Be me

>be me
>took the red pill
>realized how much tougher men have it compared to women
>now suicidal as fuck

how do i untake the red pill Jow Forums ?

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take a blue pill then i guess

That would mean he would get the purple pill

Purple as a colour attract women

Wrong; it's the color of royalty

>men actually think their life is harder

I stand corrected user

take the rest of the black pills, feel nothing forever

Oh, jesus...just stfu already.

I mean, you're free to prove OP wrong at any point.

Women are glorified children in the west.

Anyway OP. You're going to get lots of replies like this. My advice to you is to just ascend to greater heights. As men we have immense potential and you need to overcome all adversity thrown your way with whatever means possible. Women are fucking retards that actually think society does not cater to them from birth and bitching about it won't change. You can do what low test omega faggots are doing these days and become a tranny if you'd like but that really won't solve the problem for you.

I don't need to prove anyone wrong?
If someone is so mentally far gone that's really their burden to bear. I have a rule for myself to only engage with people capable of higher thinking. Someone capable of realizing all their criticism stems from insecurity about themselves and is projection as a way to cope with reality. You aren't there yet and that's okay.

I only break it from time to time to troll the mentally stunted netizens of the world.

>You aren't there yet
I'm fine, sweetheart.

By replying to this thread in the manner you have, you've acknowledged that the truth burns you. If you aren't willing to engage in good faith as I have then why are you still replying? To "troll"? That is amusing.

Anyway, I actually gave OP advice and you did not. Grats on being intellectually bankrupt, or at the very least you're unwilling to flex at the moment. Either way, you should stop replying unless its in earnest.

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>my life is sooooo hard
>he doesn't see the irony in his post

Anytime someone says something negative about anything or anyone there's always one person who has to cry "projection". It's just a way of saying, "no you!" in a smart way.

You're clearly very upset and don't understand what irony is either. Putting words in people's mouths isn't how you argue by the way.

Society is set up so that women are coddled. If this truth disturbs you you are free to engage in honest debate. If not, then you don't really have any ground here and should stop replying. With every reply you look pettier and less intelligent. Great that we're anonymous eh?

>I only engage with people capable of higher thinking
>continues to reply
thinking emoji

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>said very directly I am trolling
>replies 3 times
>bingo bango

>I have a rule for myself to only engage with people capable of higher thinking
In other words, if someone says something you like or agree with then great, if they you disagree and can't explain why then you'll cop out.

>ha guys I was only pretending to be retarded
You're so new it hurts. go to /b/

>bingo bango bongo

Thanks for proving my point for me.

got em!

>took the red pill
You mean unironically swallow Jow Forums memes? You undo it by stop being an incel sheep and go out and interact with real people.

>board is supposed to be for advice
>trolling isn't allowed outside of /b/
>fags still come here to troll and jannies don't do anything.
Thanks jannies. Really great at what you do. Really earning that spot.

Yes but the reason people think it is the opposite is because women are generally more neurotic so they will express themselves when they feel like they aren't being treated fairly. Men usually just hide it which is a blessing and a curse for us. Of course this isn't universally true just generally. I am also not trying to insult women by saying this it is just the truth.

I took mine rectally. This is before they made them in pill form. You kids have it easy these days.

>>trolling isn't allowed outside of /b/

Sometimes I wonder why they rush to get it in the first place.

you're a god damned moron dude

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To be fair though, most of this board is shit, even when people aren't trolling. What difference does it make at this point?

Most of it is true but nobody gives a shit about women in Asia. We have worse problems than y'all at least men are strong. Its not easy walking in the streets in constant fear of a rowdy man kidnapping you & using your body as a toy, & its actually a very common occurence. Its different down here so desu you're more luckier being a man in the west than a woman in the east. Be happy.

>Be happy
I am. Make no mistake, I was specifically talking about how Western countries coddle women. Funny that Asian countries are on the rise and western countries are in decline. Isn't that an amazing coincidence?

>bibbity bobbity boo
>thanks for all the yous
>please give me some more

>Funny that Asian countries are on the rise and western countries are in decline. Isn't that an amazing coincidence?
because asians live to work, westerners work to live

it would be unwise to assume that this is the sole reason and to shift any responsibility away from the people that shilled feminism so damn hard.

Feminist societies always collapse. Always without exception. They always fall to a stronger invader in the end. To deny that the west caters to and gives women every privilege available is to deny reality and at this point it is obvious that nature will run its course. The strong will devour the meek's reward.