A fiend of mine implied i'm a shitty person because im dating a 19 yr old girt being 25 myself

A fiend of mine implied i'm a shitty person because im dating a 19 yr old girt being 25 myself.
is that really so?

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No. I'm 32 and fucked a 19 year old around Christmas last year. Ensure you're safe and legal and tell your friend to piss off.

I don't like men well into adulthood dating teenagers.
It's not illegal, so go ahead if you wish I guess, but I think it is kind of disgusting.

Yeah, he's probably a jealous fuck. Male or female, doesn't matter either way. If it's a dude, he's mad he couldn't get some young pucc himself. If it's a girl, she's mad you find younger girls attractive

no, in my opinion

if it fits in the /2+7 then its fine
your friend is jealous.

>still on Jow Forums
>sex with young women because old women ignore him

I get the point of fucking teenage girls (as long as they're over 18, I guess it's fine).
But really a grown man who dates a teenager is just... cringey.

In all its seriousness, maybe that's not bad? After all, user was with someone of similar emotional experience.

That's a fairly small gap honestly.
Most people are focused on being a few years apart, but if the both of you really love each other, it really isn't that much of a problem.
That being said I'm in kind of a more dubious predicament.
I just turned thirty, but I'm in a weird relationship with a 19 year old and it could go anywhere

It's not the age gap itself. If OP was 32 and he was dating a 26 year old, I wouldn't think it is a huge issue.
But a 25 year old is at a completely different point in life than a 19 year old. The younger one might get involved in things that she's not ready for because her partner is.
For example, two 19-20 years old aren't likely to move in together or have children willingly, but a 26 year old might want to do those things. A 25 year old has much more money than a 19 year old, which puts him in a position of power over them in case they move in together.
It's just an uncomfortable situation unless they are exceptionally different from the average person at that age.

It's fine.
Unless you don't want kids, you want someone that age.
Your kids will have a higher chance of being healthy, and if you already have your career going, they'll be more financially stable in the long run and happy with you

There are no problems with having children with women in their 20s.
Age gaps and financial gaps correlate to higher divorce rates.

why would a man even consider old women if he has access to young women?

I love it when men go for much younger women because it removes the retarded men from the dating pool. I wouldn't want to date a guy who primarily thinks with his dick and likes to take advantage of someone weaker and much less experienced.

When I was 24, I met a 34 year old guy and we really clicked. Really great conversations and everything. I was very into him.
Till I found out that his ex girlfriend was a year older than me. Started dating her when she was 18.
I was creeped out to a degree that I can't put into words and dropped him immediately.

Guys who ROUTINELY go for young girls are creepy as fuck.

He's jealous

Being late 20s or older and routinely pursuing teenage women specifically is probably a sign of borderline pedophilia. You are attracted to teenage bodies and the idea of youth, but not quite far enough to risk actually going the full hog and fucking a girl under the age of 18. So you go for the legally acceptable option

>I love it when men go for much younger women because it removes the retarded men from the dating pool.
you were never in their pool in the first place

>likes to take advantage of someone weaker and much less experienced.
age does not imply wisdom, intelligence or strength. also women mature much earlier than men. your value only decreases from there

Jesus, you're fucking retarded. Learn the definition of pedophilia first.

>also women mature much earlier than men.
No, they don't. According to developmental psychologists, one-two year earlier tops, and men catch up by the time they turn 20.
A 19 year old is not at the same maturity level of a 25

Weak bait written by a 24 year old bitter virgin male.

Nope. 25 year old girl now. Dating a guy who is a couple of years older than me.

Men who consistently date women a lot younger than them are creepy as fuck.

>b-b-but muh ephebophilia!

This isn't the Victorian era anymore son. Once upon a time every 15 year old girl was married off to a lecherous 30 year old to pump out several babies, but civilization has moved on.

If you feel offended by this then perhaps it's because deep down you feel uncomfortable with your sexuality and realize that there's something rather wrong with a fully grown 30+ man having sex with someone just out of high school.

I love it when women cope this hard. You had your youth and wasted it. There is absolutely no reason to prefer an older women who's had more time to fail at life you dumb thot.

So it was okay that he is dating you but you got buttmad his ex was also the same age? You are not making any sense.

38 year old here dating a 23 year old. Sure some assholes think badly of it but who needs such shitty people anyway.

You were 15 when your girlfriend was a newborn.

