I'm going to do leg lengthening surgery

I have inferiority complex and desu I just feel like I'm less of a man at 5'11" especially since I'm a manager. I want to get around 6'1" but 6'2" would be the dream height and will give me tremendous confidence. Now the surgery is quiet costly I could buy a newly released car but this is what will make me happy. I will do it at dr. paley who has done hundreds of surgeries. I contacted him the other day on phone and he said they will break my leg, I will gain 8 cm max and also have to take a year off work and i will be unable to move properly for 6 months. After that if everything goes well I can still do squats and deadlifts under 100 kg in fact its necessary to excercise after.

What do you guys think? I'm about to pay half of the money for the surgery which is around 30000 usd

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Don’t be a fucking idiot. Not working for a year will make you feel worse than being 5’11”. Plus you’re genes will still be 5’11”; just live with it.

a year goes by fast

Doesn‘t sound like the investment of money, time and health is ever going to weight up the few cm‘s you gain.
Better work on giving less of a shit about what others think and learn how to not be so fucking hard on yourself 24/7.

I think you will disappointed after your surgery when you realize being 8cm taller doesn't fix your confidence issues.

Doesn't that hurt like shit?

People think there‘s a quick fix to self love and then get gravely dissapointed.
Infact, i think you‘ll feel even worse because after the sirgery you‘ll feel like you have tried everything and still feel like shit.

to me it does, i feel like shit when I'm next to taller dudes as a male and I feel like a kid at my shit height
it does, i spend a huge amount of time thinking about height
yes, but only post surgery and i get painkillers

We are aware. But getting sirgery won‘t cure your inferiority complex. Why do you think people who do palstic surgery can‘t stop getting them? They always think that this next one will finaly be the one who will male them feel good about themselves. Instead they end up looking like aliens.
They all started with one op they thought will magically solve their mental issues.

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Weak bait thread. OP is 6'4" and a kissless virgin.

You don't need surgery, you need a therapist.

Holy shit is this real lmaoooo

Google the bogdanoff brothers

just a nip and a tuck aaaand you're the 3rd bogdanoff brother

when im small 5'11" then it will help

Funny, I'm 6'01 with my tendons being fucked up.
Now if I ever get surgery, I'll be 5'11.
Truth is, height doesn't matter for me. I just care if I ever fucking dance or properly box and hit people. I can't do that if my toes are my only balance.

We're polar opposites.

Girls aren't suddenly going to be lusting after your dick because you became a couple inches taller, dumbshit.

Christ, they went from decent-looking to "caricature from a political cartoon."
I genuinely don't understand why people do this to themselves.

Does that shit actually cost 30k? Hmm buy a brand new car or grow 2 inches taller.. so fucking stupid

>Is above-average height
I think the issue is your terrible self-esteem, not your height.

obvious bait thread or serious psychological issues. 5ft11 is way above average. literally wear some dress shoes and some 1 inch lifts and your way above 6ft you raging faggot

I'm around the same height at 180cm. nearly all women are shorter than me. and men I am above average to most. what the fuck is your problem kid?

Orthopedic surgery should be avoided at all costs. Shit can go wrong, and they are far from pleasant.

Don't do it moron

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