Can a person actually be introverted and not having anything wrong with their mental situation?

Can a person actually be introverted and not having anything wrong with their mental situation?

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hahahah yeah

Yes. Western party/celebrity culture would have you think otherwise, but it’s very normal to not want to socialize.

I think it’s the opposite, the world celebrates quiet and shy people, but the ‘internet alternative culture’ thinks that everything the progressive media says is wrong so somehow introversion is wrong now. Cus we’re in the obscure side of the internet.

I’m mostly shy, but I KNOW it when I’m not shy. And I can differentiate between being shy and being uninterested.

By having 2 or 3 good friends and a girlfriend

Being a introvert os different from being a incel

You’re right, but you’re wrong. Many cultures value introversion and austerity, but contemporary Big Burgerland (the world’s top exporter of culture) is all about ostentatious displays of extroversion.

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>the world celebrates quiet and shy people
you must be retarded if you this

No, but keep that under your hat. It upsets self-victimizing anxiety cases.

Why are You remaking a thread that got dozens if not over a hundred replies the other day?

What if I never really had the drive/urge to maintain friendship?

>Can a person actually be introverted and not having anything wrong with their mental situation?

you can absolutely be a social introvert without a mental disorder, if that's what you mean. Sometimes there are extra-ordinary circumstances and/or sociopathic people that can stunt your socializing abilities as a child

OP here

Last night was a company event. It was a gathering of all agencies under the agency network I work in. So basically a party, 70% a party. It was kind of a costume party, but not really.

The more I immense myself in social situations like that, the more I found myself. I saw that no one wanted to take a picture with me. Even my close acquaintance, he took a picture with someone else but not me. Everyone that I see as my bestfriend, never see me as their best friend.

Everyone was laughing etc., I was overthinking, perhaps. I was just so quiet and my head was so active. I was like a hamster in my head. I kept thinking about how everyone and everything would be better if I never existed. If my parents’ children are only two (without me), there wouldn’t be tension in the family. If I never existed in my office, my close acquaintance would mingle more easily with “the boys”, without having to carry the burden of bringing me anywhere.

It’s time to stop. I shouldn’t look desperate for friends anymore. I have to go my own way. I have to isolate myself even more. I will not follow him anywhere, I will not face the fear of looking friendless anymore. I will still be friendless, but I will not fear it. Yes, I’m friendless but I’m not a prey. You will all look at me as your equal. If you can’t respect me, you will have to fear me.

Most people that say they're introverts actually aren't and it pisses me off

It's like those people that say haha I read a book last week so nerdy XD

Haha I'm so quiet I'm an introvert XD

I don’t read books. I’m not nerdy at all, I don’t play video games, I don’t watch anime, I don’t have unique hobby, I don’t even have a hobby.

It’s just that I’m REALLY shy, even at 25 years old. Even when I’m not shy, I never really needed companion. I can smoke alone, I can eat alone, but if there’s someone else, fine. But I never seek for anyone. I’m too busy in my head, my whole life is in my head.

Everything is better when I’m not around, when I’m not near it.

I'm an introvert and made friends with a Chad. When I feel like going out, he's always ready to go. Sometimes he pushes me out of my comfort zone which is OK too. feelsgoodman

And that doesn’t make you feel inferior to him? Would you also let Chad teach you how to fuck your gf properly with demonstration?

I feel you

People WILL think of me, even if it’s just a millisecond. And matters a lot to me, somehow. Like, my personal image is really important to me. Not for career or anything rational. For someone who highly values rationality, I’m extremely irrational when it comes to interpersonal relationship. I would worry about shit that prolly doesn’t matter.

In that millisecond, people will quickly categorize me in their imaginary social hierarchy, and that’s just my biggest fear. I keep wanting to make sure that they put me in the “social shelf” as how I want them to. And no, I don’t know my real self anymore, I keep fabricating this persona in my head, the kind of person that I wish I could become, and I want people to categorize me based on that.

Maybe if I was ugly, I wouldn’t worry much. Cus my appearance would match my mannerism and charisma (or the lack of). Thing is, I don’t look bad and I do care (so much) about appearance and looks. I always make sure I shaved, how my shirt falls neatly, how my pants fit, how my underwear can nicely show my bulge without being pervy, how black my belt is, how low or high my shoes are (compared to my height), how my haircut accentuates my face and outfit, etc. It would be pathetic to see a good looking man be socially inferior. I even often think about how I walk, how good my walk looks, etc etc. It’s depersonalizing me, idk my real self anymore.

Though at one point I thought about appearing unorganized, to make people not expect too much from me. But I’m naturally a quite organized person. I’m not impulsive, I can save up my money, I can control my cash flow, my work desk is neat, my closet is nicely coordinated, that’s just me being OCD.

Idk what I’m talking about anymore. At least here online, I don’t have to be anyone anymore. My words and arguments and opinions are all that’s left to identify myself.

This is me

>retarded if you this

The world does not celebrate quiet and shy people, stop baiting.

>at one point I thought about appearing unorganized, to make people not expect too much from me.
I think you just taught me something about myself I was reticent to admit. Although I am getting overwhelmed lately.

You’re not paying attention, then.

Which is what?

I think its mostly a setback and you have to force yourself in to temprary states of extroversion for a relationship to work.

Why I've been calling myself disorganised a lot lately.

>user finds a friend who helps him as a person
>thinking it makes him a cuck
That's what friends are for, idiot. No one's the best at everything, that's why we work so well with people who can fill in the things we lack. user's friend will only help him develop his own Chad skills while you sit in your bedroom jacking off to shitty porn trying to protect your own fragile masculinity

Emulating someone else is like admitting one's inferiority, and no one wants that.
Even if you were to somehow reach the ability level of whomever you emulate, you'll still be inferior to him. What's the point then?