Omfg my life is ruined forever

so we had to do presentations in class today and we had to bring our PowerPoint files on a flash drive, and when I plugged it into the computer that was hooked up to the projector, there were two files that had porn thumbnails clearly visible within the folder, one was showing off a giant dick and the other was a girl tied up and getting fucked up the ass

I didn't notice on my computer because I keep everything in list view, not icon view, and I forgot that folder icons show thumbnails of the first image within the folder

to make it worse, they were both homemade porn too, the only consolation is that my face wasn't visible so people couldn't tell it was me, but some of them might've suspected since the folders were named My Pictures and My Videos

I tried to open the presentation as quick as possible but the flash drive folder was open on the screen for a good 5-10 seconds and I feel like everyone or almost everyone saw

I feel like my life is completely ruined, I'd spent years building up a good rapport with this professor and now I don't know if I can even talk to him again after this, not to mention all of my classmates... the other girls, the dudes, the middle aged guys taking the course, they probably all think of me as a slut and a deviant now, they'll probably all tell their friends about this and laugh at me

I hate myself and want to die and I'm seriously considering killing myself over this, I've had a lot of embarrassing moments in my life but nothing compares to this, what the fuck should I do? an hero I guess

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How are you that stupid that retarded that simple minded to put PORN on a usb drive that has your presentation as well? You autistic dipshit.

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I just got a new computer and was transferring files from the old one, I know I'm a dumbass, you don't need to rub it in

but seriously how the fuck am I ever supposed to ask for a letter of recommendation from this professor or talk about advancing my career now, I feel like no one is ever going to be able to take me seriously again, I'll be a laughingstock, my reputation is ruined forever, it feels like the world is ending and the walls are closing in on me

no one said anything about it, no one mentioned it, they responded to my presentation like normal, but I know they were all thinking about it

I can guarantee nobody assumes that every girl in college has about 50 partners per month. They are talking about you behind your back, not because they think your a slut though. It is because you are that girl who accidentally presented her porn collection. Beside a slight giggle here and there, I can assure you, THAT NO BODY CARES

Well if you kill yourself, people maybe actually will try to know why you did this, and someone will remenber your porn folder and will spread to others. So they will know that you commited suicide because of wmbarassment. Thats probably gonna happen.

Dont kill yourself because of that. Thats dumb. People see and forget things everyday everytime. I've seen a girl farting loud as fuck in my gym. No one cared really, i mean a few people laughed, but thats so long gone that i think im the only one who remenbers this day, and even so i dont give a fuck. We are humans.

It's not that bad. The more you freak out over it, the funnier it'll be too everyone else. If you roll with the punch and laugh at it too and act unaffected by the first round of jokes, it won't be as fun.

Too bad you're you and you're gonna freak out over it, right? Too bad, it didn't have to be that way

You'll be fine... someday you'll be able to laugh about it.

1. sounds like there's a chance a lot of people didn't even see it

2. porn is getting more normalized in society anyway

3. even if they saw it, they probably won't mention it or hold it against you anyway.

you're way over-exaggerating how bad this is. When you have a problem in life ask yourself- "is it a blip, or a catastrophe?" This isn't the catastrophe you're making it out to be.

lol youre probably going to get expelled

No body gives a flying fuck okay. Seriously. You are so insignificant in their lives that they will forget all about this within two days because of how stressful their lives are at this point.

Chalk it up as bad luck or being a dumbass but shit happens. Dust yourself up, finish your exam, ask the professor a letter of recommendation and move the fuck on with your life. This isn't high school okay. This is grown adults who have sex and do embarrassing things all the time, people won't do shit.

Besides even if they were talking about it, the hot topic would fizzle out within a day or so. Grow the fuck up and stop being a drama queen.

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You will be fine it's always awesome to be Caught off guard when sitting in those boring ass classrooms.. I would have said something kinda of joke like point the blame at the professor like how could you give me a flash drive with those files still on their. And if that professor can't take a joke or gets offended because of shit people see everyday and think about then he doesn't need to be a professor he should be in a colleges cafeteria making Sloppy Joe's

I didn't freak out in front of the class, I'm just freaking out internally, I feel like for the rest of my life everyone is just going to think of me as "that girl who likes watching weird kinky hardcore porn", or even worse, "that girl who likes making weird kinky hardcore porn"

can they actually kick you out over something like this

>they were both homemade porn too
>giant dick
>fucked in the ass

Just lmao and kys.

