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Lies and slander.

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Wrong board you fucking retard.

I slowly lose trust in people around me I don't know why.

It's definitely not the wrong board, these have been on adv for at least five years

I'm too clingy, I'm going to ruin everything, but I'm honestly having so much fun I can't stop. At least it'll be nice whilst it lasts.

I am caring less and less about relationships as I get older and I don't know if it's a good or bad thing anymore

I have accepted that I am autism and would rather focus on things I enjoy rather than why I will probably die alone.

I should be grateful that one of my best friends' girlfriends is trying to hook me up with her friends but I just want to tell them both I honestly don't give a fuck anymore.

Is it wrong that I don't want to settle for second best and would rather just be alone?

I can't take it anymore!
Don't I deserve some respect?
I do this for free Goddamnit

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>would rather focus on things I enjoy
is selfish, not autism

>should be grateful
not necessarily, politely decline and move on

>is it wrong that I don't want to settle for second best
no, but this indicates you choose to date what you deem "seconds" rather than "firsts"

>would rather just be alone
meh, your choice. so stop being a whiny bitch

I wish everyone would fucking tell me to stop being goddamn happy or that I've been given a huge opportunity in life. I fucking hate it. My entire identity, goals, and sense of independence got thrown out the window within a month, outside of my control, despite working for fucking 8 years to get there. I was a year away from getting an amazing job, finally being independent, and being a fucking person worth anything. Instead I'm now stuck back at square one, with every single person being fake as shit, saying, "Oh, that sucks, but now you can go out and get a job and finally do what you dream about!" Then they immediately go into what's bothering them. Oh, my mom is fucking suicidal and calls me at 3 AM to tell me how she wants to end it because of chronic pain. Oh, my dad is suffering from some health condition he refuses to get help for, while throwing all of the money away in the stock market since he's "gonna make it rich, just wait!" Oh, my sister was cheated on and is now calling me and telling me how awful it is to lose everything you were, but at least she has a job lined up, tons of friends, and is moving to the place she loves because this place is awful.

I'm so fucking fed up with it. Why can't I be happy for one goddamn day in my life. Why can't I go out and just have fun, start dating, get some money, buy fucking anything for myself. Instead I have to save, I have to plan, I have to listen to everyone's problems, I have to wait, and keep waiting, and just keep waiting for me to be happy. I'm 25 years old and have nothing to show for it despite working my ass off at a useless goddamn degree that was ripped away from me. I was helping people, I was fucking saving lives some days, and now I'm nothing. I'd kill myself if it didn't make me feel guilty at the knowledge of making my family and friends sad.

I don't know what to do, I just don't know anymore.

I really was just a game to you after all. :/

I love you and I think about you all the time,,that's all I know -_-

I’m living in the nightmare I thought I wanted.

I'm completely worthless outside of being a good little consumer. I have nothing women want and will probably never have a family.

My feelings are my problem, not yours. Probably you like me sometimes, but I know you're not motivated to be closer, otherwise we already were. I like you, but I'm not waiting anymore. Sorry for me being annoying sometimes. I'm fine. Good luck


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E, how about you answer to this?

I just fucked up the phone screen for my dream job. I was so nervous my voice was shaking and I could barely speak. I blew it. I should just kill myself. holy fuck

Why do you think you’d have been her dog? What should she have done to convince you otherwise?

Social justice is not worth the upset or attention. And it is part of the bs. Essentially, I choose where to dedicate my energies and if it in no way impacts my relationships or the greater good, idgaf. Plus, people are predictable so no reason to get upset when they fail to meet expectations. Makes people think I am a cold hearted bitch without emotions.

>what really got you going
Personal life is driven by passion and sex, but I do not fuck around with multiple people. Can deal with anything as long as that area is good but it puts a lot of pressure on him.

>Why do you think you’d have been her dog?
She would have said: look! It's that idiot coming to lick my feet again!

>What should she have done to convince you otherwise?
Well,it's in her nature.
Long story short, i once asked her to come visit me, and she refused. Knowing her, she was like: "This dude is gonna fall for me and i don't wanna problems, i just want to have fun".
So, nothing she could have done to convince me, you see?

>I choose where to dedicate my energies and if it in no way impacts my relationships or the greater good
What do you know. Wise.

>Makes people think I am a cold hearted bitch without emotions
I know that you didn't ask for advice, but you should avoid that.
As you judge the people in front of you, you get judged back.
If you don't open up and show your colors/feeling/mental process, the other person will lose interest, thinking that you are a bot, or a gold digger.
Consider this my repayment for your advice, lol.

>Personal life is driven by passion and sex
>but I do not fuck around with multiple peopleù
That's noble, and all, but it's not what i asked.
What i asked was: what got you going?
When you took the d, what attitude did the dude have?

