My boyfriend has a very obvious waifu type. Skinny, cute, bangs. This is his favorite cosplayer...

My boyfriend has a very obvious waifu type. Skinny, cute, bangs. This is his favorite cosplayer, he loves Megumin and a girl from my hero (cute bangs one?)

Granted he has good taste, but, I'm his girlfriend (21 f) and I'm nothing like those girls.

I'm really just average and probably wouldn't catch anyone's eye, good or bad. Healthy bmi but definitely fatter than girls like this. Not to mention my hair or face.

Anyway, I'm just wondering if I should worry about a fantasy. I feel like I can imagine a fantasy 'perfect guy' too, but it only shows up in my head as my bf. Does he find these girls ideal? Should I keep striving to look like them?

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No it's just the guys fetish

A) guys and girls sexuality work different. Basically, you‘re fine even if you don‘t look like them.
B) he‘s a fucking asshole to worship other girls openly infront of you. He has zero respect for you. Get rid of that disgusting weeb.

Fuck you. ~desu

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I might jerk off to blonde big chicks with big tits, but I’m more than happy with my girlfriend who instead is dark haired with a huge ass.

In fact I go out of my way to jerk off to women who look like the girls I’m actually romantically interested in... because that feels just fucking weird... like I’m objectifying or trying to find a replacement for something that’s already real... it feels kinda disrespectful and dirty or delusional.

step up and outbeauty the girls. Guys love a woman who goes out of their way to make their man's dicks hard.
If your man is looking at other pics it means you're slipping. get off your ass and give your man a real woman

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>In fact I go out of my way to jerk off to women who *DON’T looks like girls I’m actually romantically interested in...

Missed a pretty important word there lol

>Favorite cosplayer

Fucking run lmao

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>I feel like I can imagine a fantasy 'perfect guy' too, but it only shows up in my head as my bf.
This is extremely cute desu

Anyways, it's normal to have a type. I have similar taste to him and my last gf was pretty much the opposite of that type, but I was still very attracted to her. A preference doesn't necessarily mean you're exclusively attracted to that type.

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this. my girl doesn't even fucking try and its so fucking boring.

>he's a fucking asshole
no. I'm sort of in a similar position to OPs bf. I have a type and I give attention to that type but its mostly because my girl doesn't really try to get me excited. I'm bored. chances are all she needs to do is remind him what makes her in particular cute and sexy and fun and a great loving partner and he'll spend less time doing that.

sorry but a girl can't just sit there and do nothing and expect a guy's cock to be hard and for the passion to be lit aflame. She has to try.

He‘s an asshole for openly letting her know about his waifu and „type“ that doesn‘t resemblw her at all.
Imagine your gf idolizing and worshipping some inhuman perfect male specimen. That would also make you feel inferior.

Everyone has types, and there's nothing wrong with that. Rather than feeling bad about your bf, rejoice that he loves you more than what his dick wishes for. If you want you can change yourself to look like his fantasy girl, but remember to still remain yourself. Look is bound to fade, after all, so might as well go out of our way to make everyone happy while possible

Always worry. He can leave you at any time, so you better please him.

My wife isn't my type. She's West Indian, so not even white, my preferred race.

Doesn't matter, though. I love her, she's my one and only, I'm plenty attracted to her, and I'm faithful. I can just jerk it to pornhub if I'm so inclined.

Don't worry you'll never be exactly what he wants, but at the end it isn't about a checklist, it's the bond you've built together that only you share.

I almost forgot. You have types too, the mere fact that yours correspond to how he looks is either a huge coincidence, just hypocrisy or you being blinded by love. He's just being honest with you, do don't hate him for that

Perhaps he is hinting that you should be like that or he appreciates a variety of different kinds of girls but he still loves you. If it's the later then he is being thick for being so open about it. Talk to him in a straightforward manner.

He is dating you, he likes you. And odds are he is really more attracted to you than her because you are you. She is fun to look at even you said so, but you are a real person and he prefers.
.... Or if he over does it remind him that he should feel the ways listed above and if he dosent hes an Asshole.

she probably asked(this is also an assumption, remember that you're making an assumption here). I get that you're insecure but not all women are.

>sexy people are inhuman
jesus christ user have some self awareness. They are people too.

Op here with a bit of an update/general reply.

I very much do have a type which he corrosponds with. (Tall, skinny, bags under his eyes like he's played games all night..) and I do have a preferred waifu look too, though it's different to his.

I understand that a type is a type and there's more to it than that and that's fine, and I also know when he brings up this type of girl it's never in a sexual way, he honestly talks about the likeness of the cosplay (This girl has full dressed ones too)

But I have had issues with my body for years. Today he saw me in my underwear for the first time in a month or more, and said I had no reason to hate my body and that I was fine. But I've been starving myself for weeks, and have probably lost 5-10lbs (A small visual difference at my size)

So idk what to think about all this

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Literally, he told you that you're fine so why do you think there's anything more to it? Just stay the way you are right now and don't overthink it

Ok... self-conscious. He likes you end of story. Odds are you are cute and just are doing that fem shit where you cant be happy with your looks.

