Advice for young males

Commit suicide. Life isn't getting any better and if you're already depressed, all I can say is things will only get worse. Women don't want you, your family is disappointed in you, but above all you yourself know you are worthless. It's okay though, that's why suicide is an option. You don't have to endure the embarrassing moments of other males mocking you for you lack of success with women and with life in general. Hell, even women mock you for having no sex and having a small dick. It's ok, you don't have to see them ever again. The future looks bleaker and bleaker by the day, I know you see it too. Take the time to really contemplate what you actually want to do with your life, you'll see that no matter how much you accomplish you will still be the failure you've been in your early life. I cannot stress enough that no one actually cares about you. The love you want from women doesn't exist! Please just kill yourself. Make it violent and messy. Please, if enough of you lads do this, things might actually change for the future generations of young men. Sacrifice yourself!

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It's already fine it's just you who overcomplicates things

You first

It's your ego trying to save yourself. But there's nothing to save, how do you not realize that? You've let men and women walk all over you your entire life, what left do you have to lose? Everyone takes from you, why do you still want to be around those people?

You too

t. butthurt foid who probably got dumped by her incel bf

lol whore. you kys

I'll see for myself. Why the rush? And how exactly would it help future generations? And why would I give a fuck about future generations?

I have a ton of respect and admiration for you young guys. You know life is going to suck and your going to be alone but you still say fuck it and choose to live. Fuck yeah! That's what it means to be a man!

Don't forget has a bunch of information about how to kill yourself and gives you plenty of information about the type of suicide that's best for you.

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Lmao is that real ? I would check myself but I don't want suicide prevention ads following me around the internet

How did I overcomplicate things fren? We all know suicide is peaceful nothingness don't we? Unless you like pain? You're not a dirty masochist are you user?

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I'm not worthless. The world is mine. This time and place were given to me to learn and see. If the most happiness I can find is bumming in San Francisco, then I'll gladly burn my life away on that beach. But, I'm doing things now. I'm doing so much more than what I did before. I can influence others and grow from those interactions.
Women don't seem happy either, so I know there's at least some chick out there that I can steal from a miserable life.

On the contrary.

Your teen years are absolutely the worst years of your life. It can only get better

No user, leave the dirty Cali whores to their miserable fate and get a foreign bride.

Oh there's an idea. Those Asian chicks probably want out of their stuffy fuck families.
I'd try to opt for gene selection though. Try to get a markiplier instead of an Elliott Rodger.


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Please don't push your masochistic fantasies onto others.

As much as I hate to admit, you're probably right. I just don't have the means right now. I hate waking up and having to go through the same routine just to be alone at the end. I need a gun though if I am going to end it.

I'm against his trash advice but honestly how can you "not have the means" to die? There are so many easy ways that's just such a bizarre statement.

Actually O.P. suicide plays right into the (((elites))) hopes and dreams.
a counter action is to exsist, take and use resources, be a witness to the shittyness, leave less for the replacement hoardes.
take up space, live in their minds rent free, be adversity, just be there.
give up on future and hope ... sure, just dont give a fuck and keep goin to spite it all.

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Coping. Or he's thoroughly retarded.
Thousand percent chance there's at least one unguarded drop within a days journey of you that is deep enough to guarantee death.

the casualty should go death by cop, by killing the politicians that social engineered this bullshit in the first place.

The elite has already won though. Why should I even give a fuck about preserving my race if I've been neglected and abused my whole life by my own people? If anything, I'll help (((them))) on purpose.

The nice thing about an ego is that you can actually discard it. Too many people cling to that imagination fiercely. Its convenient for record keeping, both in personal and professional activities, but its hardly any more constant than someone's clothing.

not asking you to breed and fight back againts (((them))).
or take any side.
just consume and live as a mindless eater.
be the parasite, who cares about the drama, LET IT GO, its not YOU.
just BE.
witness it all, remember the abusers and the manipulators and just let them know you know and your still there.
take some air from them, anything.

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what the fuck are you talking about? Lacking the mental strength to kill yourself isn't necessarily admirable.
>That's what it means to be a man!
woman detected.

Way ahead of you, OP. I'm perfectly aware of everything you said. As soon as I work up the guts to do it, I'm gone.

Asian women are at least as shit as Western women, if not worse.
Russian and Eastern European are the best for wives and girlfriends.

Edit: Except for the shit about future generations.

No it would make my mom so sad. I cant put her through that

I know I just wish I had the willpower to do it

>Good job in a career with growth
>Have gf and track record of healthy relationships with women
>Have other income streams that don’t tax my time
>Solid health / habits (sans dude weed lmao)
>Good relationship with immediate family
>Small but tight social circle even after deleting all social media

I don’t know I still have a lot of gas in me, OP. Killing myself would be kinda retarded and a big waste.

but what if you've already gotten rid of all of those people? What if you had your self esteem ruined growing up as the fat kid in the 90s, now you lift weights and you're in shape but you hate people so you don't make any effort to socialize. You've got a decent paying job and your own place so you can spend your free time alone at home doing pretty much whatever you want. You can afford most of the things you want, a nice pc, tvs, cool musical instruments, even expensive sex toys if you want (and nobody will judge you because you never talk to anybody anyway). But you're tired of being alone and living the same rut all the time.

I don't know it is pretty arrogant to think you can just know that everything is hopeless and there is no good in the world. You don't really know a whole lot alone you are a very small being. The real egocentric idea is to inflate your ego so much you think you can just write off all existence as bad.

Listen OP the fate of the world and the entire universe is death. Everything in this world will eventually end there never was any "hope" in that sense. But you will not end the reality is that you are spirit/consciousness which is all there ever was or is and you will never disappear because you are eternal. This world is like a really long dream with ups and downs and torment and bliss. Just let go of your ego for a while and become in touch with spiritualism. Take the "gold-pill" and feel a connection with God. If you think this is a bunch of "bullshit" believe me the more you learn about science the more you understand reality is not materialist but idealist it is a world of ideas in a sea of consciousness.

He's right, men make all of the problems in this world. Us women would be much better leaders because we actually CARE about people.

Yeah, "he".

In my experience men and women are pretty equal when it comes to actually being empathetic. In fact I know more men that are empathetic than women. Many women are heartless materialistic whores. I'm not saying that all women are just that there are a lot out there.

This all may be true but if I kill myself I can't go hiking and take acid anymore

Death is worthless. We exist because of reason. If i will kill myself my existence wont end. Oh god i wish it would end. But since we are all right now experiencing life and existence then it means that non-existence is impossible and straight out illogical.

We are riding on the waves of eternity. There is no end and no begining. We just are. Until the end of times.

That sounds nice but you can still be raped in your ass young man, will you still endure life I that happened?

You’re right I just don’t wanna die a virgin.
I’ll find some girl with a low enough self esteem to let me fuck her then drive to the middle of nowhere and end it there

Stfu self righteous normalfaggot

Dis tread be sad mon, all ya need is a littel herb for da mind bredda

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you don't care about anybody but yourselves