I got rejected from every college I applied to, what the fuck do I do now...

I got rejected from every college I applied to, what the fuck do I do now? I completed high school the way I did (hard courses, lots of clubs, SAT prep) for the sole purpose of getting into college, and now that's fucked.

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Is there a community college near you? A lot of times you can complete your first year at a community college and then transfer to a regular college/Uni.

Take a gap year.

Gape year.

This desu

>applying to 4-years
>not immediately working, or at least going to a community college
Find whoever advised you and slap them. It's disgraceful "dude just go get a bachelor's lmao just find yourself" is still actual, unironic advice.

Everyone should have at least one "insurance" college on their application list, a fallback you can be sure of getting in to even if it's not ideal.

As others have suggested, either take a gap year - but do not waste it - or apply to a CC. In some states and AA from an in-state CC guarantees transfer to a state 4-year U

unless you:re in a third world shithole where degree matters, you have absolutely no reason to study in a college, what you can learn better and more efficiently on your own.

Apply for more places, I don't know the US deadlines, but you can always change places.
Most things can be learned if you just search for it online, the place doesn't really impact your learning so much. The real benefit of a good college is the connections you get there.
The students you study with, the professors, the name of the college, that is the value of a good college.

this. i’m a junior in college currently and this is your best bet

did community college for a year and then when to ohio state

One word,


Any one can be considered an Expert and decide how the world should be build with just an online course that will be completed in less than a year.

Then you can travel the world telling people what to grow and where to grow it.

There was a stigma about going to a community college when I was in HS and I hated that it allowed me to curdle my opinion about them. Years later, I wish I had gone to a CC to get the basic class shit out of the way and then applied again to an advanced school or Uni.

Why not give community college a try, OP?

I guess I might, but I'll definitely be judged for it. I was top ten in my class for instance, people expected me to go to Ivy leagues and shit like that. I didn't even apply to that caliber of school and I still didn't get in anywhere.

What was your SAT score and gpa?

>I'll definitely be judged for it.
So fucking what? Fuck those cunts.

>top 10 in high school
>didn't get into any college

yeah idk what this kids on about. US colleges are chomping at the bit to get more cash cow students

I didn't get into any of the universities I'd applied to either. I reapplied after resubmitting some coursework and retaking a test and ended up being offered a place at an even better university. Don't get me wrong, I wish I hadn't bothered (I haven't had a job since graduating), but it's definitely not too late for you to try again. In the meantime, get a job, learn to drive, and figure out what you want to do with your life.

SAT: 1550
Unweighted GPA: Somewhere around 3.8 idk

I wish I were bullshitting dude. My counselor thought I was gonna do fine, I thought I was gonna do fine, but it all came crashing down when the results came in. I'm not really sure what I did wrong. It's especially frustrating because I got so many letters from colleges begging me to apply, and then when I actually apply I get denied.

your life just ended, give up now so you don't have to give up later in a more painful way
just get a 9-5 POS job and grind yourself to death

I’m an electrical engineering student transfer and my education at my community college was altogether better than this overpriced clownpen and I can’t imagine it’s much better in what are now liberal indoctrination camps

Which schools did you apply to?

My SAT was similarly high, but my GPA was a meme (3.1 I think), so I didn't bother applying to any elite school, just my in state options.

this. the people making the real money these days are the ones that have figured out how to utilize the internet with their skills to go viral. The big youtubers, streamers, patreon, etc. A lot of the internet platforms are already saturated, so you need to find the next big thing. Either that or start a business.

Some of the California research schools, Colby College, Carnegie Mellon, and Yale as a reach school

Dude you probably set your goals too high and only applied to schools where you need to know someone or be super special to attend. Most of the people in top ten in my school went to state schools and/or sub Ivy league. The couple that did go to Ivy league went for meme crap like communication.

I don't think it was too farfetched to get into at least one of those schools. I guess in hindsight I should have thrown in like a Northeastern or something, but it's too late now.

The college I went to in SC has nearly a 100 acceptance rate.

I got in with like an 800 SAT. (I wrote about Hitler and I think my scorer was jewish, and I had to take a shit during it so I rushed it)