Everyone in that class watches porn so you’re good


Idk if that's true, maybe for the younger guys but the class has a lot of girls and older people

This is gonna sound very weird, but girls like sex and porn just like men.

>OP for less than 3 seconds flashes a folder that has homemade porn
>Has internal meltdown
>Posts on /adv and gets decent advice but ignores it
>Drops out of university due to the shame and embarrassment
>Is so mortified she becomes a shut in because she thinks someone posted this on social media
>Has a psychotic breakdown and goes to the looney bin
>Mind becomes soup and dies miserably alone
All this is awaiting you while all those people in your class probably forgot what happened the next month.

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yeah but girls can be really judgmental with each other about stuff like this, and the older folks probably just think it's disgusting and immoral

but it doesn't even matter, it's still horrifically embarrassing

I'm not gonna publicly freak out or do anything stupid but Idk how I'm going to deal with my professor or my classmates after this, I'm worried I'm always going to be "that girl" in their eyes

Slander. Girls are like “teehee I watch porn once a month uwu I’m so horny and quirky” meanwhile fellas are furiously masturbating when they see a particularly round watermelon

What year of university are you in? Because you do know you won't see this people again once you graduate huh Capernicus.

last semester of grad school

That girl, well you are a slut like every other girl in college soooo.

I'm know you're being sarcastic, but this is no laughing matter.
Women are notorious sluts, get stuffed pretty much every day and ruin themselves emotionally and physically to the detriment of society.

if I say it was my friend's flash drive and I didn't know what was on it, will anyone believe me? I've always been the shy nerdy one in class, maybe they'll realize it's uncharacteristic of me to be into weird shit like that? I just can't think of any way to even bring it up without highlighting the whole incident even more and I'm seriously in panic mode here

Embarassing, yes. But not the end of the world you cunt.

Sounds to me like an omen you should put an end to your burgeoning porn career. You’re plainly a very fragile individual trying to get your foot in the door with one of the most abject, degrading professions feasible.

There’s a very good reason every veteran pornstar’s a loud, plastic’d sex machine. Shy, delicate roasties like you don’t have the fortitude or will for this line of work.

Find something more fulfilling.

desu it doesn't really matter if they watch porn or not, you guys don't realize how judgmental girls can be with each other for things like this

They could, but it all depends on how good of a liar you are, and how skeptical they are. Why do you want perpetuate this facade? You just told us you make bdsm porn, get real. Nobody cares if you are a slut in your private life. Except for prudes like me.

porn career? they were videos for me and my partner to enjoy, I never ever wanted anyone else to see them, a porn career is the last thing I would ever want! not in a million years, christ

and I'm trying to do something fulfilling with my life, that's why I'm in grad school

Thanks now I’m hard

>Shy, nerdy one.

Lol of course you’re some shallow roastie out to pass yourself off as some kind of girl-next-door type.

My advice is that guys are gonna have a tough time swallowing it as long as you’re acting in fucking porn films.

because my academic and professional reputation are at stake and I feel like I just ruined everything

Okay, you need to stop.

This is a learning experience for you. And what you’re here to learn today is, just about everybody has a kinky side. Older dudes in that class? Sure. Younger women? Yes.

You really need to internalize that this doesn’t matter. Everyone in the thread is telling you that it doesn’t matter.

You keep saying “I’m just going to die of embarrassment” —people don’t die of embarrassment. Nothing’s going to happen to you. You’re going to be fine.

Guess what? It’s just as likely that you made several people in your class feel less alone, if they even saw it. “Oh wow, I’m not the only one!”

Do you have any idea how much of the internet consists of kinky porn? Where do you think it all comes from?

If you give zero fucks I just feel like you’re going to enjoy your life more.

Then who cares what other people think. Take a deep breath and just let go. This thing doesn’t even matter all that much and stressing about it will not get you anywhere.

what’s your field?

>for me and my partner to enjoy

you’ve got a bf lol sounds like you’re in a pretty good spot desu. i wouldn’t worry about what your classmates are thinking.

your professor more than likely didn’t notice. if he did you’ll compensate if you’re any good as a student

quit fuckin moaning

>acting in porn films
wtf I just took some videos with my boyfriend for fun, it's not like I'm Sasha Gray here, I never wanted ANYONE to see this

Well if it is there’s nothing you can do about it, and if it isn’t ruined then there’s nothing to do about it. You are in a modern college, if this stifled your progress in any way it would be on the news, and you would given a fucking parade for your trouble.


Dude there’s academic research on kink in anthro. how on earth could this possibly ruin you? Come on.