>Can deal with anything as long as that area is good but it puts a lot of pressure on him
What do you mean?
How does that pressure a guy?

> i once asked her to come visit me, and she refused
Under what context? Had she visited before? Did you ever visit her? What's the distance?

>As you judge the people in front of you, you get judged back
That's the thing. I don't judge. Not my place. Doesn't mean I'm disinterested, it can just be interpreted that way.

>If you don't open up and show your colors/feeling/mental process, the other person will lose interest, thinking that you are a bot, or a gold digger
You are absolutely correct! Working on this...

>what got you going
>what attitude did the dude have
Okay, truth here. Initially, the intellectual challenge. If he isn't independent, strong-willed and able to disagree with me, he's a dog (as you say). Dogs are worthless and my vibrator can give me the same satisfaction in less than 5 minutes without having to answer "yes, that feels amazing" every 2 seconds in bed. After the mental connection, comes the physical. Where I have already, in my head, spent a weekend in bed doing all the freaky, nastiest things I could think of to their naked body. So by the time we touch, I about burst. He has the same urgency

>how does that pressure a guy
People covet ease and routines- this leads to a stale sex life. I have the attention span of a gnat so boredom sets in when sexting and sex is routine. Or if I'm the only one initiating new things.

I keep having dreams that the guy who rejected me is showing interest in me and spending time with me. In reality, he’s out of my league and probably thinks I’m creepy or crazy. I want these dreams to go away so I can try to move on.

>Had she visited before?
Maybe i m a retard, but i think she visited once, years ago..?
Nothing since then.
Exprecially nothing since i visited her.

>Did you ever visit her?
Yes, once, after we got talking again.

>What's the distance?
Let's say she sould make it in one hour by train.
Btw, i asked her to come, then i offered to meet half way. She refused.
She ain't interested.

>I don't judge. Not my place.
Fuck off.
We all do, you women expecially.
If you were, but you aren't ofc. Never forget the rules, lol.

>Working on this...
It's easy. Just put a bit of trust. It usually pays back.

>Okay, truth here.
I respect you for that.
Thanks. It helps to see things fro manother procpective.
Btw, the rest? Hot. Nice.
I would have asked your number already if you were a woman.
But you aren't, see above.

>People covet ease and routines
Ain't that true. That's the consequence of living in a safe nation. But i ll take that over a law of the wolf everyday.
And, if you are being honest, anyone would do the same, including you.

I love studying and learning shit. My dream is to be able to do that unhindered. And I think I can do that right now.
>I have enough money
>I'm not in serious trouble with anyone
>i dont have excessive non-school shit going on
The only thing is I'm behind because I lost my marbles again for the past month or so, like since mid-February.

I’m done trying with you. It took me many years to get to this point. I’ll just accept whatever because I was hard headed for so long and where did it get me? I’m just happy to have you in my life. I’m not going anywhere because you mean so much to me even if I’m nothing to you.

I just fucking can't with her anymore. She went out for breakfast and they fucked up her order. I called her to give her some company, and she starts going super negative, about how everything is her fault, about how stressed she is, that she can't take it anymore. I'm in the other side of the US and can't even hold her. But everything is negative, she really can't deal with her stress and what's worse is that its stressing me out. I'm getting short with family and friends.
We have plans to move in soon, but as time goes on I'm starting to feel like she only wants me there so she doesn't have to deal with life alone. Yet I get pushed away and my advice disregarded more and more.

A part of me is starting to resent her. She talks about killing herself, and a whisper in my head almost wants to just tell her "just fucking do it".

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Let's talk tomorrow. It's time...

Hey user you're a piece of shit.

Why are you so quiet user? Open up to us.

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oof me too, but he's not out of my league he's just fucking autistic and i don't consciously give a damn what he's doing but he shows up in my dreams all the time. it's infuriating. I might also be autistic.

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that's not the pic i wanted to post but fuck it

Why am i like this? God fucking damnit why can't i just normally talk with this girl. She's not even that attractive or popular, just the fact that i like her makes me nervous enough that my mind goes blank and i can't do nothing but stand there like a troglodyte.
That's exactly why i'm still a virgin at 22, even with okay looks.

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Hi how are you? Do anything fun today? Etc etc. Try not to be anxious.

be above it and do what makes you happy regardless of other people’s opinions.

It does sound like she's blowing you off but you could always ask one last time, then drop her for good. By continuing to talk to you after a visit, she is/was interested.

>never forget the rules
>if you were a woman
lol, both so true

You're pretty cool for an anonymous internet stranger. If only I was your E...

