How do I not rape her?

How do I not rape her?

So I got a religious virgin gf and she takes things very slowly. We had our first kiss about one month after the relationship and only started making out 3 months in. Usually I wouldnt put up with that shit but Ive had my experiences and Im madly in love with her and Im willing to settle down with her.
Lets get back on that rape thing. Last week it was more or less exactly half a year since our relationship started. I worked my into making the kissing sessions more intense with touches on the thighs, necks and then on her ass and boobs. During that time she even put my hand on her ass when I wasnt touching it. But today we talked on the phone and she told me she felt weird while I was touching her and she would like me to go a bit slower. I only want her to feel safe and this hit me real hard. Like I thought she enjoyed it but it seems more like I forced it while making out and she didnt dare to refuse it while it was happening. How do I know if Im going to far if shes not telling me? What if we eventually have sex and Ill get a call again a week later telling me she didnt want to?

Excuse my terrible grammar btw

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Don't you idiot. You knew what you were getting into when you started dating her.
Play the long game or find someone else who'll put out

Give her a safeword and tell her to use it without feeling ashamed for it.
She sounds a bit insane, are you sure you want to marry her?
How old is she? And how old are you?

Break her with your cock, make her addicted to it
You'll never score

All i'm saying is if she's not gonna take the cock after 6 months and she won't put out, It's going to be a waste of time. 3 months until kissing is a red flag honestly

>3 months
>madly in love
>how do I not rape?
Muslim detected. First step is control your cock don't let it control you. Second you're not madly in love when you don't know anything about her, you're mad with lust and she's scared if she's not able to say no until after something happens. Take things slow, let her initiate things, and talk to her during the sensual moments. Ask if she's comfortable, if it's too far, etc. That will go a whole lot farther with her than doing something and asking for forgiveness later.
Religious virgins are a usually long, slow burn and if you're just looking to fuck, cut your losses and move on. You'll be just as "madly in love" with the next warm wet hole and pair of tits you see

So wait until marriage?

Actually a good idea, thanks. Were both 21

I think that only works in hentais

It maybe idk Ive only put up with sluts before I dont really know how a normal relationship works

What I forgot to mention was that weve known each other for about 7 years. And the last 2 years we considered each other best friends so were no strangers, I know every detail of her life and personality. I feel like if I dont initiate things nothing really comes out of it. But I guess talking is the best option even tho I might kill the moment.
10 points to griffinsomething

Stop thinking of her as a body and think of her as someone whose company you enjoy.


Not saying until marriage but it will probably take a while. Try and work up to it slowly and then it won't be as bad for her.
Try and look for loopholes in the bible, you'll find some and then you can convince her by her own religious rules

Its not like I dont. But how is a relationship wothout intimacy supposed to work


As another user pointed out shes muslim so yeah dont really know how that will work out

just wait until you're both 18 user, it'll be fine

Such a shitty situation. The reality is she is not sure about you. Enjoying being her safety net while she searches for someone who she thinks is better.

Raping girls on the side will help you to play it cool and help you pretend that you're understanding of her stupid boundaries.

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I know you’re engaged, but Islamic courtships are like that. You may have to wait until she turns 10 before you finally get to fuck her. Good luck.

>madly in love
>how do I not rape her
Lmao are you a sand nigger
You knew this about her beforehand OP. Get out of that relationship or deal with it

Your cunt?

Arab Girls are very responsive in the right circumstances..... Take it slow but build her desire..... make her want it..... do not rush but be open in your desires.... be calm and understanding but let her know your passions burn so she needs to let you know when she is nervous.... Many women like you to be masterful but that goes hand in hand with being a responsible master.

Respect her boundaries or leave her retard

By having intimacy in other ways? If she doesn't want to have sex right now there's not much you can do about it.

Funny how you brainlets took the word rape seriously after I mentioned that Im muslim. Were both 21 and by "how do I not rape" I meant how do I know her boundaries if she doesnt tell me right away. Now fuck off

As I said while we make out it seems like she wants it and shes sometimes the one initiating it thats why I dont even understand that she called me a week later basically telling me to stop touching her

Its not about sex only. Its more about everything that includes intimacy