My friend supports Drumpf

I have a really good friend who I found out supports Drumpf today. I've been friends with him for a long time. Today he made a "MAGA" joke. I asked him if he was being sarcastic, but he said he actually does want to MAGA.
I don't know how to react. Should I just end the friendship, or should I try to teach him why his views are wrong?

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fuck trump, he hates gay people and trans, tell him to vote for Hillary clit

I guess I can try. He seems pretty open-minded, at least compared to other alt-righters

If you let a politician who can't do shit good or bad whether he has 1 or 5 years left get in the way of a good friendship, you're the shit friend. I assume youre american, which categorically, objectively, and indisputably means you've been subject to intense polarization, radicalization and misinformation by your MSM to hate cheeto benito. The rest of the world actually doesn't really care too much. Some of us hate him, some like some of what he does, but what drumpfkin definitely doesn't do is live rent free in our heads like he does in your head.

Stop using modern politics as a way to determine what is morally or ethically good or bad. Realize that especially in US politics, it's all window dressing designed to help themselves get power. If you fall for that shit and lose a friend over it, you screw over yourself.

Just treat politics like a show, which it is.
Its like saying "damn, my friend supports Chloe Kardashian over Kim, what a bitch" - its whatever, has no influence on your life.

You're both retarded, but unfortunately you're also autistic. Special kids need all the friends they can get regardless of political views.

MAGA 4 more years

>The rest of the world actually doesn't really care too much.
Then how do you explain the "baby Drumpf" balloon?

How do you explain retard anti-vaxxers in each country? There are retards everywhere. OP stands to lose a good friend over a reason dumber than liking your steak well done. Imagine not only being tricked to vote one way or the other just to inevitably pick one of two shitty parties in America, but also being tricked into thinking you're evil and can never ever be a good friend if you pick the wrong one.

It's fucking sad and I don't want to see a retard American get tricked more than they already do.

so wait, you think it's a bad thing to "make america great again"?

I guess I can consider maintaining my friendship if I can convert him.
I don't need to turn him into a socialist or even a more left-wing liberal. Just as long as he's more centrist. I mean, I wouldn't mind if he supported a moderate Republican like Jeb! or Kasich.
I'll see if I can convince him of that at least.

I have a really good friend who I found out supports Hilldawg today. I've been friends with him for a long time. Today he made an "I'm with her" joke. I asked him if he was being sarcastic, but he said he actually is with her.
I don't know how to react. Should I just end the friendship, or should I try to teach him why his views are wrong?

Identity politics and emotional faggots.

It's code for "make America white again."

You are no better than vegans. Fucking leave it. If you are hopelessly wed to the concept of political views being somehow intrinsically tied to moral and ethical views, which is how it seems to be but is no fault of yours due to the sheer fucking organized effort to politicize and polarize america, then why not try discussing and reaching or learning about different view points. It cannot be as simple as him saying yes maga and you saying no maga. No.

There should be common ground between you both for some topics. And good friends will agree to disagree on ground that is not common, and not let that get in the way of a friendship.

Also holy fuck jeb was a useless faggot coasting along on the Bush name, i cant believe americans ever thought hw had a chance. Carson might have been fun, seeing as he was a very skilled doctor prior and that alone deserves some respect but I guess he didn't have it in him to truly compete in a dirty shitty rat race.

I mean, we share similar economic views I guess. He fell for the Cheeto's populist rhetoric, but he of course isn't delivering.
But I'm mortified to know that my friend doesn't think that people of color are human beings.

not seeing any downsides

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That is pretty much ridiculous, and if you really believe that then you are a victim of MSM brainwashing. It's far to easy to claim anything you don't understand / like is simply racism.

I will give one single example of non racist MAGA. I'm sure if you are honest, and rub two brain cells together you can find more of them:

-enforcing tariffs on trading partners to ensure that america gets a fair deal

Do you have a problem with that?

Why can't you do neither? It's just politics, such a trivial thing. People are way more than just their political opinions.

America getting a "fair deal" is fine. I have no problem with that in theory.
In practice, heavy tariffs would wreck the economy because we're so dependent on Chinese imports.

