How tf do i stop being a fatass?

i keep eating and eating, stuffing myself until i feel sick and then i eat even more
how do i stop this shit?

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wish i was you, i am too skinny fuck...

i'd switch i just wanna be skinny

stuff yourself with low calorie foods


But honestly I don't know your situation. Drink water first of all. You don't have to quit energy drinks and soda cold turkey, but its only making things worse for you

Stop carbs and sugar.

It'll be hard, but it gets easy after 1-2 weeks if you NEVER cheat on your diet.

Try to analyze the stimulus that dictate how you eat. As an example, when I ate carbs, a single mention of icecream would make me crave that shit, so I had to talk to my mother about her not mentioning food anymore (took me 2 years to convince the whore to stop, lost weight by moving out). Another example of mine is that, when I'm happy, I'll eat without thinking, when I'm sad it's really easy to not eat and when I'm worried it's easy to control any impulse I have. Try to ride those comportamental waves if you're having a hard time.

Fasting is great too, if you're like me and only need to stop thinking about food for the cravings to go away.

But really, if you cut carbs and sugar entirely, all those tips will only be valid for 2 weeks, since after that you won't need it as much. Just don't cheat, be sure to not be a faggot and eat/drink just because you want to be part of some social bullshit and you're good.

You have two options:

1. Eat less
This is hard to do, but fairly straightforward.

2. Continue overeating, but exercise in proportion to how much you're overdoing it.

My best generic advice would be to not have desserts just lying around the house. Never buy them. Make it so that you always have to go to the shop in order to enjoy a chocolate bar - you'll automatically start doing it less.

Don't bother with "low fat" products. Some amount of fat is actually healthy. Your problem is the ungodly amount of sugar in our diets.

Oh please, you love being a skinny twink

Count calories accurately and read the Jow Forums sitcky.

>cold-turkey abstaining
>blaming and cursing your mom and feewings
You sound like you still have an eating disorder and shouldn't be giving anybody advice. OP needs to change his lifestyle and the way he eats and approaches food as a whole not go on a "diet", he'll just gain it back and be a fag like you that never improves

Yeah that is eating disorder talk.
I even saw someone legit do the super size me "diet" (still counting calories but just fast food still) and they still lost weight.
OP just needs to stop being a hedonist and filling his gob at every opportunity.
Do not mindlessly eat ever again, you count what you eat when you eat it, and you count it accurately.

Adding some salads and going for occasional walks would be a start.

Salads dont work. Look at cows they eat grass all day and are fat as fuck.

And also if OP isn't going to count the 5 ranch packets he has to douse it with so that it's "tollerable". It'll be a 1000 calorie salad instead of a 500 one.

i only drink water my problem is mostly eating
i don't think i can stop carbs and sugar i don't think i even have any foods without those except the butter in my fridge or something
nah i like healthy food it's just that i eat unspeakable amounts of trash too

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>Lost 66lbs in a year.
>Lost all the cravings for fat fucker foods.

But sure, the advice he already heard his entire life is the one he's missing.

>Just like, don't eat breh. Be healthy and stuff. Done.

Mindfulness to help you cope with whatever is triggering your binging, if it's really bad, see if you can't get a doctor to help you with meds. And big salads with as much fat and meat as you like is always better than two packets of biscuits and a carton of ice cream.

A 1k calories salad with therapy is perfectly fine. It's called intermittent fasting and as long you're mentally healthy you'll end up inadvertently doing it on keto.

Stop eating, you stupid fatass.

Start doing heroin or meth ,crack also.
You'll loose all appetite and be thin in no time.

Here is what I want you to do OP. Go out and buy a whole cabbage. It can be purple or green. Now keep it by you at all times and constantly pick at it through the day. No dressing or dip or anything just straight cabbage. Aim for a whole cabbage every day.

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that's hurtful :(

I'm going to eat a hole in the cabbage, poor my booze in there and use it as a cup

Don't you have meat? Salads? What are you even eating? Fasting is still good for you anyway, so do it.

Stop eating unspeakable amounts of trash. 2000 calories a day, no more.

>Jow Forums's resident permathot doesn't know how to deal with eating disorders

you need strategy, you fucking dimwit. OP already knows he eats a lot of trash and clearly just telling him to stop doesn't work. If you don't know about the subject at hand how about keeping your arrogant whore mouth shut and NOT giving advice. Retard.

You should try cooking more, start with Veggies (asparagus and Brussels sprouts are pretty easy).

try to get prescribed amphetamines. seriously. when you're on speed, it's a chore to even drink water let alone eat solid food.

There is no viable strategy. If you literally cannot stop yourself from going out and buying a bunch of junk food and sitting around eating it all day then there is nothing you can do. Any strategy you come up with will fail.

if you're eating out then change where you eat to more healthy stuff. if you're eating at home then just stop buying trash and putting it in your fridge

I've been losing weight. Don't watch TV while eating.
Don't go to the fridge if you are bored.
Do take one big helping or two small servings then literally push away. Take the plate off the table so no one else puts more main course in front of you.
Eat less bread, potatoes, and pasta.

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Discipline you fat fuck

Keep a bottle of water by your side 24h so you drink a healthy beverage that cuts some of your hunger