I don’t think your BDSM addiction should be your #1 concern, finding a job after grad school should be.

it's the modern american college, they'll support a girl accusing a guy of harassing her just because he looked at her for more than 5 seconds

I just want to go into academia, that's part of why I care so much my reputation here

uhh Idk if your point is "they won't kick you out because they always side with girls" or "they'll totally kick you out because they constantly kick people out for really minor offenses, especially if sex is involved" but either way I don't think that's true

just ignore it that’s what I do when I fuck up and people usually forget and if they bring it up be like “haha no ur remembering it wrong it was actually (bullshit lie here)”

i had a seminar class on research practices.
the professor was some old dude with an h-index over 100, a legend in his field.
he pops in his flash drive to bring up some powerpoint presentation and there's like 4-5 videos in the same folder, no thumbnails because it was in list view but the filenames were like "girls gone wild australia.mkv", "pool sluts on parade.mpg", "teenage spermaholics 4.wmv", and so forth

luckily for him it was only dudes in this class so we all just pretended like we didn't see anything and nothing came of it

yeah but that's in a professional and clinical and detached context, it's not like they actually enjoy that stuff themselves... and if they do, they don't make it public knowledge

obviously I'm not a prude but people are expected to live up to certain standards in professional contexts and I feel like the consequences for violating those standards can be really harsh

thanks I think that's the first thing in this thread that actually made me feel better

You know what, fuck off. We have given you a every answer possible. So at this point your are just venting your social stresses on here, and disregarding any answer that is contrary to your sorrow. The answer is that nobody in the class is going to care, and nobody is going to put the hammer down your career, nobody.

Sure, but this is an accidental glimpse of your personal, private things, and you have every right to your privacy.

On top of that, my point was partly that anyone in your field worth their salt knows this is normal.

It’s really going to be okay. I honestly don’t think anything bad is going to come from this.

Yeah, and this user is right. This is sort of the point I was making with “its normal etc”— you should listen to that feeling.

This may wind up being a personal growth experience vis a vis dealing with these kinds of feelings (I’ve had similar ones)

also this.
you are currently living one of my greatest paranoid nightmares OP. i'm always taking excessive steps to make sure my clipboard is clean, firefox isn't going to bug out and drag'n'drop goatse-tier shit, etc. and i always wondered if i was just being autistic now here you are living the dream.
make sure you tell us if anything came of it, i'm really curious.

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Nobody gives a shit about you half as much as you think they do

also that thumbnail of images in folders is one of the most cancerous features of Windows to date.

public humiliation of any kind has always been my single biggest fear, that's why this is such a big deal to me... I always worry about what other people think of me, and whether they really dislike me or make fun of me behind my back, and now this is a situation where I just KNOW they all think less of me, including the professor who I thought respected me

ugh yeah I fucking hate it so much, this feels like a literal nightmare to me

So it doesn’t really matter what we say because this just about your fear. You are going to be afraid no matter what is the problem?

Yeah this

Idk, there's a difference between being afraid of monsters in the abstract and having a big fucking monster right up in front of your face, you know?

I've always been low-key afraid of shit like this, but right now I'm fucking terrified because it actually happened and I don't know what to do

The reason we’re saying it’s about your fear, though, is that nothing bad will actually happen.

It might be something you need to go through and feel in your body to believe fully though. Judging by this thread, secondhand experience isn’t going to work.

okay, I don't know anymore, I'm just gonna go to sleep and hope I don't feel as horrified about everything when I wake up.

or maybe this really is a nightmare and when I wake up none of this will have happened. a girl can hope, right?

If it makes you feel any better, I once was looking at porn in my kitchen and my roommate walked by and saw. Made a joke about it next time we had company over. :\ My life did not end and I still lived with that person for a year.

You don’t have to do anything. Also that analogy is completely wack like your brains. It is more like a shadow that could be anything till you turn the lights on. But more then likely when you flip the switch it will be a coat hanger.

Yeah. And I know you probably think we’re kind of dicks for minimizing your experience, but we’re just trying to battle the terror lol

Why is there a stupid fucking cunt woman on Jow Forums?