>The rest of the world actually doesn't really care too much.

If that's the case then ironically.... I've seen more anti-trump petitions, rallies, and protests while traveling abroad than I have back home, and I live in California in an area where you can basically shout, "Fuck Trump" in the streets, and a resounding "yeah" will sound out.

it's symbolic. one of the things about america that makes us "great" is that we don't bend over and take cock up ass from any country who thinks they can take advantage. MAGA is a symbol of reclaiming our sovereignty, and let's face it, power only respects powere. Being nice guys hasn't done shit for us.

BTW, I don't like Trump as a person, but I prefer a president who loves America and wants to build it up to one who hates America, and wants to tear it down.

Yes, basically they hate him even more than we Americans do. I was surprised that user said that.
Maybe he wasn't in Europe?

>I prefer a president who wants to build up to one who hates America and wants to tear it down
What would a president who "hates America" and "wants to tear it down" look like?

Did he say exactly that to you? Does he interact with people of colour? How does he? It cant be very rudely and abusive otherwise youd have long since suspected he was the evil maga bad guy. Do you know you're talking to a person of colour right now?

Perhaps he hates ethnicities who commit certain crimes. Perhaps he doesn't mingle with enough of the same ethnicity who take an honest go at life out of lack of opportunity or lack of desire to find out. Instead of trying to convert him so you're right and he's wrong, how about finding fun things to do that will come into contact with nice people who don't happen to be white? Isn't it much nicer and filled with love to convince a person that way?

I did not indicate any particular president in my statement for a reason. I will say that actions speak louder than words and promises.

>actions speak louder than words and promises
That's true. Drumpf might not necessarily want to run the country into the ground, but rather turn it into his personal golf course.
Looking at actions, it's clear that Dubya is the one who wanted to destroy this great nation.

And how many of those places were rather white, middle class, and liberal? Think about the mental impairment a person must have to have drumpfkinletto be on their mind constantly. Life hasn't actually really changed drastically for non Americans since 2016 came around, I think you'll find the vast majority of people still had to get on with more important things like their own life.

Frankly speaking wouldn't a continent sized golf course be a net improvement?

>one who hates America, and wants to tear it down.

But... by basically going out of his way to empower corporations and trying to involve them in the running of the nation... isn't that basically *exactly* what he's doing?

A nation functions to govern and protect the people from special interest and outside groups, not to hand it to those multinational special interest groups on a silver platter...

Even if his heart is in the right place and believes he's doing the right things right now, that just means that the dude's an idiot, because hes doing the opposite of what he's supposedly trying to achieve.

>Life hasn't changed drastically for non-Americans since 2016
Only because other countries have the balls to stand up to the orange bully and not let him dictate their country's policies

No, he didn't say it word-for-word, but his support for Cheeto Satan makes it clear where his loyalties lie.

I would simply say that there have been a couple of presidents that have been "bad for business", and good business is what allows us to enjoy unprecedented prosperity.

He is only one man. He may or not be running from a script - I don't know, as that is beyond my pay grade. I realize there are huge problems we face from the unholy matrimony of corporations and government. On my more cynical days it is easy to see us as getting played by all sides.

However , IMO, trump has done some actions that seem to be good for business, and therefore our way of life. Face it, you and I as individuals are not going to change anything. We merely live in "their" world. I would prefer more freedom, sanity, and comfort. This is why I like the left less than the right, but make no mistake, I hold them both in low regard.

sorry in advance for getting into Jow Forums territory guys.

>ITT: OP is such an insecure faggot that they are going to ruin a friendship because someone dared to have a different opinion than then, so their good friend is literally hitler now.

I'm trying to keep an open mind here, so apologies in advance, but...
I've heard this thing before.
>I hate both sides!
>Oh! Those Neo-Nazis? Yeah...
>They're pretty bad, but did you see those antifa guys?
>Both sides are the same!
Most people who say "both sides bad" usually seem to be pretty quick to defend Neo-Nazis.
Why do you think that is?

