A word of advice

So, if you were not raised in such a way to become a physically active, outgoing extrovert, you might as well kill yourself, because your life is going to be a fucking nightmare, especially after you start seeing how much easier that kind of guys have it.

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your parents gave you life so that you could live it. Don't expect anybody else to hold your hand and walk you through life - get off your ass and get out of your safety bubble. work out, get a job doing something you like and travel the world. If you don't initiate the change, then nothing is ever going to change for you.

>especially after you start seeing how much easier that kind of guys have it.
Stop being a jealous cunt.

Shut up faggots OP is right, you might as well kill yourself if you can't get the things you want

>your parents gave you life so that you could live it
My parents "gave me life" because they had no fucking idea what they were doing. If anything, I'd have expected others not to procreate willy-nilly.

What I wrote is a fact, you absolute dipshit. It's not even remotely up for debate.

Depression is also in those lifting bronzed chads that do bar crawls with friends, but no gf, OP.

your troll game weak as skim milk, son.

Everybody here tries to make it sound like a huge hassle hardly worth the effort, which is far from helpful. Being physically active and sociable should be fun. Sure it might be uncomfortable at first, but it's fun and healthy. If you're just grinding away trying to improve in these areas and checking off boxes, because it's people say you should be doing without enjoyment, you're going to hate it. It won't be worth it for you. Go ahead and actually enjoy yourself

I never said those guys' lives are perfect, just that they have it much easier.

Remeber, when you go dating, you have to see the other person as that, a person. This the truth, best expressed in how hard it is when you don’t believe it. Try to talk to somebody like they are a subject of experiment, it’s hard. It is not something I have learned, which might be good in some sort management position, but in mine, no.

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Yeah , if only humans had the ability to change and develop habits, no sadly we can only work out and socialize if we were raised to do so

No, they don't allways have it easier, their lives likely have an equal amount of hardships. Liking the ultra buff dude is for milfs that admire the 80's aesthetic, and gay men.
Stop being a faggot.

>they don't allways have it easier
Yes, they do, and you're intellectually dishonest for denying it. It doesn't take a fucking anthropologist to see that their social success is much higher.

>Being physically active and sociable should be fun
Sounds very delusional. "Should" does not equal "is". It can be if that's how you grew up; otherwise, it's just another chore, and a very tiring one at that.

Oh Christ, it's like there's actually a difference between people who've done that shit since an early age and people who've barely done that.
Go figure.

Where to find grills who like the '80s aesthetic
They don't have it as easy as you think. I'm naturally attractive, grew up playing sports, and continue to maintain a reasonably active lifestyle. I've never had a girlfriend in my life. If anything, these supposed advantages have hindered me.

>oh boy
>I can smell the inferiority complex
>anthropologist know an exact science to all of life as we know it because outliers never exist ever and if they do they die instantly in the wild
Dude have you ever actually read how much Jow Forumsfags whine?

Jesus actual Christ, what part of "physically active, outgoing extrovert" did you miss? You can be as fit as you want, but if you're socially retarded you're gonna have trouble.

meant for

Yeah, that's my fucking point.
You can do those things and still be socially retarded, that is the one true handicap that is honestly worth considering putting rocks in your pocket and walking into the ocean over. Humans thrive on society in a fundimental evolutionary way, and those that don't have that desire should leave the rest of us alone.

It's not. Socializing and exercising are quite literally things born to do. Based on this response, I'm going to assume you haven't found avenues through which to enjoy these, people you click with, or haven't let yourself open up enough to let yourself have fun with them. I'm familiar how how difficult it can be to open up to others, but it is worthwhile.

If you're an outgoing extrovert, that you ain't socially retarded.

The homeless guy on the corner is an "outgoing extrovert".

The schizo that yells random facts about satan in public is an outgoing extrovert.
The Biblethumping soap boxer is an outgoing extrovert.
The guy that stalks your sister/mother/wife to her work and home residence is an outgoing extrovert....

Pathetic slave morality.

What are you talking about?

Are you getting this through your skull that going out and talking to people often is not the height of social ability? The real ability is full social understanding.
>knowing customs
>picking up on subtleties
>body language
>adapting to dynamic situations
>basically being mostly mentally healthy in today's world as opposed to someone with several disorders