My long distance ex is threatening to kill herself. She has already been cutting. What do I do? I am panicking a bit

My long distance ex is threatening to kill herself. She has already been cutting. What do I do? I am panicking a bit.

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Who cares?
1. Not your problem
2. Probably just an attention whore(it's working btw)

Pic related

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Seconding this.
Just ignore it.
If she doesn‘t follow trough, you sucesfully avoided being her emotional tampon aka beta orbiter.
If she follows troigh, then nothing you would have said or done would have made a difference. You‘re not responsible for her. Don‘t take that burden upon you.

You know where she lives right? Have her dragged to the psyche ward.

And what would that solve?

Wow what a fucking drama queen lol. Not only is she attention whoring but also blaming you for her mental illness

Her attitude problem.

Since when has a psyche ward ever helped with that?

Agreeing with that user.
My mom works in one and all they do is pump people full with medicine and force them to fake „getting better“ or they‘ll lose „privileges“ like media use, social contacts, not being locked up, not being force fed, not being tied up, etc.

In all likelihood she's just doing this for attention. Unless you know she has a history of depression and psyche ward visits. Teach her a lesson about trying to manipulate people. It will better for her long term.

>Unless you know she has a history of depression and psyche ward visits
I‘d not say UNLESS but ESPECIALLY if that‘s the case

People that spend so much energy showing that off won't actually do it.

Gift her a noose.

Is there anyone you know thats in the same city that can go and check on her?

Some people are genuinely unhappy with life though.

Where did you come from?
>oh jeeze they're coming out of the woodwork now

I don‘t deny that she‘s suffering. Her behaviour is clearly a cry for help and her fucked up way to reach out.
The issue is that people who go down that road are rarely reasonable and all that will happen is that op gets dragged into a huge shitstorm of drama.
The only person able to save her is she, but she‘s not mature enough to do that yet. Goving her a lesson in how not to manipulate other people might help her take the next step to become mature enough to help herself.

If you're not op then you're not very well educated on her. I would leave it to OPs judgement of the situation and her intentions. If she has a history of being dragged to psyche wards it would display that her intent may be serious. In which case she should be prevented from harm. Option 2 is she's manipulating him through threats of harming herself which deserves recourse. In which case she should be dragged to the psyche ward. Either way I guess the answer is to drag her to the psyche ward.

OP here. When we were still together and ok, she told me she was hoarding her heart pills to take them all at once. Her dad, who she is living with, found the stash. He took her to the doctors and she got diagnosed with depression (he has also got it and has tried killing himself in the past, she caught him in the act). She has done nothing about it in terms of getting better. She has been an honest person throughout the relationship so right now I don’t know what to believe.

I‘m not op, but if she has been to the psych ward/therapy and it hasn‘t changed anything, why would this time be different?
It‘s not op‘s responsibility to save her from herself. If she actually wanted help, she would have gotten it a long time ago and tried to seriously work on her issues.

T. Someone who has attempted suicide and has gotten over feeling suicidal

After we broke up, my ex used to call me at like 4am crying about how she was going to kill herself without me. It stopped when the cops and paramedics showed up at her house.

It's also your legal, and moral obligation if you think she's actually going to attempt to kill herself.

You do realize though if she's serious she could actually die right?

Yeah, so? People die every second. What difference does one crazy bitch make?

Ofc, you could call her parents or the police or what not, to deal with this shit, but don‘t try to change her mind yourself. She most likely just does that to get real life (you)‘s from you.

I'm Christian. I don't support suicide.

OP again. So should I contact her family or let her carry on. I really don’t know if she’ll see it through or not. What’s the best thing to do? Involve myself or stay out of it? I can’t really think straight