If you're here and asking how to get a gf, or lamenting cause you can't get one.
Well, you never will. Chances are, you're past the point of no return. Give up.

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That smugness compels me to give up

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Ah, the old 'crab mentality' buzzword.
We both know that's bullshit when it comes to this place, anyone that's here and asking how to get his first gf at 25 is basically done.

Finally, someone says what this board needs to hear.

You know what, no. Fuck you. I will get a girlfriend, not just any girlfriend somebody i will love and will love me.

It might be even an user who is on this board, or maybe i am yet to meet. But no, i am not giving up, i will not..

That's a nice mentality to have.
Are you a shut-in by any chance?
No shut-in's hopes survive contact with the real world.

I can easily get a gf, I just want a gf that's better than what I can easily get.

Nope, i am just a shy dude when it comes to girls. Other than that i am quite a social dude..

People call me sympathetic, cute and funny..

'Cute' used for guys, means 'non-threatening guy I would never fuck' in femalespeak.

Cute was used by another guy for me.

Girls just tell me i am kind and nice, which are not better really i know. But i aint giving up, just to prove OP wrong..

That really depends on the context in which it's used, as girls also use cute too refer to guys they find attractive, but in this case I think you're right.

I don't accept defeat. If I can't earn a girlfriend the normal way then I will take one by force.

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This thread seems like an appropriate place to rant.
I wish I had never taken the "red pill". It does much more harm than good for most people. I suppose for some they start to only seem women as fuck toys, but that's a best case scenario.
I would have rather gone through rejection after rejection learning what some girls like and don't like rather than listening to some dumb shit on r9k.
And yet, I'm still here but things are taking a turn for the better. I'm becoming slightly more confident in myself bit by bit and I look forward to the future.
All I have to complain about is the past that I think I wasted due to the idea that all women are basically carbon copies of each other.
Don't let it fool you. Don't let this smug animeposter fool you. Keep going, anons.

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>calls crab mentality “bullshit”
>immediately resorts to crab mentality
goddamn this place is terrible

My boyfriend is cute af and I love it when her fucks me. I'm so tired of men chatting shit about things they don't understand.

I got a gf at 16 but it lasted only a few months and I couldn't get another since, and I'm 20 now. What do


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20 isn't past the point of no return.
Self improvement and proper social interaction and you might get there.
If you still have no romantic experience at all by 23, then you're done though, no female wants to 'teach the ropes' of adult relationships to a manchild.

People never lose the potential to peak; some people hit max potential in their elder years and enjoy it immensely.

This sounds like textbook projection

Potential to peak, sure.
But doesn't change the fact that no female will want to deal with teaching how to be in a relationship to some 20-something loser who spent most of his youth wanking it to anime.

Its not true I only come here to start state how much I want to die