>they probably all think of me as a slut and a deviant now
Typical. It's not the fact that you are a whore that bothers you, it's that others now know about it.
>what the fuck should I do? an hero I guess
I concur. You're a worthless whore, and your absence would be a gift to us all.

so she should be ashamed about having porn on her computer? if everyone who looked at naughty videos killed themselves, there'd be no one left on Jow Forums

It is STRONGLY implied that OP was the one in the videos.
>homemade porn
>my face wasn't visible
OP should lie down in a gutter and start blowing a shotgun

nobody cares dude sell this shit someplace else

>life is ruined because of one embarassing moment better off myself
I'd be nothig but worm food by now if that was the case. I'm still embarassing myself at 26, fuck it.

lmao who cares? it's not that weird at all, i've taken naughty pics with my girlfriend too and i'd be a little embarassed if everyone saw them

nobody cares about this either

>I don't care so much I'm going to reply to every one of your posts and say how little I care about it
>did I mention I don't care
Go ahead, reply to this post and say you don't care.

>It's not that weird at all
Doesn't make the person doing it any less vile. It just means you're in the same category as OP and as such can an hero as well.

>t. incel

>if you don't support whoring yourself out and then recording it you must be an incel
Wow, he sure got me

lol how old are you

yeah this, 34 and still at it

>"if you have sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend then you're whoring yourself out"
>"why do people think i'm an incel?"

It pays to pay attention, your life isn’t over you’re just going to have to forget it happened. How I’m not sure but it’s not like what you did is going get you physically hurt. I’d suggest just owning it as a fuck up and just try to act like it doesn’t matter. If somebody makes a big deal out of it just tell them to show everyone their browser history. And see how those smiles fade to a stern face of solidarity.

lololol this

It's really embarrassing, but it's probably not a big deal in the long run. Every dude in your class watches (or has watched) porn, and I'd bet a bunch of the women do/did, too. Watching porn is not abnormal, and while it's embarrassing that you've been caught (and that you were really careless), it's not like you had some sort of really weird pony fetish shit or anything like that visible. Take it as a cautionary tale to always hide your porn in folders within folders, since that's what everyone else in your class is doing. At least this didn't happen in an elementary/middle/high school presentation with a bunch of minors present, so you're probably not gonna get in any kind of legal trouble for it.
Nobody's gonna assume that it's you in the pics because of the folder names, either. MY Pictures and My Videos are default folders names. Only a dumbass would think "My Videos = Videos of Me," even if they were right.

As someone sessionally working in and moving into academia, I really wouldn't worry. The only professor I have continued contact with is my PhD supervisor. Everyone else either has no idea who I am or has long since graduated/changed universities. Don't do it again or ever publish it online and you will be fine. This will have absolutely 0 impact on your career.

>Shit, he noticed that I actually do care, that line won't work
>I guess I'll just insult him
Normalfags are a plague.
And yes, fornication is by definition whoring oneself out, doubly so when you record it. This has nothing to do with being an "incel"--incels want to join in on the degeneracy, hence why they call themselves "involuntary" celibates.
But in your small mind, you've decided that "incel" vaguely means "bad", and then slap the label on something you don't want to hear. The bottom line is, you're a degenerate, and OP's a degenerate.

Let this be a lesson: Keep your hobby flash drives and your school flash drives SEPARATE. Proper OPSEC is a beautiful thing that saves from embarrassment.

Once you graduate and go your separate ways, nobody cares. It'll be forgotten, especially if nobody figures out it's you on the videos. In fact, making sure that nobody makes the connection is the important thing now. That much you can salvage. You were (potentially) caught for having porn on you, this much is known. Figure out how to obscure the connection between you and the clips. Preferably make 'em disappear, so nobody can take a closer look. And falsify their origin, in case somebody asks. Tell everyone they were "just some rips from Pornhub", if confronted about the matter. And only IF you're confronted. Otherwise, you will wisely maintain silence about the matter. Control the available information, so it doesn't control you.

(Tech tip: You can download porn streams with a program called Clipgrab, if somebody asks how you did it.)

As for your professor... If he's a smart man and a true professional, he'll stay quiet and not say a word. As far as the people involved know, they only caught a glimpse of someone's ass. As long as nobody figures out that ass belonged to you, this'll blow over in no time. Newsflash, you're not the only one with decadent shit on your memory devices. Most everyone who isn't a total Christfag probably has a porn disc now.

>fornication is by definition whoring oneself out
>by definition

whoring (noun)
-the practice or occupation of working as a prostitute.
-the action of using the services of prostitutes.
-the unworthy or corrupt use of one's talents for personal or financial gain.

not really sure how that applies to having/recording sex purely for pleasure without money or any kind of benefits involved, especially in the context of a committed relationship

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Pic related. Fornication is promiscuous behavior.

>in the context of a committed relationship
Yeah, marriage. I'm guessing OP isn't married.

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lol so in your world literally 95% of the population are whores?

No, but in the West, yes.