Are degenerate fetishes okay as long as it’s behind closed doors?

Are degenerate fetishes okay as long as it’s behind closed doors?

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Me and my partner both have really fucked up tier fetishes and interests. I don’t want to stop them or try and null them. Why would it really matter as long as it’s all controlled? Everybody makes such a fuss of these type of things like they have be dealt with.

I’m not saying they aren’t fucked up, obviously I know that. But if nobody or anything is getting hurt. What would the harm be.

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Are we talking just some feet stuff or what?

I mean it really depends on the fetish.
Fucking a dog? No, that is animal abuse.
Dressing up as a furry and pretending you're furiously fucking wolves in a pack or some shit? Totally fine.

Yeah as long as nobody is hurt, go for it. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Well no, not that tame.

And that’s what I mean, anything that harms someone or something I understand and isn’t okay. That’s my point I guess, what’s so bad about someone’s interest as long as there’s no harm to anything.

The idea that if something doesn't hurt anyone its fine is retarded. First, it hurts you, even tho you might not realize it now. Even if it's not hurting you, it's still not desirable. Think about why you have this fetish. It's probably to fill a hole in your life, maybe a desire for something more exciting than your daily routine ?

I don’t think it’s that in depth. I like exciting things, I like sharing exciting things with my partner. That’s really the end of it.

If whatever you enjoy hurts somebody or an animal then no. Illegal pornography is also a big no-go zone.
The only exception to this is if you're both consenting, legal adults and know not to maim each other. Otherwise go nuts.

By the by, the only reason why Jow Forums hates furries or whatever is because they flaunt it. Nobody really gives a shit what you do behind closed doors so long as you're not crossing an insane cultural taboo like eating a corpse.

So a few days ago some weirdo dog fucker went on and on in his thread about how animals can give consent and it totally doesn't hurt the dog, etc. Kind of sounded like a pedo that thinks kids are seducing him.
A lot of the time the people into fetishes rationalize that they're not hurting someone or something. I REALLY depends on what the fetish is. That dog fucker would definitely argue that he wasn't hurting his dog, I disagree.
But honestly I think a lot of fetishes are bad for you. They push you to an extreme so you no longer enjoy tame sex. You're always chasing a high and going further and further to obtain it. It can often take over your relationships.
So give some details. What are your fetishes that are so degenerate?

You have definitely gained our curiosity, why dont you just spill the beans nigga

It’s a big list, and I’m not an exhibitionist I’d rather spare myself the embarrassment of listing them off. But its not beastiality, I would never harm an animal.

But I still don’t think me being desensitized to tame sex is a bad thing. It’s not a harm to my health, and I’m not ignorant to the boundaries of this exploration.

>But honestly I think a lot of fetishes are bad for you. They push you to an extreme so you no longer enjoy tame sex. You're always chasing a high and going further and further to obtain it.
This is such a key point so thank you for articulating it. Not OP but I'm a similar degenerate and boy do I wish I could just enjoy sex.

You doth protest too much. They must be really fucked since you keep dancing around the issue so much.

Something like that, but I also don’t think it’s necessarily required, it’s more regarding my main point

This is an anonymous message board so unless what you're doing is illegal there is no reason to be coy. Nobody cares if you dress up like a toddler and poop in your boyfriend's mouth.

Why try to get OP to spill the beans so much? They already said it's nothing that harms others.

he/she/they/it wants validation and it's impossible to validate something when I don't know what it is

spill the beans i have like to minutes til
my death

Eh I know, but the embarrassment is still real lol. I guess whatever. A lot of what we do is roleplay, regarding things like rape, incest, ageplay. My boyfriends has a big farting fetish so I do that for him. We watch a lot of porn together regarding our interests. Filth things and, snuff. Always hentai or animated stuff, Never the real deal, again I know my boundaries I can’t even bring myself to watch fictional real life gore, or real life filth.

But it’s just stuff like that. A lot of stuff past the line but nobody is at harm.

You're welcome user.
I've been thinking about this a long time. Kink kind of ruined my last relationship.
In Lovecraft's works there's this concept of forbidden knowledge that drives a person insane. It sounds kind of stupid, but I feel like there really is a sort of forbidden knowledge that exists in this world.
For example, I was emotionally abused as a child. I know how to love someone even if they hurt me. I needed to as a child, but it's continued to affect my adult relationships. I continue to love the person that is hurting me when I should hate them, try to leave etc.
It's somehow never on them but always on me. I feel like if I was only better, if I could act differently, I could win them over and they'd stop hurting me.
This high you get when you're pushing yourself with kink, it's forbidden knowledge. The only time it will ever be so good is the first time. Most of time you're chasing it, and the things that used to excite you seem duller and duller by comparison. Your partner becomes part of that. They used to be so arousing, but now they've faded into the background. No matter how hard you both try you just don't feel good anymore.

Here you go OP.

Really listen to the lyrics.

Nobody cares what you do with a consenting adult in the privacy of your own home, except for those who would disapprove of you having sex out of wedlock in the first place.

