21 yr old here. How do you cope with the fact that most of your (perceived) lifespan is already over...

21 yr old here. How do you cope with the fact that most of your (perceived) lifespan is already over, and you'll be dead and gone soon? I have to see evidence to believe in things so I'll never be able to use religion or reincarnation as a coping strategy. What do?

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that chart is bullshit. The only reason you think life gets shorter is that you have more years behind you, making the individual ones feel less significant. Time doesn't actually move quicker. Sam Harris explained that once.
Just be aware of that.

what is that fucking nu-science bullshit
are you stupid?
do you not understand percentages?
you always perceive time the same, 1 day is 1 day, 1 year is 1 year
what the fuck, seriously

Try doing nothing for a hour and do something fun for a hour. Without looking at the watch. I bet you're gonna think these hours were not the same.

Your chart is shit.

fuck you.

Yours truly,

I'm 32 and it doesn't matter to me. What's comforting is hearing testimonies like Kevin Smith's, how, when faced with death he was more relieved and at peace that he was done.

My coping strategy, I did a lot of stuff, I'm content, I could keep going, but mostly I'm bored. Sometimes it's cool sometimes it isn't blah blah blah.

I'm not having kids either so, yeah thats basically it. If I'm diagnosed with something fatal tomorrow that's cool. If I live to 100 that's also fine.

I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with the idea of not existing. Not even being able to think or experience anything.

Said by someone very clearly not old enough to experience the incredible acceleration of time.. Careful in your 20s friend. Blink and you'll miss it.

>implying you'll have any kind of perception when you don't exist

Literally, you close your eyes, fade to black, and no more worries.

You already did it. You didn't exist before you were born. For like billions of years, or eternity depending how you want to look at it. You did fine then, didn't you? You'll kill it next time too. You got this.

Non fui, fui, sum fui, no curo

You're 21, OP. You know nothing of the real world.

I'm not OP. And I'm 32.

Feels like just last year I was 25 and just yesterday I was 27.

You're 32 but sound as clueless as a 16 year old.

Because baby boomers are still working and are already in their 60's and 70's. I mean life is short no matter what but I expect to live as long if not longer than the boomers.

You know the fact your time perception gets faster as you age is a very largely agreed upon phenomenon yeah?

Never heard of this. If it's so largely agrees upon phenomenon why don't you post some material supporting that?

^ want you to notice the title of the article. Scientific American is literally assuming you just already know it's a thing.

^ look them too.

^ this will be the first time I ever cite a public forum, but since the debate is "everyone knows this" i figured a forum would go a long way in showing you that, look, everyone knows this.

But you don't need articles. Go ask your mom. This is a very universal experience.
Heck I even think I saw "brain degradation plays a role" when I was sitting through things for you.

All your articles show what everyone already knows: a small perception. You said it was extreme and quantifiable, neither of which obviously is true. But then again you are 16 pretending to be an adult on a Taiwanese knitting forum.

i think the illusion of time going faster is only relevant when remembering the past. the more memories you collect the more compressed the memory.doc file becomes. useless stuff gets suppressed, that's why the "feels like it was just yesterday" shit happens when remembering good times. a day still lasts a day in the present and future, some rush by, some take bloody ages.

t. 37yo boomer

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I used the word perception and feeling a lot if you didn't notice, and the inly reference I made to quantifiability was an obvious hyperbole.
And you met it with total doubt and now you're moving the goal posts.
But lol ok bud. You'll remember this conversation in 15 years.
Keep active, yeah?

There were some articles posted and you're pretty close to the accepted hypotheses of neurologists..
Your brain measures time in memories, particularly new experiences.
As time goes on and you do less, and more importantly, less new things, the years seem shorter looking back.

The only thing I might regret if I died right now is that I didn't live my family enough and that I didn't kill enough jews

*love, not live

that's nice. just read the first link now and you're right. maybe i should have become a neurologist myself and write articles about stuff common sense already explains well.
idk, maybe many people don't like to think about stuff like that and prefer articles to explain it to them. i usually overthink a lot though, it's often obstructing especially concerning social stuff. meh, who cares. random boomer ramblings.

There are many cases of reincarnation. It's one of those things that predates modern religion, has many studied cases, and even science agrees on. Since we are made of energy and energy cannot be destoryed, it has to transfer back into Earth.

I think you are having an existential crisis and mental break, it will pass.

Existence is relative to space time only because it is perceived.

Spend less time being consumed by limitations. In all reality, a standard human lifespan is only standard temporarily. Our understanding of physics will come to a point where we are able to live in the moment infinitely, so to speak. But then you’d just be in the matrix.

And quit being a little prick. “I have to see evidence bef..” shedafekep. That shit won’t get you anywhere.

We exist in separate dimensions on this plane. They’re created by our choices, I.e. financial decisions. In the end our fate’s are sealed by the aggregate of our direct ancestors choices and our own.

Every step you take will haunt you one day. Tread wisely and speak broadly.

Read the fine print, work out every morning, screw anything that walks with a stolen dick and put salt and hot sauce on everything. Than make sound and well informed life choices based on the advice of people who benefit from your success.

People you do not know will eat you alive. Find out what you love and get in business based around that. You’ll never have time to ponder trivial observations again.

String theory states everything happens at once, right? Don’t ruin your dimension by being a little bitch.
How bout dah

Use belief in futurism, tranhumanism, the singularity, radical life extention, whole brain emulation, mind uploading, the many worlds theory of quantum mechanics, and the omega point theory to cope with your existential crisis.

That or go with religion/philosophy to cope, but personally I like going with the type of science/progress optimism that I mentioned above to cope.

You were born in the 20th century. Given advances in medicine it is more likely than not that you will live into the 22nd

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