>I feel like I can imagine a fantasy 'perfect guy' too, but it only shows up in my head as my bf

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He says I'm fine but I haven't ate more than a few bites of food a day in weeks. It wouldn't honestly take that ling for me to get there. I'm 5'1 and probably around 115-120lbs. I don't have the same frame as her but a strict few months and I could lose the extra weight.

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>some inhuman perfect male specimen.
we'd probably laugh about it lmao
btw your flaps are showing

>. I'm 5'1 and probably around 115-120lbs.
femanon this is fine
don't starve yourself

whenever I see shit like this I wonder how in the fuck do those people get gf's in the first place

Jesus kid work out don't starve. Also he thats a nice build. In trying to be nice, but fucking accept you have a body he like and fuck off

what is the right way to try for my husbando??? i try to brush my hair, and dress okay, but I don't have any money to buy new clothes, and he doesn't want me to wear makeup....what is the best way to be better? squats?

starving yourself will make you an unbearable and mentally ill person. this is the only truth.

You can literally get the same results just by eating a bit less everyday, Jesus Christ. Look into how calories work and make an estimate on what you need daily to function

I carry more weight in these areas than her. Very muffin top/violin hips-y? My ribs show and waist is small but my extra areas are very obvious.

Starving is the only way I've ever made a difference. We're kinda degenerates and spend most time being lazy and playing video games. It'd be weird if I worked out a bunch, and there's always only shit to eat lol

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Buy better food, ots cheaper. Also fuck off we anwsered your question we can't tell you that you are likely cute, and he finds you atractive anymore.

My boyfriend always tells me how beautiful my body is. I always go out of my way to please him sexually, and take initiative, even if he plays video games, or I surprise him in the morning. But, he also likes watching porn and hentai still. His preference stayed the same because I'm his type (big ass, big tits, small waist) but it's probably his addiction that's keeping him on it. It did upset me a few times, since I'm always willing to make him feel good, but he said it's no big deal

Imagine having this shit pop up in your mind every night before you go to sleep
Get some balls

>It'd be weird if I worked out a bunch,
take walks together

Nothing to worry about. You should talk to him about it so you can both hear each other's thoughts on the topic, and understand him better.

I love my gf dearly, although I have a few different phenotypes I prefer to hers. She's average height, build, and has dark hair. My ideal looking girl is very tall, slim, and blonde. That kinda shit really just doesn't matter enough.

They ask girls out
Eventually one of them says yes

Nah hes into you for you. Waifus, as great as they are, arent as complex or interesting as real people. It's just an aesthetic thing. You could always do a cosplay or something for him since he clearly has an aesthetic preference, but in general it really isnt something to worry about

Fuck off, it's totally healthy to discuss your husbandos and waifus in a relationship. It would be more concerning if he lied about it. He trusts her and shares his interests and preferences with her

Guys and girls work differently user, which is why it's easier for him to see this as an ideal for a fetish than for you to have an ideal imaginary guy. It's nothing to worry about.

As someone who's with somebody with image issues, please do not starve yourself. Let us know how you feel so we can help you. We recently started eating healthier and going on walks. Its not much but its a good start.

you're damn right, it's time to get into shape

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Everyday we stray farther from kek

Op here again with another little update. He has complimented me more today on my looks and body than he has in probably the past month. I know it's because my body looks good right now, but that is only because I haven't ate anything in a while. My stomach is flat and cute but totally empty. It hurts so bad, but he's never been this nice to me before. Pic related, me rn

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>it's totally healthy to discuss your husbandos and waifus in a relationship
Getting into a relationship with 3DPD is extremely disrespectful to your waifu

OP YOU NEED HELP. If you are starving yourself over this dumbass insecurity you have over your own body then you have an eating disorder. If you can't afford a therapist then at least talk to your boyfriend about it. HOLY SHIT TALK TO YOUR BOYFRIEND ABOUT IT IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY JESUS CHRIST.


You are not competing against his waifu types or whatever. Stop being insecure. Would you get this upset if they were drawings?

Dis op.

I know it's an issue. I went from 200lbs to 120 about two years ago from starving. Kinda leveled around 130 when I moved in with my bf. Went into a deep depression over the fall/winter, and I've gotten to the routein of Smoke(Weed)-energy drink-weed or weed-a bite or two of food-weed. Lots of water and teeth brushing too. It's easy at this point and when I do get up I have so much energy. Plus if I hold on a little longer and, get down to the 90lbs area, I won't have to worry about eating.

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Real life and love is different than porn
If I like gangbang porn that doesn't meanI want my gf to be fucked by 20 dicks. Amd just because I like to look at flat girls, doesn't mean I am not attracted to her. I would even say I am attracted to her more than every other woman, but you just need variety man. I don't even like to fap to woman similar to my gf, that just feels weird. Nevermind the fact that I went basically nofap a few months ago since I don't need to do that when I have her

I think girls with husbandos are cute and I would actively strive to be just like her perfect ideal bf instead of whining about her high standards... actually my ideal relationship is just us trying as hard as we can to be eachothers anime crushes

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alternatively theres something called fasting which is perfectly healthy and extremely beneficial to ur body if done right... dont know why u bitches think not eating for a couple days is starving urself lol starvation sets in after a couple of months not days fuckin dumbass

there is truth here. you don't have to make yourself look like the fantasy, etiher. thats where girls make the mistake. For most guys the fantasy(pardon the figure of speech) is 2-dimensional. It doesn't have the same reality weight as you do.

