How to make butt smaller?

I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of "it should be a crime to do that" and "girl you are blessed" comments but please...

I am not thicc.
I'm just a thin white girl, where fat accumulates entirely in my hips, and my ass is just there like a bitch, making it hard to fit into most clothes.

I never used to have this problem as long as I was thin, but it appears even at my thinnest due to my sports and dance activities, the muscles in my butt are really thriving. It makes me self conscious to wear shorts and miniskirts literally don't fit me anymore. Even last year it was fine but my body has changed so much that I can't fit into the clothes I wore often and the clothes that were awkward on me now fit perfectly. I'm past 2nd puberty so I've accepted my final evolution as a woman. I'm in my charzard stage and my butt is as big as theirs.

tldr: need to reduce my butt size, how do?

pic related, not me but close representation. it's jard to find because you fucks keep photoshopping every booty picture and I had to google like a 13 year old boy to find one

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photoshopped or not its basically my booty

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I'm saddened that this appears to be impossible.



I got the booty, I need less of it.

spot reduction fat loss is a myth. If you want to lose fat, you have to lose it overall. Just eat a bit less and exercise a bit more. This will cause you to lose weight and probably make your butt smaller. If you're already skinny and you don't want to look gaunt, then lift weights so you don't end up looking too skinny.

That being said... you don't know how lucky you are. If your butt really does look like those pictures you are blessed and will have men fawn over you.

Ass corset

I know they do but believe it or not I don't live my life based around how men view me and what they want. It's great for my bf but not for my style.

Also I am gaining in other areas, I am quite fit. It's really about my limited clothing options. Basically anything with a zipper or non stretchy material will not fit me. I also live in a country that doesn't measure a butt into their clothing so the clothes will rip if I even try. I ruined two skirts so far.

lol thanks for the laugh at least

>wanting to remove the reason half of world consider her as attractive
Please stop this
and go get yourself a ass boyfriend.

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Hi, if you're genetically pear shaped like I am, you're stuffed. Unless you want to be anorexic and even then after 30 it's like every single fat cell is empty except for the ones on your butt. Best thing I can suggest is to not sit down if you can help it. Applying constant pressure to the fat cells on your ass via sitting causes those fat cells to stiffen. You can look that up.
On the plus side, pear shaped ladies have an easy time giving birth.

I did have bdd complex over my face before but I've always been well put together in the booty. And all my bfs have been ass and tits men.

I just want to wear a fucking miniskirt again!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is reading this correctly.
Screw it I'm out. Let this die.

exercise and a diet change is really the only thing that will do it outside of surgery.

stuff a gerbil up there, it will slowly munch it down to a size you like

Just get them a size up and have them tailored, or learn how to do it yourself. It's incredibly easy with skirts.

Lose weight, try dieting options, i suggest the keto diet for a few months see if that works, just get rid of fat basically and your butt will be smaller along with the rest of your body, its not possible to lose weight in particular areas sadley


>thin white girl
>Giant ass

Let me give that ass the love it deserves

calories in calories out
spot reduction is a myth
Jow Forums 101 why are you even asking this here you stupid whore

Most you can do is not wear tight clothes so it isnt noticeable, i wouldnt diet like the other people are recommending

it should be a crime to do that girl you are blessed

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Just put on miniskirt and let your GIGANTIC ASS to peek freely underneath it :-)

You cannot change your body, but if clothes fitting is the issue you can start getting things tailored. Buy clothing large enough to fit your butt and have it taken in.

As 2 minutes in the Jow Forums sticky will tell you it's impossible to target certain areas for weight loss. Where you store your weight is genetic. You only have control of your overall body fat percentage, but where your body throws that fat is entirely up to your body.
The only way to remove fat cells from a certain part of your body is surgery.

>humble brag

if that picture is accurate you got a good butt
get better fitting clothes
mini skirts were meant for butts like that