I am going for a date with syrian qt...

I am going for a date with syrian qt. The problem is that she is typical grey mouse and I need to put an effort to make her talk. What to talk about with grey mouses?
> Can't ask about her hometown because there is a war there.
> She has no clue about western stuff so talking about netflix etc. will be my monolog only

She only cooks for her parents and paints. That's all I know

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Talk about tv series.

Talk about latest burka trends, assad, ask if she still has a clit,

strike up a convo about explosives, or spousal abuse. Syrians love that.

Talk about what she wants in life, her intrests, music, food. Ask her questions about her.
Every first date should be a sort of soft quiz to get to know each other.

How do you know she has no clue about western stuff?

Play people-watching. Sit someplace public and make up stories for people who pass. It's a great ice-breaker, and leads to you developing private jokes

OP is probably a race mixing cuck. Don't indulge him.

Leave her alone. Your cultures are too different for it to work, it can't end well.

The world needs babies anyway, and middle eastern women raise kids like crops.

Mixed kids are a mess. They spend their youth wondering about who they are, they can't fit anywhere and it fucks them up. I've seen it way too many times. The world doesn't need babies. The West needs western babies, the Middle East needs Middle Eastern babies. Africa and Asia doesn't need babies at all.

All culture is a poison, race mixing will save humanity as science becomes the only belief system as it's universal and not tied to race.

I know a Christian/Muslim couple. They're about to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I suppose I had better warn them that it can't last

Not to be rude, but people like you deserve death. Diversity across nations is how humanity has survived. While Europe was at its lowest, the Chinese and the Arabs were peaking and kept the knowledge that would later rebuild Europe. Cultures learn from each other while still staying separate so that once one of them dies, the others are still there.

What you faggots propose is to have one worldwide culture. Its already happening. Go to any African country, what you will see is some kind of absurd parody of Europe, and it gets worse every year. One culture means one group of people control how the entire world works, rather than a single country, and you pieces of shit willfully accept it.

Nothing against you personally, since I think you're just stupid and naive, but your kind deserves death.

Maybe in whatever downtrodden flyover state you live in. Here in Cali, we’re all mixed one way or another, and fitting in/being well adjusted is just a matter of having parents that share both cultures with you.

That's cool for them. They're probably not very religious, since usually Muslims who follow the faith can't marry non-muslims. The fact that something isn't desirable doesn't mean it can't happen.

Syrians are pretty secular as far a muslims go.

the world is a terrible place you bluepill, boys being indoctrinated to being girls and people being hararssed for being straight. A mixed race muzzy mutt would be accepted by nobody.

Anecdotal BS

It'll kill it, as once everyone is the same nobody will be different. No culture, no nothing. Besides we'd have every races disorders and such so it'd be a net loss. You can't speak of science with room temp IQ.

In cali you're getting taxed for bs and tons of places are shit to live in. You live in a fantasy land that doesn't exist.

No, they're the worst. Kill them all.

You were based until you said Syrians are the worst. They're some of coolest people I've ever met, their culture is old and profound, their customs are really cool. Overall great people (not talking about the refugees in Europe, I mean actual Syrians).

>Can't ask about her hometown because there is a war there.
I'd say you totally can, if you're actually interested. I wouldn't bring it up as a random chat, like "oh yeah, how 'bout that war, hmm?". I've met 2 syrian sisters, who left Aleppo, when that whole shit started. And asked them about it, because I was interested in local regular people's views and opinions about it.
Also met a Libyan woman, who escaped the country during the Arabic Spring (apparently, you couldn't leave the country before, without a male companion, i.e. a husband, or brother).
And recently I talked to a Ukrainian girl from the suburbs of Donetsk (the russian separatist city/region) about what's happening there, my gf kicked me under the table, but the girl didn't seem to mind (neither did any of the others).
But, disclaimer, I also could just be autistic and not notice their discomfort.

The world needs more local babies, not cousin-marrying invaders who are raised with a violent dogma written by a pedophile telling them to throw gays off buildings, throw acid at women and kill men who doesn't share the same crackpot skyfather theory.

>tips fedora

hahaha these muslims sure are bad my fellow right-winger ! hail jordan peterson ! MIGA

> hooks up with a girl that doesn't talk and knows how to cook
> wants her to talk more
How dumb are you user?

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If you are american maybe, it seems like its so important for you people to be part german or 1/8 italian or some random bullshit, literally never heard anyone talk about these things irl in my yurop shithole except maybe with mild curiosity

>grey mouse

>She only cooks for her parents and paints


I have imperial fetish and I fuck foreign women only. Usually I was going for meditarrean qts that were dynamic and it is the first time I invited grey mouse. For me it is a new situation and I am driving without seat belts

I'm not American. And by mixed I mean things like completely different cultures mixed together, not a German marrying someone from France, those are close enough so it doesn't cause many problems

Sorry I had to go out for family reasons.

I meant she was a Syrian that migrated here, I'm a western born Pakistani male.

