Is PUA legit?

How do I really get laid

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PUA spectrum

Far Left = Return of Kings shit [That guy at the bar that's fucked half the girls in town, but is a child support case in the making]

Middle = Order out of Chaos [Marines]

Far Right = Mgtow/incels AKA Disregard females and Acquire Currency [Leonardo Di Caprio]

That's funny when I think of the radical commies ive met in my life they were all weak lanky effeminate looking men who couldn't bang a girl if they paid for it
Meanwhile I'm as far right leaning and idealogy as it gets short of complete anarchy and when single can pull 3 girls a month.
And yes I'll screenshot my messenger rn to prove that statement.

Whether you get laid or not they do and can give good advice when it comes to not being a social autist. Check RSD Tyler if you're curious.


Pimpin ain't easy though man- females have all of the good cards

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You are thinking of the political spectrum

I was making a new one based off of years of study of PUA

well you don't sound like a Marine so by my diagnosis you are best with going to the website return of kings and reading there for some tips

nothing wrong with meeting girls at parties

and just to clarify

when I mean currency I mean- a lot of currency

like at least 100k

Yes ladies those incels you hate so much know how to make money and that is why they call you names

Please do so user

Hold on itll take me a minute to black out this stuff in sketch.

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That'sa biological thing, women have always seeked resources for survival

Sure user


A video I recommend

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like sugar for a horse. At least we agree- it is true

that's adorable

I would never call my girl a bitch unless she actually wasn't one though. It's trashy.

How do you do it Chad? Tell me your ways

White Knight detected

Players play for keeps

Me and her are actually in a really weird love hate relationship and are fwb.
I'm not a fuck boy, I'm completley honest with them about if I'm just trying to have fun or want to keep seeing them.

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for sure man

There is nothing wrong with that

use a condom

I'm not objectively hot. In rate threads here I've got everything from 4 to a couple 10's.
Just talk to them and be yourself. Dont be desperate. If you ask one out and they turn you down fuck em, you miss every shot you dont take.

How to have fwb:
>Be honest
>Have 'game'

The fucks a condom?

Thanks user

How old are you user? Just curious

Yeah the whole be yourself and be honest thing fucked with me for awhile to
Like be myself? Tell them on days off I'm probaly gaming the entire day and accomplishing nothing?
Walk right up and say yo wanna fuck?(although this ironically worked one time)
Like try to make the conversation flirty if shes digging it ask her to hang out, if you on a date and want to build something long term I def would not try to or bang on first date but if this is a come over and watch movies they know what's up withiut you saying anything. If they come over they are willing to fuck, end of story.


I'm just getting ignored to I'll lay this out there to from the old thread of 'what would you tell yourself a decade ago?

"You'll meet a lot of women- fuck them all"

Is it easier to get laid the older you get?

In my case yeah but I also had a strange life of neet mixed drug addict and went from 16 when I lost virginity to 22 with 0 sex, some making out, blowjobs and dry sex but no actual sex. 24 to present was my transition to sex god.

Generally speaking yes, as long as you take care of yourself. You will have more confidence and experience. Just don't let yourself become fat or a NEET.

>I'm pretty young
>Don't wanna reveal my age bc of mods
But damn, I'm pretty pumped to start laying pipe rn. I'm might go out with a friend in a few to do some approaching