So you don't actually know but from what you've been told about how maga political beliefs must equal actually horrid behaviour, he must be the boogeyman you've been told he is.

Isn't that kind of sad? I just had to sit through a dead boring mandatory sjw class but it's been unexpectedly useful right now. Consider diversity. Diversity is variety of group identities but also individual differences within groups- how can a racist call all blacks criminals? How can you call all trump supporters vicious racists on par with Nazis?

And is it loyalties or is it just his little jumble of personal experiences, stories and anecdotes that form his opinion on things? What if you asked to challenge or at least add to his experiences? If you found out he wasn't the extreme racist you might be thinking he is, how does that change your view in things?

look man, if you had to make a choice is a shit mcmuffin, or a piss shake, which one are you going to take? Relate this to our election choices in 2016.

Why do I have to like either ANTIFA or Neo-Nazi though? We were talking about presidents and ideology I thought.

>How can you call Drumpftards Nazis
It's not the same thing as racism. Judging someone based on the color of their skin is not the same thing as judging them based on their awful ideas
>Anecdotes, stories etc.
This is probably true. He probably has come into very little contact with minorities. If the only minority you meet is a criminal, you'll probably assume they're all like that.
I believe that he wants to be a good person inside, but his anecdotal encounter with minorities probably drove him down the path of white nationalism.
I mean, if he's a good person like I think he is, he would never support Drumpf if he knew the truth about minorities which challenges his anecdotes.

>Why do I have to like ANTIFA or Neo-Nazis
I was just pointing out the fact that most people who say they hate both sides tend to defend the latter while demonizing the former.
It seems suspicious to defend fascists while criticizing those who fight fascists, don't you think?
Maybe you aren't intentionally supporting Nazis, but right-wing media can corrupt your mind like that.

You were wrong. Now shut the fuck up.

Oh I see where you are going with that. My answer is that I am perhaps not as polarized as you think to see things in total black and white. My mind is certainly not corrupted by right-wing propoganda either.

>I am perhaps not as polarized
You're probably right. You seem like a good person, but you may have unintentionally swallowed some DrumpfthugliKKKan Kool-Aid (just like my friend).

>He is only one man. He may or not be running from a script - I don't know, as that is beyond my pay grade. I realize there are huge problems we face from the unholy matrimony of corporations and government. On my more cynical days it is easy to see us as getting played by all sides.

The thing is... he's *ACTIVELY* and unabashedly putting the heads of those corporations in charge of the regulatory bodies that govern them, and he's also trying to do the same thing with his own businesses, abusing his presidential powers to promote his own companies.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like that's not what's been subtly happening anyway, but instead of waiting a few years in the lobby circuit to eventually rise to power, he's pretty much just completely sidestepping that shell game and directly putting them in power...

Like I said, his actions are pretty much the exact opposite of what he says he's trying to do.

Having a different opinion than you does not make me a kool-aid drinker. To the point of the OP: I think if you value your friend, you would not let his political opinions ruin your friendship.

Doesn't suprise me if it is true. You would have to be a fool to think that crony captilism does not occur, or that the government has altruistic motives to help the citizenry. I just prefer the concept and spirit of MAGA to the alternative.

I (the guy who referenced the KKKool-aid) am the OP.
Certain political opinions are enough to end friendships, but moderate ones are not. All I really need to is show him that minorities are people too.

Why not, seems like this could be fun.

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You gotta draw your line somewhere I guess. Just seems like people are so easily offended these days.


Then why do they keep trying to come here? And before you say das raciss, I mean all immigrants. It's because America offers a better standard of living than many other countries.

Still, tripfag, you are right. This is probably just a bait thread.

America was never great in the sense that we've always been infested with bigotry, but I would support a candidate who wanted to "make America great for once" by ending bigotry.
Needless to say, Donnie Smallhands is not that KKKandidate.

>I just prefer the concept and spirit of MAGA to the alternative.

He's using the concept and spirit of MAGA to basically ensure that America has no self-sufficient future dude...