I got creeped out because he looked for younger girls to date. I wouldn't mind if we just happened to meet and he liked me despite the age gap (which was my case), but the fact that he went for much younger girls multiple times means he has a type and I don't want to be with a man who has "young girls" as a type.
If we were the same age and I knew he dated a girl much younger in the past, I'd feel the same.

What cope? Guys love older women, mommys and milfs. It's as popular as teenage content online. There is no cope. Guys who go for very young women usually do this because they only think with their dick or because they are dumb / weak and need an inexperienced, naive girl to control. A mature, good quality man wants an equal.

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>desiring sex with the most fertile females is wrong!
>women fucking as many attractive guys is good!
Just admit that only women are allowed what they want

Having sex with teenagers as an adult is wrong, no matter what gender you are.
Having sex with people your age or adults anyway isn't wrong, no matter what gender you are.

>is wrong

>a fetish is the same as real life
It's just a fantasy for men, nothing else.

Men want women for sex, companionship, and raising their kids. No guy gives a shit about your dumb life experience. Although anecdotal I've noticed absolutely no mentality difference between young and old women, in fact older women are usually crazier.

You're uglier, have less time to be fertile, probably has a bunch of casual sex to add to the baggage and worsen your commitment.

You have nothing to provide over a young girl. I'm 23 and after college girls are even fucking worse somehow and their looks fade fast. By 30 your a shell of your former self.

Yes, and?

She's still zero years old!?!?

How do you know this? Maybe he also just dated her by coincidence. Either way he dodged a bullet. You sound like you would be a horrible bitchy gf. You'll need to settle for desperate bottom tier males because no man with any self respect would want you.

We're going to make it my 30+ bros

Teenagers aren't grown up physically, cognitively and emotionally and don't have the capabilities to consent to sex.
An adult who has sex with them is taking advantage of their weakness, and that's disgusting.

What if I boned your retarded mother though?

>implying "mature" women have the capacity to be prudent and consent
While I'm not saying men should rape children, there is very little cognitive difference between a 13 year old female and a 30 year old one

I'm sure he kept dating girls 10 years younger than him by chance. It's something that just happens to people all the time.

>You sound like you would be a horrible bitchy gf.
I'm a pretty neat girlfriend, and my boyfriend is pretty amazing - looks great, very intelligent, successful, great person.

>dates people because of preferences
>when her ex does, it's bad
You're allowed to make judgements, but you're acting the same way as your ex.

And he is cheating on you and will dump you because if he is intelligent he won't tolerate your constant bitching and hissy fits.

If my mother was retarded, then she wouldn't be able to consent and that'd be wrong too.

There's an enormous difference between a 13 year old girl and a 30 year old woman, physically, cognitively and emotionally.
Higher functions that involve judgement, planning, impulse control and reasoning aren't fully developed till early to mid 20s.

I'd like to know more about your relationship. Sounds like at least one of you is disingenuous vermin, and I love hearing stories.

If you want children you have to factor in how many prime breeding years she has left. It is ideal for women to have children in their 20s. People into "mature" women just want to be babied by a mommy figure.

Not all preferences are equal. If my preference was "rich men" and I routinely dated men who made 100k $/ year, I don't think my boyfriend would date me either.
His preference was "very young girls" and I don't think it is adequate either.

He's not. I never bitch or throw hissy fits, as I said I'm a pretty neat girlfriend.
I just dumped a guy because I found out something about him I didn't like.

The cognitive difference is that older women realized they ran out of time hooking up with tons of guys so they settle down.

You and I both know that's not true. There are so few women capable of being responsible that it's dumb to say consent magically is possible at some point. Some surely can consent, but for others, they are never able to consent.
If what you say is true, then when does consent become possible? Can consent only happen after she's 25? 27? Is there a test all people can take to prove they can consent? I doubt it. It's better to just let nature do the talking, and let people fuck who they want.

>It's just a fantasy for men, nothing else.
And teens aren't? I know from experience that this isn't true because my older female relatives still get a lot of male attention. Much more than my old male relatives for sure.

I don't care what some dumb pervert like you thinks or wants. I know that mature, good quality men are into equals and don't need to think with their penis or go for naive, easy people like you loser.

All preferences are equal, but some carry different weights in *your* head

A relationship is more than maxxing out best breeding times. If that was the case I would only go for 6'4 men with a giant dick and high iq to get the best genetic for the babies.

