime, and masturbating are not hobbies, so I have none.

How do I diagnose that?

What if people don't want to talk to me?

you dont, you just stay on this board and make shitty memes. and have people reply with an XD from time to time and feel a little bit better.

nofap, becoming more interesting ie reading and getting hobbies, joining a club or sport all will help you on your journey.
It's mainly just practicing being social. At first you'll sperg out and want to hide in your room, but eventually being around people will become second nature to you.

You don’t because nobody likes you, instead of looking for friends maybe you should focus on what’s wrong with you and fix it. Then you can make all the friends you want.

You won't know until you talk to them. This also depends on the situation, for example talking to someone in a queue isn't exactly ideal.

And if someone doesn't want to talk to you, move on to the next person.

Nice bait faggot

You have no hobbies, therefore you have no group to join to meet like-minded people. I’d suggest staying off of Jow Forums for a few months and stop relying on shitposts to fill the void in your life.

Accept the normie lifestyle. Seriously, I used to be like that and I thought that those normies who watched football and went to parties were wrong and I was so much better. I was wrong.

Go outside more, talk to normies, adopt their hobbies and make them your own. Listen to normie music, do normie activities, etc. Now there's two kinds of normies so choose the right one. There's the degenerate thots and wigger normies, and there's the chad sportive normies. The chads are the ones you should follow.

Once you've adopted their lifestyle, change it a bit to make it your own and there you go, you'll be happy and interesting

come here!

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Gay and kys

go to anime conventions then or try new things

>they hated him because he told the truth

It's ok user. One day you'll realize that hiding yourself in a virtual world is comfortable, but it's not healthy. I just hope you realize it before it's too late