The perfect example of that is this:

He's literally shutting down programs that train and educate coal miners to become programmers that can move on and work in any industry afterwards, so that he can fund more programs that support the opening of *more* coal mines.

Coal mining is a dead industry. No one wants coal. No one wants to mine coal. Coal is becoming too expensive and too dangerous to mine and it's basically completely running out. Within 10 years all those people will basically be out of jobs, and now thanks to trump shutting down all the programs that are in place to transition away from it and still have a future afterwards, they're going to have absolutely nowhere to go.

That is Trump in a nut shut.

A lot of short sighted decisions, that sound good for like the next 2 years, but are a total disaster if you give it 2 minutes of consideration about what will happen *after* his term is done.

Shady shit to win now, who gives a fuck about the later.

And yall are eating that shit up in your "FUCK YEAH! SOUNDS GOOD!" Ignorance...

>Within 10 years
Try 5. We really only have less than a decade before fossil fuels run out, which also happens to be when the ice caps will melt. Basically, Dotard McCheeto will single-handedly destroy the world by refusing to combat climate change.
I can't fathom supporting a guy who will literally create armageddon.

>You can have whatever opinions you want, as long as they're correct opinions
leftists are truly insufferable. It's a long-standing fact, even within the so-called "moderate" spectrum of beliefs, that liberals have a much harder time understanding what conservatives actually think than vice-versa. Your attempts to "correct" his thinking will fail miserably because you don't even know what he believes, and even if you did you wouldn't care.

>All I really need to is show him that minorities are people too.
Case in point. Your leftist professor might talk about "dehumanizing" strategies, but it's quite irrelevant to right-wing political beliefs. I have no problem on an individual level with nonwhites, but this is a completely separate issue from being a nationalist opposed to the replacement of people in their own countries. You can show him millions of tear-jerkers like "HEROIC parent crosses 10 national borders and evades cartels, corrupt officials to give child chance at enrolling in dream university", it doesn't fucking matter. They have to go back. I don't care if they're people or space lizards, they shouldn't be given citizenship.

>America is full of bigots
>that's why we need to flood it with people the bigots don't like, for the good of both
If the US was 100% white and 100% bigoted, it is a simple fact that fewer people would experience racial discrimination than your kumbaya fantasy, since there wouldn't be anyone to discriminate against.

>If the US was 100% white and 100% bigoted, it is a simple fact that fewer people would experience racial discrimination
How so? If the US was 100% white, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, and misogyny run rampant. Maybe there would be less racism because there would be less racial diversity, but other forms of bigotry would increase tenfold.

That is only one industry man. I bet those coal miners are glad to have their jobs. Moving forward, how would you feel about having those coal worker train to build/ run nuclear facilities? You know, the most sane, efficient source of energy that we know of.

>Try 5. We really only have less than a decade before fossil fuels run out,

No we don't.

Now you're swinging the opposite way dude.

Keep your ecowarior, bleeding heart liberal hyperbole away from me dude. Don't splash my argument with your paint.

I'm a registered republic and have always believed fiscally conservatism.

When you say unfounded shit like that, it eats away at any validity any argument in the same vein may have.

Science and studies say we have fossil fuels to last us easily 'til the end of the century if we really wanted to, in the US alone. HOWEVER, those fossil fuels have an ecological impact. Smog is indisputable at this point, and we would not survive the use of them all.

That being said, but the fuck out man. I'm trying to talk sense, not sensationalism, and you're not helping.

>I'm trying to talk sense
Says the climate change denier and Drumpfthuglitard voter

>A lot of short sighted decisions, that sound good for like the next 2 years, but are a total disaster if you give it 2 minutes of consideration about what will happen *after*
Democracy in a nutshell. I suppose you could just as easily say "humanity".
>Dotard McCheeto will single-handedly destroy the world by refusing to combat climate change.
These hysterical reactions get better by the day, holy shit.
I've always been an environmentalist and think Drumpf's moves there have been shit, but this is just lunacy. Humans are worse than cockroaches, we'll barely feel a thing from climate change. It's the effects on the biosphere that will be devastating.

>homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia
Literal meme. But then again, all of these labels are memes. I don't "fear" fags, I want them to fuck off. As for women, I don't hate them, and I'd be quite surprised if the same people who supported laws that criminalized swearing in front of women hated them either. Those who you could make an argument for being misogynists, like Schopenhauer, were disgusted at what they saw as "tasteless veneration of women" by 19th-century society.

>other forms of bigotry would increase tenfold.
Is there a "law of conservation of bigotry" now? How does having some brown guy in a room make everyone else like faggots (leaving aside the fact that the brown guy is statistically more likely to want fags pushed off of buildings)?
If people will "always find something to hate", this applies to your "diverse" wonderland just as much.

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>Moving forward, how would you feel about having those coal worker train to build/ run nuclear facilities? You know, the most sane, efficient source of energy that we know of.

To be honest, until we figure out what to actually do with Nuclear waste, not that great.

I live less than a hundred miles away from San Onofre, we have thousands of tons of Nuclear waste that's been sitting there since the fucking '60's. We still don't know wtf to do with it. We tried to ship it to Nevada/Arizona. They agreed at first then noped the fuck out, and back here it stayed.

Well all know that if that inevitable major earthquake we've been talking about for the last half century ever gets around to hitting us, all that nuclear waste sitting by the beach will basically poison the entire Pacific Coast.

So yeah... not great...

And anyway, like I said... Trump is shutting down all the programs that are basically meant to do exactly that.... so I'm not really sure that's a possibility.

Those things take time to do. This ain't the matrix. You don't magically instantly download training and know how to pilot helicopters, do kung fu, and run nuclear facilities...

Shutting down those programs now, means by the time they want to transition, they won't be able to do the training because who can afford to spend all that time *not working*? Certainly not them.

It's not a "law of conservation of bigotry."
White people are the most bigoted race on the planet.
The less white people we have, the less bigoted we'll be. Easy facts.
In a pure white ethnostate, bigotry would be through the roof. It wouldn't be racial bigotry, granted, but it would be bigotry.

>>I'm trying to talk sense
>Says the climate change denier and Drumpfthuglitard voter


I literally said smog is indisputable and burning those fossil fuels have an ecological impact that we would not survive....


P.S. Registered republican, but not a trump voter, he was full of too much bullshit. Hilary was just as bad in her own way though. I was pissed since the primaries were done and the candidates announced.

>White people are the most bigoted race on the planet.
I fucking wish.
10/10 bait lad. It'll probably hit the bump limit before midnight.

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What up then fellow CA user. North county here.

There are certain types of reactors that we have the tech and money to build, that create less waster and are much safer, but we just don't have the political will to do so. I do agree with you that the titties are a major ecological disaster waiting to happen.

Again, it's just one industry. The government does not owe you a living or training. At some point you have to take responsibility for yourself and increase your marketable skills.

bait. If not, get your head checked.

Voting Republican is not inherently wrong, but you should only vote Republican if the particular Republican you vote for has denounced Drumpf.
Did the Republicans you vote for denounce him?

That tweet is literal proof that whites are the most bigoted race.
You refuted yourself, Mr. Hitler McNazi.

>Did the Republicans you vote for denounce him?

I don't vote party line. I'm not a diehard idiot.

I look at what people say, do my research, and vote for who I think the best candidate is.

During the primaries and minor/local elections I do the same.

>I don't vote party line
That's the point. You might usually vote Dem, but if your Dem is particularly corrupt you might consider the alternative. However, before you pull the lever for the GOP candidate, make sure they called out Cheeto J. Babyhands.

Fug :DDD

Call your friend out for being gay for the orange cheeto. Nobody actually believes the politics unless they fap to melania's porn.

Thank you.
>Melania's porn
Highly doubtful. They probably get off to DrumpfPutin romance instead

Surreal to know there are people who actually fell for the psyop.

Some premier lemon party stuff there.

OP, I know most people itt are saying to reconcile, but I really think it's a bad idea.
I don't hate Trump as much as you do, but I still recognize that your values are far too different from his. If you're so far left that you can't handle being friends with a Trump supporter, you should stop seeing him.