You are a tranny, you can't have babies.

Sounds like he's jealous. I mean I assume your relationship hasn't got any weird manipulation to it and she's not retarded right? Then it's fine, it's only a 6 year gap.

Hell, when I was 20 I dated a man 11 years older than me and it wasn't weird or wrong, we didn't even think about the age gap

And no one except the weak would complain at your reasonable preference. There's a reason certain attractions are more common

Every man on Jow Forums cries when women say they only want very tall guys with 8 inch dicks and great job.

You're retarded.

It is true. It's literally basic neuroscience that you learn after a week of taking any biomedical university degree.
And there's a difference between two teenagers having sex with each other, and an adult having sex with a teenager. An adult is taking advantage of the teenager weakness, teenagers are just being stupid with each other.
16 is a fine age to start giving consent, but I'd argue that till 21 you shouldn't have sex with men or women much older than you. I look down on fully grown ass men or women who have sex with teenagers because teenagers are stupid and you're taking advantage of them.

I'm fucking 23 so I'm not sure going for 20 year olds makes me a pervert.
And obviously they get attention, every female gets attention because most men are thirsty as fuck. My point still stands that you have nothing more to offer than a young girl. Give me a single good reason I'd want someone who's uglier, less fertile, has more partners(there are exceptions), have less time to date because their clock is ticking, and likely have tons of baggage/failed relationships under their belt?

All you do is say that these supposed good men like women their age but give no reason. Most likely it's because they either have no other options or fear social alienation.

>comparing the maturity and intelligence of 29 year old with a 19

Are you retarded?

No, they aren't all equal. If your preferences hurt others or exploit others, they aren't as good as "I like brunettes".

Well, I'm glad consent is written into the fabric of reality. It's a good thing it exists as a tangible thing and is easily qualified.

In your head, as well as much of society's, sure. But there is no intrinsic "better" to one preference over another

What's the difference then? As far as I can tell in practice they both make the same stupid decisions?

Go ahead and explain the difference, my little pea brain cant comprehend your response.

It's not something tangible.
If enough people had the same opinion as me, you could change the law and 30 years old wouldn't be able to fuck teenagers.

You're right. Luckily that's not the case.

A 19 year old is generally much more gullible, childish and less intelligent than the same 29 year old.

A 19 year old isn't fully cognitively developed. A 29 year old is.
It is far more likely for a 19 year old to make stupid ass decisions than it is for a 29 year old.

He's jelous cause the pussy he gets is loose

Fingers crossed. Adults who fuck teenagers are gross, I hope we get rid of you.

I mean, sure. Nothing is "right" or "wrong" intrinsically.

It's funny, because a 29 will have made the same dumb ass decision as the 19 year to put off childbearing for a couple more years

The further civilization moves from nature, the harder it will be for everyone. I hope the grave you dig is enjoyable

Depending on the circumstances, it might be a good idea.
Infertility levels raise after 35, so if you're not in a financial or romantic situation that allows you to have children it's better to wait it out.
At 19, for example, or even at 21, it's almost always a terrible idea to have children. 23-24 is probably the lowest you should start thinking about it.

>The further civilization moves from nature, the harder it will be for everyone.
He typed furiously over his laptop, from the comfort of his house, with his fridge full of food he didn't look for, heating and electricity.

If they're younger you can still prevent them from making bad decisions.
Older women usually already embody the consequences of their past mistakes like substance abuse and casual sex.

I'll admit that there is a minority of women who improve mentally over time and I'd even date them if they were a bit older, but they are the exception to the rule. And even then you'd much rather have that girl earlier than later since they will end up similarly but with more time and a prettier face.

I'm not saying that 100% of girls plummet but in general there's no good reason to pick them. Life experience is usually not a pro for women.

>implying I'm happy

Don't listen to your friend or these seething old hags in this thread.
I prefer younger girls too since they are more fun to hang around with and aren't as bitter as girls in their 20s/30s, plus their youthful looks before they ruin it by partying and hook-ups.

This alone doesn't make you a shitty person. But it could have been the straw that broke the camels back.

Nah, this is cope material. Young women make the best mothers. It's society that makes it difficult for them for no reason.

You're not the one who should stop them from making bad decisions. Her parents are there.
You're the bad decision for her.

The rest is baseless junk. Almost all people (unless they suffer from brain damage) develop higher brain functions as they grow up. Life experience is good for everybody.