Because she's only been in the country for a year and a half.

>Race mixing
We're both brown so that's hardly the case, don't worry whitey your race is safe.

Upbringing is different, our religion is the same.


Are you retarded?

>Are you retarded?
n0, you

>grey mouse
ok i looked it up, fine

I'm not surprised you're a paki, your English in your OP was fucking terrible.

Either way, you're certainly not white judging on how you can't speak English correctly.

>She only cooks for her parents and she paints

Ah you're a Paki. Go for it then, Syrians are great people. You could ask her about her hometown without talking about the war. Just memories she has from there, her childhood, stuff like that. You can ask her what are her interests and build from there. She paints, so ask her to show you her paintings. That can turn into a date if you're smooth. Good luck

"you people" define that.

You're a cuck and a race traitor, don't larp as some chad.

Oh look a redditor
>uses a outdated meme out of context
I mean, look a bluepilled redditor. Syrians are the worst, they spiked the rise in gang rapes and they kill gays. Ironic a faggot like you defends people who'd lob your head off with a machete. I hate you to, I hope you swallow glass and bleed. Guess they are kinda based, as long as they dislike people like you I hate them an ounce less.

You sound angry. Get off Jow Forums for a while, this shit isn't healthy. Literally everything you said about Syrians sounds taken directly from a Ben Shapiro video or a Jow Forums post

ain't that more a north african thing?

North Africans are usually chill about religion, it's the Middle East that has the fundamentalists

No, I mean cliterectomies, which Chrome swears I'm spelling incorrectly.

Oh ok. Well I'm from Algeria and I've never heard of it happening. Maybe it happens in the poor uneducated parts, idk

I don't go to POL only a retard believes those stupid conspiracies. And why would someone from POL listen to a jew? You're a bluepill lol.

I meant americans, its very odd for me when people make muh heritage part of their personality instead of identifying as americans but what says is a good point too, when very different cultures mix its a bit different than what I was describing

Syria is in the middle east you retarded nigger. If you're that bluepill user it's ironic you call me a hateful poltard when you don't even know the geographic location you love so much.

Then it's impressive that you managed to become so angry without Jow Forums's help. Let me change my advice then : get away from the Internet for a while. Care about your life and the people around you instead of obsessing over people on the other side of the planet.

Yes I know, I was saying that North Africa doesn't have much fundamentalists, while the Middle East (mostly Iran and Saudi Arabia) does

I exist beyond human comprehension and physically melded my being into the internet. Also who you are to assume my location? I could be in Africa for all you know baka. And north africa has egyptians which could be sikh or that fundamentalist islam so I dunno bruh.

>Autistic Jow Forums users get mad because some paki asked how to deal with a date with a Syrian immigrant
Get a hobby

If she's new to your culture you can introduce her to it. She'll probably start to open up when she feels more comfortable in her new environment. People do that too.

online right-wing proselytizing and propagandizing is their hobby, user.

>"you people" define that.

he probably meant that you are a xenophobic nationalist or something. what do you think it means?

How do I meet a middle eastern qt as a german white guy?

Don't. Meet a german girl.

I've dated a Syrian girl before
She was perfect but it didn't work out because I'm an atheist and she's a Muslim
Ask her about her favorite American movies and TV shows
My ex used to watch them alot
They actually love American entertainment and it's quite popular there
Syrian girls are quite nationalists
Try to learn somethings about Syria and show that you are interested to learn more about it
Don't be overly touchy at all
They aren't as comfortable with that as western girls.

OP was likely to be a white dude as this site is aimed at white guys. So don't act high and mighty, plenty of cucks roam this site and I imagine you make threads like this often.

I bet if someone ranked your vocabulary you'd have said right-wing a unfathomable amount of times. I bet your soi-filled ass gets upset seeing someone walk away from the status quo. If you want to suck off brown dick go to reddit, oh who am I kidding you likely go there often.


Considering a lot of middle east people mainly muslims despise chrirstians, you're a SJW blinded by your fantasy land.

Science damn you time child!

Not all cultures are equal.
But it would be a shame if they simply went extinct rather than adapting into a better version of what they are now.
A couple of centres of multiculturalism is perfectly fine, we don't need a global culture.
Only to secure the existence of our own, provided of course that you're not violating any human rights.

words spoken by every soiboi.

truly the most pointless post to ever have been posted

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That does not answer my question

That's not a soiboi perspective. Stop being a memelord.

memelord? bro you want globalism, grade A top tier cuck logic.

Syria isn't really that religious
The South is
Damascus city isn't at all
The alawits are based
They hate sunni Muslims and they love Christians because both of them are oppressed by the sunnis so they can relate to each other
I lived in Tartus for 2 years i know what I'm talking about
Most people I've met know Game of thrones, breaking bad, House, the wire, HIMYM, Friends, the Simpsons, family guy
Alot of young people know these shows
Not every middle eastern country is like Saudi Arabia or Iran