Even the most sadistic fetishes are not morally reprehensible unless you put them into practice.
The shame of them comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of the human psyche. The line between good and evil has never run between people. It runs down the heart of every single man and woman.
Frankly, I'm more terrified of people who truly believe that they are pure. They will burn at the stake those who are more honest than them.

>I think a lot of fetishes are bad for you.
>I'm a similar degenerate and boy do I wish I could just enjoy sex.
>This high you get when you're pushing yourself with kink, it's forbidden knowledge
"Normal sex" is relative. Oral sex is sodomy. Non-reproductive sex is onanism. Gay sex is an abomination. What you see as "normal" is perverse from a different perspective. I learned about sex as a kid from reading erotica, and when I first heard the act of penis in vagina penetration described, I found the idea offensive.

You wouldn't think of kink as "forbidden knowledge". If you were willing to go past the boundaries of morality, legality, and consent. Kink would be, normal sex, to you.

I don't think you read or understood what I said.
The forbidden knowledge is the high that you get when doing something extreme.

>Are degenerate fetishes okay as long as it’s behind closed doors?

>What would the harm be.
The harm is saying that they're acceptable at all. This doesn't mean it is incumbent on people to stop them, necessarily, but it does mean that they should never be acknowledged, and where it does become public it should be condemned. Failing to do that means that leakage of whatever degeneracy you engage in will inevitably reach the public, since if it is tolerable in some circumstances it can much more easily be justified in others.

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Where is that pic from OP? Reverse search brings nothing.

>since if it is tolerable in some circumstances it can much more easily be justified in others.
That makes no fucking sense.

I don't think you understood what I said.
What is "extreme" and what is "normal" is not objective. Normal is what is conventionally accepted. Gay sex was once considered reprehensible, far more so than "pedophilia", which wasn't even construed as something that existed insofar as when the marriageable age is 12 as it was in the time of St. Augustine, having sex with a 12 year old was not called "pedophilia" but just "sex".

"Degeneracy" and "forbidden" and "extreme" are relative.

Take sympathizing with National Socialism. People don't (usually) have ideological tests for everyone they meet, nor do they actively try to find out another's beliefs for the sole purpose of extinguishing those which are "incorrect".
At the same time, saying that such beliefs are "ok" to hold in private legitimizes them, hence why, even though it is rare to seek out offensive beliefs, they are condemned wherever they appear in public discourse.

This isn't an ironclad rule, more of a general guideline, but nonetheless it applies to OP's situation. I don't care to find out what kind of fucked up shit he's into, but whatever it is, I will continue to assume it is in fact fucked up and condemn it on that basis.

God what a moron you are.
It's not about morality, extreme is how good it feels. It's like a drug high. It has nothing to do with how society views it.

I have the intention of keeping on masterbating to guro and to gangrape hentai no matter what you low-t stormfags say.

Look man, go look up bad dragon and the Chance flared extra large. You're going to feel that up your ass. It's going to take weeks of stretching to work up to it. It's going to feel fucking huge, whether society views it as deviant or not.
There's going to be a point where your body can't take more, but you still want more. That's the point where people start hurting themselves.

I was in that thread. That Dogfucker was completely delusional.

It's nothing like a drug high. There's nothing about an "extreme" fetish that is chemically different from "vanilla" sex. What makes it feel different is that you have been socialized to believe that it is different.
Now call me a moron again and say some other stupid ignorant bullshit.

OP here, left this for a bit I’ll comment on some key looking things.

Again I don’t have these fetishes to fill some hole or void in myself. I consider myself pretty mentally stable. (Ironic considering what I said I was into, I know) But I’m not falling apart while doing all these things, it’s all for sexual excitement, that’s all it is.

I would never claim to be pure yeah, I’m well aware how fucked up it all is.

I agree with the second part of what you said partially, obviously all these things should never be normalized in any way. But that’s not exactly my point, it was more than. If nobody is in harm, and nobody knows, why would it hurt. Considering the person in question is mentally stable and understands the boundary between fetishes and what’s okay to explore, and what’s too far.

I’m not sure I found it on twitter couple weeks ago, couldn’t find it if I wanted to.

This is the first time you mentioned doing anything physically damaging. I'm talking about the sorts of things that have actually been brought up in the thread. Obviously if you get off on distending your flesh, it's destructive to your body. If your fetish is killing yourself, you'll die from it. That goes without saying. It's not my fault that I don't understand what you're talking about when you don't say what you're talking about.

> If nobody is in harm, and nobody knows, why would it hurt.
It doesn't, and yet it does. It's unreasonable to stamp things out entirely, since there will always be deviants, but the harm comes from a change in the condition of deviants. To you specifically, there are concerns of hygiene and general morality in relationships, but those aren't really affected by public knowledge of whatever it is you're doing. And that's what you asked in the OP.

The 'harm' comes from the reactions if and when such information does become public--i.e. if there is anything less than unequivocal condemnation of the acts in question, then harm has been done, by encouraging more to commit it. Pic related is somewhat applicable.

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You are a ridiculous imbecile who constructs rambling arguments based on assumed yet unproven a priori principles.

