My boyfriend is a smoker and I'm gonna have my first kiss with him soon. I heard kissing smokers is gross...

my boyfriend is a smoker and I'm gonna have my first kiss with him soon. I heard kissing smokers is gross, but it will be my first kiss!! How do I prepare myself?

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Just kiss him it'll be fine.

I will try my best, user!!

It's really nothing, unless you kiss him while he's smoking
Anyway if he knows the kiss is coming, he'll likely pop 25 mints in his mouth beforehand

You could kiss my ass.


Oh, yes

My girlfriend's a smoker and I'm not, 2nd hand smoke makes me gag but it's literally the same as everyone else I madeout with lol

no, user!! stop!! This is too lewd for my innocent little girl heart to handle!!!

he says he wants me to start smoking with him and get me drunk. I've never even been drunk before on my own or touched a cigarette. should I be concerned

I remember my first make out session was with a smoker

It was fine until 40 minutes later I was throwing up in the bathroom

good times


>he wants me to start smoking with him and get me drunk.
>should I be concerned
This has to be bait

What the fuck. You're supposed to at least pretend to be 18 to post here.

but it's not, he literally said he wants to get me "so drunk I don't remember shit". But he says he'll drink with me, I guess. he says he wants to do something "exciting" like getting really drunk or it's nor worth going out

I am 18, but the most I've ever done with anyone is hold hands and this guy i"m going out with says he wants to do lewd things to me

Shouldn't be an issue. I dated a chain smoker and it never bothered me. Only the day after what was annoying was how all my clothes and hair smelled

I'll hope that all I've heard about kissing a smoker being disgusting is fake news!! it should be fun either way though :^)

my friend dated someone like that, she always wanted to get drunk and get everyone else around her drunk, it was basically the only way she could have a good time. she actually drugged me against my will once, slipped some painkillers in my drink and then laughed about it when I suddenly started feeling high. there was one night she called me after taking five adderalls, vicodin, and whiskey because "one pill made me feel good so I figured two would be even better, and three would be better than that!" she ended up becoming a total alcoholic and had to go to rehab, and her relationship with my friend ended so badly that he basically refuses to date anyone again.

so yeah, I would *seriously* recommend thinking twice about this relationship and putting some distance between yourself and this dude. at the very least, DON'T get drunk with him, the fact that thinks it's "not worth going out" unless you both get wasted is a really huge red flag.

I hope you become pregnant and he jumps ship

It will be a good learning experience for you ;)

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I think you need to retake your human anatomy courses user

yeah, I know I'm an idiot

dude is gonna end up being some burnout addict and dragging you down with him lol

well, shit. how do I stop the chaos before it begins

see refuse to get drunk with him. if he doesn't want to go out without getting blackout drunk, then break up with him. better than getting stuck with an alcoholic wreck and becoming one yourself.

Break up

but I luv him

you have to be fucking trolling

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You know what?

Go for it. Kiss him. He'll then fuck you. Get you trashed. Then he'll fuck other girls on the side. Then you'll realize you're sidechick #3. Get your heart broken.

Then become a snug and salty sjw on Twitter complaining that all men are pigs, only know one thing, and that all the gentleman are gone.

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*Only want

Fuck you autocorrect


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wtf is this new fag b8 thread

OP's boyfriend is a chain-smoking alcoholic who doesn't see any point in doing anything unless he's drunk, and he wants to get her addicted to booze and cigarettes too, because shitbags like him love to drag other people down into a life of misery

>innocent little girl heart

So OP is a fat sweaty dude. Got it.

so what path does OP have to take to get the good ending here

Honestly at this point idk. OP is one of those playful naïve girls who have yet to have the real world screw them over. Pain may be the only way to learn

why are alcohol/drug addicts usually such shitty people? like ok you ruined your own life but why do you want other people to suffer too?

god, imagine the smell

That's dumb, cigs are really bad for you and if a dude wants t get you drunk it's a red flag lol. yes. he wants to get you drunk and have sex with you or take advantage of ya girly. don't go down that route

she could easily break it off and do what's right in two seconds . listen op whatever you think you have with him ain't love, love doesn't drive you to take advantage of people. He knows you're inexperienced and naive and wants to use it to his benefit. wait til you meet a real man.

>animeposter being this dumb

checks out

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Whats the difference lol if you wanna headstart why not try practicing on an ashtray or better yet a car exhaust. LOL