Truth hurts

>you lil stupid-ass bitch
>you lil dumb-ass bitch
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a fuck
I don't give a

>doesn’t care but still spends time writing song about it
>user doesn’t care but still spends time posting lyrics

right and wrong is waaaay more important than happiness
happiness is like hunger or needing to shit, it's weird to try to make it happen

How many weeks past, or should I ask how many months past before you registered with the court order program? Too busy drinking drugging and fucking? Exactly. Fulfilling your desires not giving a shit about the pain you caused abandoning ur child. Now you want to cry victim and say it's the bitch mom fault keeping you away? How about the bitch mom is protecting ur child from your unstable abusive ways and you have to prove you're not that guy any more first? No. It's definitely her fault. Of course.

im sorry for lying to you

Fuck about you or anything that you
Don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do

Ever since my only close friend got a gf he has basically stopped talking to me very much at all.

Now I have no close friends, and no idea how to get out of this. He's a really handsome guy so getting a gf was obviously easy for him once he started trying, but I have been trying for a while and never get anywhere.

I'm just pissed off and alone which just makes me even more unattractive.

Slander. Libel. Get used to it. I will never shut up my story. I will always speak out and even public speaking in the future. If it can help one other life you better believe I will always speak up. Try to shut me up. Sue me. I'll file bankruptcy. IDGAF. I will never be quiet. Ever. Better get used to it.

make me permanent you cunts
you whined and bitched about workload and pressures on staff in the meeting, you're asking for someone to step up for the senior position which ive already done in previous jobs
ive already worked out how to resolve the issues on one customer and give me access to the rest and ill resolve that shit too
ive seen the workload, ive seen your procedures, i can help you sort this out

I wanna fuck my classmates!!!

poster just above you
i also want to be employed at company im temping at because the manager above is fucking fine
like unf, she could shit on my chest and id ask for more

Lately i've been romantisizing death. Not so much suicide or murder, but just the beauty of death. We're all so damn lucky we can leave this place behind some day.

Fuck this website.

I want to go out and socialize so I can get my social skills at least somewhere in the ballpark of "functional adult," but there's no place to do that in my small, shitty town that isn't a bar or a church. Goddamn frustrating.

Ball in your court now bitch. Can't wait to read your summary.

If you had continued to love me the same back when we first met, we could have been happy. Maybe I stopped loving you too.

I have some pretty severe sexual trauma. At some point I'm going to have to confront the difficulties with the act of sex itself, but I don't know how to do that. It's beyond the realm of what my therapist or anyone else I know can do for me. Poking around the internet led to suggestions of things like hookers and bdsm groups. Can anyone vouch for the latter? Is there anything else I should at least think about?

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Lmao, it always gets to this point user. Then you come back.

Give someone closure today.

I have a date tonight and honestly she doesn't seem all that interested based on her replies.
We went out once about a year or two ago, drifted for whatever reason and recently reconnected. I asked her out last week and she seemed really into it, but ever since I returned from my trip, she seems distant.
The opposite gender thread suggested she may be wary that I only want pussy, so maybe that's a factor. She hasn't gotten back to me when I suggested a meetup time, so we'll see what happens I guess

I should have confessed to you when you came to me and asked if I was okay. I am so glad you did.
But i was too proud to say "no i feel like shit i've had the wost day i hate myself and i hate my life".
It was probably for the best, you woulnt have known how to react - but one day I would like to be able to show vulnerability. Pride and fear of being publicly weak have only driven people away from me, i don't want that to happen with you.
I promise next time i will open up.

she looked so gorgeous today and yesterday. im losing my mind just thinking about her. she wore all black and just looked stunning and stole the show completely. i really wonder about her, what's she like really, what does she do in her free time.. and yeah, does she have a bf or something like that. i guess yeah cause she's so gorgeous but it doesn't have to be like that. i dunno. i'm still glad i can get a crush, i think its a healthy sign i can feel attracted to someone like that.

"Are you ok?" you ask? I've definitely completely lost my mind but I can't say that. All of this is really just self-sabotage so I dont have to take up my mantle. Failure is always easier.

Just saw a girl who I'd love to be friends with, but unfortunately doesn't really want to be friends with me. We are usually cordial to each other, and I wanted to go up and say hi to her, but I felt like I should respect her space and chose not too. It's hard, because I'm a really friendly person, but I feel like a made a good choice.

I just wanted to pat myself on the back a bit to make myself feel better.

well fuck you for not liking this website


Hey P, I have a feeling T's doing a lot harder drugs than just weed. I don't know how to tell you, so I hope you figure it out for yourself soon.

This sounds so much like you it's weird. Not your user, but just for the record. I adored you and you're an idiot.

I just want to tell you that I love you again, but I won’t.

i did it for the first time in years again. and this time i don't think i want to stop. it hurts but i deserve it. i am a terrible human being. i deserve the sadness i'm feeling right now.

What no user, you never don't deserve happiness.

Please don't give up, there doesn't have to be much today just enough for tomorrow.