So, OP, if you're not the petite, little cute, bowlcut bangs type, then don't fucking try to be and make yourself miserable in the process.

But whatever your sexuality strength are, you should refine them and show them off.

yeah, these comments about your body still tell me you are working on your body issues.

>like I’m objectifying or trying to find a replacement for something that’s already real... it feels kinda disrespectful and dirty or delusional.

100% this.

really appreciate if a girl would respond to this saying its cute or whatever, thoughts welcome

Look into fasting,if you don't eat anything at all your stomach will stop hurting.

Since you were born a man I'm afraid you just can't compete.

>it's totally healthy to discuss your husbandos and waifus
it's not even healthy to have any of that

Tell me something. Do you have a male actor that you find “dreamy”? Same thing

oh you have so much to learn, sweetie. A woman must strive to surpass the competition.

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This op.
No. Before I met my bf I was obsessed with Adam Driver and a few select 2D's (ahem) but I haven't thought about anyone but him once. When I watch porn I try to go for his body type and no face. Any fantasy or dream just comes up as him.

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>It's another episode of "somebody dedicates their entire life to a single appeal, I'd better compare myself to them"
This is the equivalent of thinking your cooking is worthless because your partner eats chips occasionally

Overly self-conscious girls are so cute.

What your ideal girl is and what the girl you love is can be completely different. Pretty much every guy is attracted to a lot of different girls physically, but it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't love the way you look as well.

For example, my absolutest idealest girl I can think of is a girl that is at least 5'7'' tall, blonde, blue/green eyes, sharp features, slim and with a small chest. This is pretty much the absolute meaning of beauty for me.
My gf on the other hand? Auburn hair, very soft, round face, extremely short (5'), pretty thick in all the right places.

And I find her ridiculously hot and love her to bits. Because there is also a person under there and she is a different type of attractive, and then there is also a person I like.
TL;DR you'll be fine, but also tell him to cut it out with that shit because that can hurt and make people insecure if you do it in front of them. I don't think he would appreciate you telling him vividly just how much you want to bounce on idk Ed Sheeran's dick or whatever.

This is a meme btw because China has completely fucked up gender ratios and pretty much every girl is guaranteed to get married, and an attractive girl is pretty much guaranteed whatever fucking man she wants.

Maybe try cosplaying for him. Might be fun.

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Oh my god he's dropping so many hints for you to bring cosplay into the relationship
What is wrong with you, preempt him on this and you'll win mega points

why do you believe that? Reality looks different, and leftover women are alarmingly real. Regardless of 5:6 gender ratio and attractive, vain stacies

Bro no
The ratio is beyond fucked up
Women are the desired sex and they know it fully

The "leftover women" thing is not an actual phenomenom but a cultural movement against women getting educated and just getting married early and becoming good wives. This has happened in pretty much every country that has had development, it's where terms like spinster or old maid come from.

China is a very paternalistic society with a big emphasis on family, so both sexes have a great interest in getting married. The thing is that since they're still progressing, women are getting more into academia and delaying their marriages just like it happens in the West. But unlike the West, where the ratio is slightly skewed towards males (more female graduates than female graduates and people still tend to marry within socioeconomic class) in China it's the inverse.

Just for fun, google "leftover men" or "guang gun" and see how big the problem is for yourself.

You are mentally ill. Show this thread to your bf so he can either get your ass to a therapist or pack his bags.

>China's problem is that average women are gunning for rich guys and totally eschewing the everyman worker

There is a saying in China for that.

C women marry B men. B women marry A men. A women do whatever the fuck they want.

That's what happens when you have roughly 110 million men that literally do not have an equivalent woman alive.

It would be super gross.
Plus I don't have the money to, and there's no conventions near by. I used to actually cosplay a lot- He didn't like them, but they were all male characters so idk

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OP, my sister has anorexia and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It sounds like you're anorexic or heading in that direction. 120 pounds is a healthy weight! 90 is literally underweight! Forget your bf, you need actual unironic psychiatric help.

Nah, those images are hardly a threat. I mean, yeah he'd dump you if a girl who looked like that got into his social circle and potential dating pool, but that will never happen because nobody wears cosplays only and at all times.

>definitely fatter than girls like this
girls with photoshopped midsections? no shit

>I'm really just average and probably wouldn't catch anyone's eye, good or bad.
Clearly caught his, right?

>Should I keep striving to look like them?
That's sort of a dangerous game to play, because the more similar two things are, the more obvious it becomes which is inferior.

This is op.
I'm not sure how I caught his eye. I feel like it had to do with living in a small town. I was not only a girl he or no one knew, but I had no 'history' and I was wholesome I guess? More like too autistic to get laid.

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