How could I cope with the fact that I'm too ugly to get a gf? I feel alright when I'm at work...

How could I cope with the fact that I'm too ugly to get a gf? I feel alright when I'm at work, but on weekends I'm lonely, sad and miserable.

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You're not too ugly for a gf, you're too ugly you get a Stacy. You're not willing to date women with the same rating as you so no sympathy.

You're not too ugly to get a gf. You expecting one to show up at your door? Not gonna happen. Go try to be social.

Work out

If that's the gf you want yeah no shit.
I bang like 3 girls a month and cant get that

True even if u are like a 5 if u got jacked you could def pull above your league, I've seen some ugly ass meatheads with hotties.

How do you cope with the fact that guys uglier than you have gfs? You are a liar plain and simple.

That's not the case. I rarely see women I would consider ugly.
Have been working out for 1.5 year now. Lifting weights is the only thing I'm looking out for at the weekends.
Pic is only for attention user.

Two options.
>Fuck a nigger. They don't care, just say you'll help her with her son, fuck her and then leave forever. Just be shure to wash your dick well, niggers carry diseases.

>go out look for the most beautiful girl around, follow her and when there isn't people around hit her in the head, drag her in your car and rape her.

so you only been banging ugly chicks? wtf bruh

No one seems to trust OP that he's really as ugly as he says. And he's probably not.

But if I WAS in the bottom 0.5% of men who are just screwed... I would consider two things. The first is that this frees you to live a non-standard life. Sometimes it feels like love and sex are all that matter, but there are other things in life. You can go be whatever sort of bohemian or freak you want to be. Who knows, maybe you'll age well and revisit it later. And the second thing is hookers.

It's been the experience of my 8+/10 female friends that they're not approached nearly as often as people think and the majority of those who do approach them are either niggers they can't understand beyond "muh dick" or sleazy fuckers they're uninterested in. You're competing with the dregs of society most of the time and barring severe deformity, as long as you maintain a level of interest in them as people there's a chance they'll give you a shot.

>That's not the case. I rarely see women I would consider ugly.
So then ask one out if they're all too pretty for you. Nothing to lose, right?

Do you mean I should ask out random women on the street? Is this a common thing to do?

>I rarely see women I would consider ugly.
Ah, ok, you're actually blind.

Lol you just need to travel more hun. There are places with tons of beautiful women and men. There are also places with really ugly people.
It's tends to be the former in more affluent areas and the latter in disadvantaged ones.

that’s not what the other user meant at all

that chance is extremely low regardless

Google "ugly men with beautiful women" and find another excuse

No, I think ya'll just have really low standards or no tastes. Which is good if you're also ugly, becaused that gives you more options than volcels.

Sounds like you live in a disadvantaged area and are too poor to travel. I feel sorry for you.

Again, I don't think you're actually that ugly. Just insecure about your attractiveness.
Look you just need to find a girl that likes your personality over your looks. I'm like that.
Seeing a guy does nothing for me. I start becoming attracted to guys after I talk to them and find out they're interesting to me in some way.
Just talk to a lot of girls. You'll get lucky with one.

I've been to 3 of the biggest cities in my country and during massive events.
Ya'll are really sad.

In your country? Lol.

stop idolizing girlfriends and women. No one will listen to me or believe me but when i was a teenager i literally gave up on trying to get laid and resigned to being a virgin forever. I just focused on having fun and making friends, improving myself and socializing. I somehow got laid after a month without even trying. I was literally a fat fuck although I lost about 40 lbs.

I've been called cute and not by my mother and I can't get a gf. So yeah it's pretty hard.

Yo user's. I've been very fucked up in the head ever since i was 11. I just feel disconnected from life and dont really know if im alive still, my pshychologist doesn't know what it is but, if any of u know what it is and a solution that'd be great. Have a nice day

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That sounds like you're probably living in a state of low agency. It's very common nowadays. The solution is to venture out of your comfort zone and take risks. I mean real risks. It's necessary for your mental health even if it will disrupt your life routine.

Think about this. Modern society accounts for about 2% of all human history. Before this what were we doing? Hunting, Fighting, Discovering , traveling, exploring, fucking like wild beasts. Life is pretty tame now compared to back then. You're suffering from sensory deprivation. I'm not telling you to go have an orgy or kill someone, but try incorporating something a little wild into your life.

Get money. If you can't get women by looks or personality, you flaunt your income by acquiring an income.

You’ve accepted why you’re alone, now you just need to accept being alone. I’m 100% sure all you’re looking for is someone to trust and fuck.
Get a good therapist, and pay for sex from escorts. Then your looks won’t matter.

Or you can do what every guy does who wants a woman bad enough, you keep looking until something clicks.

I figure you where molested and now you have a disconnect from your identity.
All I know is most women have been sexually assulted, and guys too but we don’t talk about it as much.
I’m of the thinking that if you live in the past you’ll have no future, you’re robbing yourself of better living through self pitty.

I could be completely wrong about you, but I don’t think I am.