Seeing you exist there is more for tomorrow.

Wow, so used to J and L drama on this board seeing Es pop up is kinda disconcerting.

Life is a hard thing alright, I'm failing constantly but I think I can be better.

I don't want to die there is so much good shit still to experience and maybe I was horrible yesterday and today but I want to be better.

I am willing to pay the price for living by being good.

Mommy will always tell you your right, no matter what laws you break. This way no matter what you'll never be able to function as a law abiding person and will continue to get in trouble throughout your adult life so you can be the little child that runs back to hide behind her skirt and she will always keep her little boy. Toxic. Dysfunctional. Never changing. Codependent on each other and at the end of her life when you resent having to take care of her because you really won't know how to, you'll become that fat gross guy in the video slapping his old mother hand with the fly swatter because you can't stand her yap yapping. She knows it too. I don't feel bad for either of you. You will never marry. You will never be able to have a career. You will have nothing more than what she gives you or allows you to have. That my sad friend is your karma. Sucks to be you.

Hey S, leave me alone. I just wanna work and not see you again, so bugger off. You shouldn't be here, I never want to talk to you again.

I'm too high for this shit


I'm not autistic i'm a human being

I'm buying my first place and literally everyone is so happy and excited for me. And I'm just stressed and nervous. This shit costs a lot of money. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be an adult. I'm excited about getting married and having kids though



I don't care what my friends think, I love my gf's hairy armpits and her hairy legs.

Is she a feminist?

this whole week has been shitty for no fucking reason that’s actually WOOOW it just sucks

I think it’s finally over and I feel relief. Do not ever try to rebound with me again when you break up with your newest fling

She wore black today?

I'm having one of those momentw where I just want to toss myself from the window and smash my spine up. I feel like I'm a fuckup, like the only thing I'm able to really do is sit and watch Youtube videos all day. People say I'm a nice person with skills and talent, but I don't see it as clearly. I see all of my fuckups, and I feel it's telling that I've really only got the one close friend. I've historically felt better alone, but now the loneliness is too much to handle, and I don't know how to reach out to people. There's so much noise around all the time and I can't even appreciate a quiet moment anymore because of the tinnitus I got from trying to bloack all that noise out. I don't even enjoy music anymore. I fear that genuine, innocent enjoyment of things will forever more escape me. I look at everything and analyze it to the nth detail and it destroys it. Everything is so heavy and takes so much time and effort to move through. I feel retarded because I take such a long time to fully process something. Everything has a judgement cast on it, and I need to assure myself that it's the right judgement to make. I've suppressed a lot of my emotional responses as a result of seeing them as a mistake. I self-analyze to no end and it's driving me insane. I'm sick and tired of doing it bit I have no idea how to stop doing it; what if I make a mistake in my ignorance? Escapism doesn't even do it for me because I know that I'm doing it. I tell myself to face reality but there's just too much there. I'm tired of it. Really, really tired. My goals don't bring me any success, just self-contentment, like I'm eternally playing and never actually accomplishing. I want to stop feeling this way. I want to knock myself stupid and just stop my mind from doing so fucking much all of the fucking time

Too bad you never expressed any of this to me
This shit right here, this shit right here.

I hate feeling like I would have had a better time playing games alone in my house than spending time with you, I shouldn't feel like this you are my gf and I love you but if you just stare at the wall like a broken doll being cold how else I am supposed to feel?

>You're pretty cool for an anonymous internet stranger
Why, thank you.

>If only I was your E...
Heh. I would have already asked for your number.

You won't ever see this, it's late now, but i wish you well.

lucid dreaming sucks when it's a nightmare

Pretty sure I got the local shitheads riled up against me too and they're fucking with my parent's house

oh boy

i feel this hard.

I can't get over my ex gf and its been years, and it only seems to get harder. Not a day goes by I don't think about her.

I just want to be by myself for a while but my current gf and I live together and we're taking the same class. I really do care for my current gf, she's really wonderful and has been nothing but good to me and I know shed be a wreck if we broke up.

She is also my last friend. For a variety of reasons I have no one else to talk to.

idk how to manage this situation

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I want to date my coworker so bad but both of us have partners currently.

Please just tell me something nice


Im going to change my name, and move away from my family. i dont know how to do it though

Is it bad I wanna die

I badly want to get my mental health checked up on but I can't bear to try and seek help from the shitty doctors in my town.

I actually can't get psychiatric help because I dont wanna get institutionalized or something
hard work moves mountains

Please man, if you need someone in your life I'm here. We're human I care.

I wish you’d have said yes. I guess you don’t care.

Thank you

How does a lack of empathy affect someone's life?
As I'm growing older I notice patterns in my family's behaviour and problems. It's surprisingly difficult to find articles on this, most touch on different disorders instead.