FACT: Having a below average penis is a worthy reason to give up

I ask 1, JUST ONE, man with a penis 5 inches (13 cm) or less in length to say that pursuing dating and or sex is worth it. Pro tip: not a single man with such a small penis will. No men with above average dicks or women are allowed in this thread. This is a thread for men with small penises to advise each other on how to properly suppress romantic and sexual urges, as they will never truly be fulfilled.

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This may be the cringiest thing I've ever seen on here

epic post advice and very insightful, glad we can help with your related problem

fucking kill yourself npc advirtisor

I was lucky that people told me to stay far away from women in such a young age. So I avoided women throughout all of my high school career. I just occasionally jerk off the sex drive and study shit that I enjoy to keep me distracted. Body building and taking cold showers just fucking makes you feel so good that it nullifies any desire for sex or romance. Definitely recommend you literally cut off women now and just focus on what you really want. Helps if you dont actually feel bitter about it.

5 incher here, I say it's worth it. Thread done.

If you're really that insecure I think you can go ahead and lay your head on the railroad tracks.

I think my penis might be smaller than 5 inches
>small penis
what's the point of life again?

fuck off your samefagging ro promote garbage this isnt even a thread

>FACT: Having a below average penis is a worthy reason to give up
>FACT: Giving up is for pathetic faggots

>have average penis
>gf can't get enough sex from me
Stay mad OP

FACT: I have an above-average penis. I'm here to make all you small guys envious

I don't feel envy, I feel wrath. Like breaking my door for a second time wrath.
Protip: if you are angry, hit a wall. Doors are expensive.

And also to stroke my own ego. Large penis, not-so-large sense of self-worth

At least you're not short. I'm a manlet and chicks won't even give me the chance to show them my cock.
>be 5'5"
>Dick be 7"x6"
What a waste.

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to derail this thread in a cool way, post your favorite song rn


nice. when this came out man people lost their minds it was so fresh and this is one of their tracks that holds up the best


If you are angry, calm yourself the fuck down. You're a man, not an animal


vaginas are only like 4 inches deep, no one wants a 12 inch dick inside them

Er no, much like the penis, the vagina is different from person to person and changes shape and size during arousal or intercourse.

Bro, mine is 11 cm. I used to be very conscious about that. Then I got married, divorced eventually and started dating more. I just stopped thinking about my size, I take the girl home and do my best with what I have. No complaints so far and many repeated. Somebody may eventually say something but I don't care.

I have above average penis, height, etc but I don't get much interest because I don't have a strong jaw

We all have our shit to deal with

>talking to a guy I know
>he says he got a fuck buddy because she saw his dick and said she wanted to fuck
>meanwhile I’m 4 inches hard
I hate life so much, what am I supposed to do

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>Use tongue and fingers
>Always shave pubes and balls, will make it seem larger
>Always make sure your nails are not too short or too long
>These tips will make them come back for more every time
I’m about 5.7 inches but all men should be proud of whatever size they are. Sex is definitely worth it at all sizes.

Bro no way

I know a 4' guy with a 3" inch penis who fuck girls every day

Yeah that’ll release stimulate her cervix * teehee *

Date an asexual


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Stop coming up with fixed excuses for your failure that preclude you from improving. It's just a defense mechanism because you know getting better is really hard. Let that BS go.

You stupid dicklets.
If you can get laid it's not a problem, since by the time she sees your dick is too late for her to retreat. And if she doesn't want to repeat doesn't matter, since you already proved that you can get laid and therefore can approach women as a throwaway item.
If you can't get laid it doesn't matter, because you aren't getting laid anyway.

Your problem is not your dick size, you are just angry because u are probably 5'5 ugly, boring, talentless...
But u can always improve yourself , and with 3 or 4 years dedication you can change alot.Just becareful with the thinks you improve.

>Needing other people to be content
Yeah you dun goofed, it has absolutely nothing to do with your peepees dicklets!
Now excuse me while I go enjoy my job

>tfw 9x6 bbc and still kkhv
i wish i had an excuse

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The one thing man truly cares about, and yet medical science betrays us still