I suppose, but at the same time there’s only so much that’s in my control. I shouldn’t be responsible for a general reaction on my actions. I personally condemn it, and I’m not just saying that as an argument point genuinely, I’m aware of these things and would not encourage it to anyone. The only reason these things happened in my relationship was because of the discovery of mutual interest, it wasn’t pushed onto by one or the other.

That’s a bit off topic but again, I can’t consider society’s reaction to my actions as something in my control. It seems unreasonable to structure and chose your actions based on what public reaction could be. If that were the case there’s a lot of things people shouldn’t do.

Not an argument.
Stay mad, hedonist.

>at the same time there’s only so much that’s in my control.
The inclination isn't, but the action is. I'm not really concerned with the former in individuals.

>It seems unreasonable to structure and chose your actions based on what public reaction could be.
It largely is, and I don't mean for you to take my points this way. I am saying what an individual, AS a member of the "public", should do in reaction to a given event; not what an individual apart from the public should do. My view isn't centered on the individual so much as the interactions between them.

I mean therea some that are kinda harmful and weird and some that arent at all.
Kinda funny shit like choking is normal now and expected.
I have a sexual fetish for trannies but only convincing ones.
Just fapping to that porn is harmful to me
The 2 times in my life I met one grindr and within minutes found out I didnt really wanna do it was harmful,what if I caught something? I didnt but could of just like that.
My porn addiction and weird fetishes are so bad that even if I get.a.hookup or girlfriend it takes litteraly 20 days or more of not jacking off before I can finish or sometimes I cant even get it up in the first place if I had within a week before.

Pic related

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Not the OP, but I'm very concerned that I spend far far too much time pre-occupied with the strange things I am into, its all kept to anime characters (girls mostly) but I'm getting distracted at home (thankfully not outside) wasting so much time on them each day.
It bothers me when I see people in the street and look at them and then these fetishes come into my head, I feel guilty aswell, even though I'd never practice them irl.

>fine behind closed doors
No it isnt

You are an absolute moron that has once again failed entirely to see the point of what I have said. It is not about physical damage, it is about the high one achieves from doing something extreme. Maybe it's extreme humiliation. Maybe it starts with getting peed on a little at home. Eventually you find yourself at a sex club getting used as a human urinal.
They're all tested and safe. There's no harm in it. But eventually the excitement wears starts to wear off. It's not so humiliating anymore. You no longer enjoy watersports because it doesn't do anything for you.
It is exactly the same as a drug high. It's a dopamine surge in your brain that vanilla sex can't compete with. If you overdo it your brain will start to down regulate your dopamine receptor sites and the same activities will no longer feel good. You have to do more to feel the same way until eventually you can't feel anything no matter what you do.

Yo creo que cualquier persona es libre de expresar su amor por mas enfermo que esté sea siempre y cuando no agas algo que la otra persona no quiera

You have to go back

So, if I’m understanding this right, and it’s highly likely I’m not. You’re saying my point of view is reasonable, but naturally you still condemn it as should be, even if it were something private to never be known.

Nigga that shits tame and perfectly fine. I can't tell you how many times I did bro/sis roleplay with my ex.
As long as it's between you and your partner, you're fine

>naturally you still condemn it as should be
Did you mean to put another "it" in there?

I'm saying that you're a degenerate and I would treat your behavior as such if I ever found out, but I'm also acknowledging that I probably wouldn't find out. The real problem comes from you asking the question, since that is what produces tension where none previously existed, by forcing people like me to respond in the appropriate manner.

Your point of view is reasonable in that it makes sense that what non-damaging acts nobody knows about doesn't harm people (on an individual basis)--not that it's something positive.

Basically, neither this thread nor your behavioral inclination should exist, but we can only fully control the former.

You have to get a fucking life, you fucking racist incel.

Haven't you lurked enough to know he revels in those two insults especially?

That all seems fine user.
Not what I'd watch personally but there are a lot of things I'm not into that other people are.
I'm glad that you only watch animated things. If something was live action but supposedly fake I'd be worried that it might in fact be real. It sounds like no one is getting hurt.

don’t bother, just report its posts if you can, and ignore

I don't have a problem with "racist". I see race, although I don't hate anyone for being another race.
It's just inaccurate to call me an incel. I want everyone to be a volcel until marriage.

>Ignore wrong opinions so hard that you want them banned

In my opinion, what you masturbate to in the privacy of your own room as long as it’s not morally wrong is fine.
No one knows and no one ever has to, no matter how gross.

>Don't do anything you like because you will like it more and more until it becomes extreme and damaging


I have a femdom fetish
I don’t really care about that, it’s private and I like it so I don’t care what people think
But I have been through some points where I’ve watched so much femdom stuff that it got boring and I looked for more taboo things
It just went downhill from there and eventually I was watching some scat videos
It wasn’t the actual scat that was getting me off, it was the humiliation and the taboo nature that did it, that shit made me gag but I still watched it.
At some point I realised what the fuck am I doing so I just moved on completely, quit porn, stopped fapping for a few weeks.
I still feel a bit of shame about it now but it was the porn that caused me to do that shit.

do whatever the fuck you want, but for the love of whatever you believe in, keep it to yourself