The plan is to graduate and move to Asia(preferably Japan or South Korea) to find a gf, but the problem is...

The plan is to graduate and move to Asia(preferably Japan or South Korea) to find a gf, but the problem is, my face is 3/10 at best(body somewhat fit, nice frame). I'm a white guy. Realistically, what are my chances of finding someone?

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don't. believe me.

>I want to leave everything behind me, move in a foreign country where people don't even speak my language and find me a girlfriend.
>Surely, those east asian girls will love me despite the fact we have nothing in common because I am white.
Dude stop.

Unless you have more going for you as a person than a desire for an Asian girlfriend, your chances are slim to none.


if u think this will work ull ur retarded

There are Girls that chase Whites in Japan.... but they are chasing their fetish not you as a person. That is fine for a fuck but they will not want you long term.

I thought women sleeping around in Asia was generally frowned upon?

Good thing for OP that South Korea is the plastic surgery capital next to Dubai. It's cheap there and usually very good. I like korean food more than japanese food, so I'd probably move there first and get shit taken care of and then look around Japan and the rest of Asia with my hot new face.

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How important is looks in Asia? Do you think it’s better or worse than The west?


I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I’m a mysterious foreigner.

you're rich, right?

oh boy...

Is money or looks more important to Asian women

Why not?

It plays a major role however being there and pampering them is the most important aspect to Asian women. They tend to follow tradition and family plays a big role. Have divorced parents? Not gonna work out.

I wonder if an english teacher makes enough to be considered rich...

Every asian Ive met hates white guys and only like asian guys

If you can't find a girlfriend here why do think you'll be able to find a girlfriend in a foreign country whose language you can't speak? Asian girls might go for white guys but do you think they don't have any standards? Work on yourself and you can get a girlfriend anywhere.

Where in Asia? Japan, Korea?

This has to be a joke. inb4 b8

you have a better chance in south asia especially if rich