Be me

>be me
>took the red pill
>realized how much tougher women have it compared to men
>now suicidal as fuck

how do i untake the red pill Jow Forums ?

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Men are glorified children in the west.

As women we have immense potential and you need to overcome all adversity thrown your way with whatever means possible. Men are fucking retards that actually think society does not cater to them from birth and bitching about it won't change. You can do what low test omega faggots are doing these days and become a tranny if you'd like but that really won't solve the problem for you

Women have it tougher than men??? Hmm wut? Where?

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You'll always find inequality everywhere. Rich vs. poor, attractive vs. ugly, first world vs. third.

Just go out and live your life. Thinking about "society" is retarded, it's too general to be of use.

You can literally just open your legs and receive welfare for life.

>>realized how much tougher women have it compared to men
What did he mean by that?

so could you

This is just the antithesis of the other thread that's open right now. Are you even trying?

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Yep OP is triggered as fuck

>red pill
>women have it much tougher than men
yeah right

holy shit I clearly made you bitches mad by stating the truth

It delights me to see how angry my post made you

How do you stop hating men after you take the redpill? This shit ain't fair man. Why the FUCK DO BOYS HAVE IT SO EASY!!?

All females gotta do is look pretty and they’re set, how tf do they have it harder than men???

Why would you want to kill yourself? Sounds like you have a scapegoat for all your failures now so you can wallow in hatred instead of self-hatred.

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You sure you took the redpill, user?

If a woman wants to do something more than just look pretty and wait for some well set guy to swipe them off their feet, then thats where it gets difficult.

It's like having the 'Win' button right in front of you, but you outright refuse because you want the challenge, but the challenge is kinda fucky and straight up unbalanced because most of everyone else kept pressing the 'Win' button.

>if a woman wants to do more than be treated nice forever she has too work
men don't have that option. the other than is that the mass of humanity work mindlessly in dehumanizing jobs, like they usually just zone out for their whole lives. as a woman you don't have to do that

What was the red pill? Realizing that no matter how hard you apply yourself you will never be smarter or more successful than a man? Don’t worry about it lady. Just apply yourself to be the best woman in your occupation, or you just be a housewife if you get sick of it.

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It's always random and depends on your surroundings and shit. I am woman and I can't recall a single instance in which someone treated me badly for being female.
I am an autistic, asexual fuck though, so people might just categorize me as alien or whatever and react differently towards me, can't really test it.

The problem with feminists is that they will never truly be happy because they've put themselves in a continuous state of victimhood. This directly affects men who then have to put up with their bullshit of treating them like a queen. With the rise of feminism comes the rise of mens rights activists/red pillers and ultimately the downfall of human civilization. Its all downhill from here folks

>then thats where it gets difficult.
It's literally still easier than it is for the average man. In modern Western society we bend over backwards to try and get women to do shit. Want a job programming? Prepare to waltz straight into the role because of diversity hiring processes. Want to become a scientist? Well there's a plethora of scholarships exclusively available to you because you have two X chromosomes.

so an average girl is smarter than an average male for like 30% percent? Fuck off with that shit lol, that's all pseudoscience

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>so an average girl is smarter than an average male for like 30% percent?
What did it mean by this?

Looks like we got one from the left end of the curve

I'm studying CS at a good uni and the girls are much fewer than the guys but they are all doing much better.


It's a bait thread, you retards. Stop giving OP attention.

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You dumb motherfucker

If you mean provide welfare via alimony and child support, sure

yes because us guys are busy with our projects and actually getting involved in the fields we're interested in rather than slaving for every point of GPA possible