I think the only way to solve this problem is to not allow people to consent to anything. All choices should be made for them.

>Implying your dumb ass would be happy in the savanna's of Africa, with no food, water, or shelter, other than what you could cobble together. Constantly worrying about whether or not you're going to starve and whether or not some random guy might murder you with no repercussions

Then go live in the woods and kill animals with rocks, no one is stopping you.

They literally don't.
If you're under 21, you're far more likely than have complications at birth than if you're in your 20s.
If you're under 21, you're more likely to have children outside of the wedlock, to divorce the father of your children, to cheat on your partner.
If you're under 21, you're more likely to be poor and uneducated (which means you'll stay poor), hence offering worse quality of life to your children.

All of this old woman cope lmao

Young women are superior in every way. Get over it.
You had your time in your prime, You have no justifiable reason to be so jealous.

That's what we do with people till they're 18.
But we are saying that after their 18th birthday they magically turn into fully grown individuals capable of making all decisions for themselves, or that it is good that a man whose only interest is to fuck a pretty girl makes decisions for them instead of her parents, who have their best interests in mind in most cases.

I never had any issue finding a man willing to date me, at any age. I'm engaged.
I thought grown men who went after teenagers were gross when I was a teenager, too.

Like I said, I'm 23 and actually waiting for marriage to have sex(catholic). I'm definitely not a bad decision and would never in my life pressure a girl into something bad for her.
I could almost agree with you but women today don't live with their parents when they go to college and party it up. Parents are failing their daughters. At least a young girl I can try to make up for her parents neglect, with an older one likely the damage is already done.

It depends on what you mean by life experience. I cant count how often women say they want to find themselves in college. I had to leave my first gf because of that stupidity.

In the majority of cases women make bad choices, look at obesity rates for instance. Sure there are women who take care of themselves but most get fat. The same applies to other aspects of life. You may not like it but you're addressing the exception. I don't mind an older girl who hasn't made stupid decisions and takes care of herself, but realistically it's much harder to find than a young girl.

For every retard on this thread talking about teenagers being the best age for giving birth, take a look at this maternal mortality rate and stop being idiots


You will clearly note that 15-19 has higher mortality rates than 20-24

Yeah, that's the only alternative.
But they are stopping me 1) because nature is too taxed to reliably support me as well as the 7 billion other people who constantly exploit it and 2) because it's essentially illegal to do so (muh private property).
Couldn't have the goyim running off the plantation, now could we?
Regardless, I'd rather stick around and find like minded people who are either willing to hand out in the woods OR who are willing to try and destroy this evil system. I'm leaning towards the latter, which is why Im still here, wasting some time in the meantime

Why would guys want to fuck pretty girls? What could possibly possess them to seek the most fertile and attractive women in existence? I'm failing to see how an educated woman who "found herself" for a decade is less attractive than the latter

>I really hate the comfort of modern living but I take advantage of it

Yeah, I'm convinced user. You're like a rapist who talks about how rape culture is wrong while he has his dick into his victim.

There's nothing hypocritical about using your enemy's weapons against them.

You're sitting on your ass shitposting, not destroying western society you fucker.

>implying they can't be done at the same time
There is a ton of time for me to achieve or work towards my goal. I don't have to dedicate myself to bringing it about 100% of my waking hours. Even so, I'm doing something right now by triggering you fuckers

I can see why a guy would want to fuck a teenage girl, I don't understand why he would actually go and do it if he's a decent human being since he should know it is bad for her.

And dating a woman your age, who is on a similar level of maturity, is better than dating a teenager.

Dating a woman much younger than you (in your case, a 15-16 year old) puts you in a position of power over her.
>At least a young girl I can try to make up for her parents neglect
You even say that you'd like to be in a position of power over her, like a parent or a guardian, and guide her away from her own path to fit into what you think is best for her.
You're effectively manipulating and exploiting a young girl.

Do you think you're Ted Ka-fuckspelling's long lost comrade because you shitpost on Jow Forums's advice board?

Why would women want to get pregnant by 6'3 + guys with 8 inch dicks and bank accounts? What could possibly possess them to seek the best DNA and security for their offspring?

Same logic.

women are useless after 35.

You're at the same level as an animal activist who is vegan 40 hours a week. An hypocritical, stupid fucker.

No, but I wonder if you're Jesus's long lost comrade because you debate about morality on 4channel's advice board. I'm having fun while I work on other things