>so far left
I'm not far left, I'm just a decent person.
I wish my friend would understand that minorities aren't some evil booeyman.

Seriously? You think they should stop their friendship over a political squabble? What is wrong with you?

i'd hate to live around you. brainless fucking zombies everywhere

Just because they don't worship Drumpf, you think they're "zombies?"

This, if you're basing your friendship over politics, you need to kill your self.

I'm not "basing my friendship over politics." I was friends with him long before I knew his political views.

Dubs confirm what his political views are

>Digits actually end in 1488

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You’re so self centered that you think political opinions are a deal breaker with friends. They’re lucky not to be friends with a egotistical person who puts opinions above being a good friend.
People support a president for the country not the man, anyone who is in the cult of personality shouldn’t vote because they’re just mad at the world.

Do you have an ethnic animus against white people?

Why is it that conservatives have zero problems being friends with liberals but liberals sperg out and treat their friends like shit whenever they find out they're conservative? You do realize your conservative friend likely feels your ideology is just as stupid and immoral as you feel his is, right? He's able to overlook that because he's your friend. Why can't you?

>t. enlightened centrist

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>anyone who is in the cult of personality shouldn't vote just because they're just mad at the world
That's exactly why I'm worried that my friend has fallen for the Orange's charismatic speeches.
Of course not, but making America "white again" (it never really was but OK) would entail doing terrible things to people of color

>enlightened centrist
So in other words, Neo-Nazi. Gotcha. Good to know that your opinion is worthless.

Sorry, I'm Polish, I hate Nazis and commies equally.

Because it hurts their brains to have higher priorities, it’s much easier to blame and self victimize. They don’t even know they’re doing it because it’s all programmed in to find a enemy.
Instead of turning enemies into friends, they go the other way.

America used to be 90% white. And if there were non-violent policies that helped PoC numbers rise up while diminishing the percentage of white people, then there could be similar policies enacted that would help the numbers for Whites rise up.

Nazis are just extreme racist nationalists. They don't have to be German.
You're an extreme racist nationalist, so you're a Nazi

If you're ending friendships over political affiliations, you're going to find yourself friendless really, really fast. We aren't living in the days of the Cold War anymore when political affiliations mattered. No sane man is shitting their panties over something that can be changed every four years.

>inb4 house of representatives, supreme court, etc

This is the biggest bait thread I've seen on Jow Forums in quite a while. 8/10 for making me reply.

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>Everyone who disagrees with me is a pre-programmed NPC!
What about slaves? Let me guess: Blacks aren't human, so you don't count them?

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>We aren't living in the days of the Cold War anymore
You can dispense with that propaganda Ivan.
Everyone here can see through your lies.
Russia is still just as dangerous as ever.
How's the weather in Moscow?

What about slaves?

>You're an extreme racist nationalist
You quite literally don't know anything about me other than a self-deprecating jab at being a centrist and you're calling me a Nazi. Your friend is a saint for putting up with your attitude.

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You said America was 90% white. How could that be with such a large slave population?

How quick to dismiss peaceful words, truly you are the moral equivalence to walking around with a cum stain on your shirt.

Everyone who calls themselves a centrist, everyone who yells that "both sides are equally bad," gives a free pass to Neo-Nazis running over people, but they whine about Antifa knocking over trash cans.

Nigga, i've got anarchist friends, communist friends, football hooligan nationalist friends, tanky old school lowkey nazbol friends, nazi friends, libertarian friends, gay rights activist friends, friends who want my country to go to war so they can die in battle because they're too scared to kill themselves, friends wishing for a military junta, friends who's only political opinion is and always will be "current government bad", i even got a friend who's feminist and mgtow at the same time (i really have a hard time grasping his view on women), i'd say i have social democrat friends but they generally overlap with the "current government bad" crowd.

If that's all you could take from my post, then I pray to Christ Almighty that you're trolling. You know damn well that I'm talking about the communist panic in the 60s.

It's cold as fuck, by the way.

I’m glad your friend no longer needs to have you in their life. Good for them.