I constantly see young girls with guys my age. I'm trying so hard to understand why I can't get a guy to stick around...

I constantly see young girls with guys my age. I'm trying so hard to understand why I can't get a guy to stick around. Every guy at work, regardless of age, is taken. I used tinder and of course got no where. Online dating only gets me ONS and short flings. What the fuck can I do? Why was I told to go to college? To "find myself"? I'm 28 and unhappier than I've ever been, even though I have a steady well-paying job and few bills. I spent several summers abroad and feel so empty now. Some days I want kids, other days I just want to die.
Should I buy a gun and end myself? Life is an unrewarding chore at this point

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Welcome to the societies lie to women. You cant get everything like promised in the ads and op eds..

But lets talk real. Are you fat? Are you advanced in your career? Are you ugly? Do you have a man face?

Why do you think you cant get guhs to stick around?

No, pretty trim. I don't work out, but bouts of meme depression have kept me from eating for days on end occasionally and my weight is down
I'm just a generic office assistant at a medium sized law firm. I answer and direct phone calls, mostly, but deal with people directly and get paper work. I have an unrelated degree, of course, in creative writing
I don't think so. I don't think it'd be possible to hook up as much as I'm able if I wasn't at least a little attractive. Same with man face.
>stick around
I'm guessing because I spent my happiest years jumping from guy to guy, and now I work and am consumed by buying useless shit and working. I'm lame but have no desire to do anything but get my youth back

Anonette it's tough dating when you're older but 28 is still young. I met my last bf when I was 27 and we really clicked. Just have fun but be very selective.
For women dating is sifting through all the guys trying to trick you so they can get laid to find the guys that actually are interested in you as a person. They seem to get craftier as they get older.
For example, guys don't get matches on dating sites so they lie to keep talking with you. You've got to learn how to sniff out bs.
If you say you're only looking for something serious, and they say that they "are looking for something casual but it could become something serious with the right girl" run the other way. Only go for someone that's looking for something serious. Never let some guy put the onus of being the right girl on you.
If you do online dating, only respond to messages that talk about things on your profile. Never respond to the "Hi" or "Hey Beautiful" ones. Sometimes they come up with long messages that talk about connecting with something in your profile. If they don't actually say what they read in your profile they probably never read it. Most guys don't even look at your photos. They just swipe right on every woman.
Be wary of anyone that over flatters you. I don't know how many conversations I've had that are basically "You know you're so beautiful" or "I can't believe that you're over 21" (I'm 32, btw. Bit of a stretch isn't it?).
And you've got to take it super slow. Anyone can keep up a charade for a few dates, but two months? They'll start doing things like showing up late to dates. Not texting you back, or giving one word answers. You'll get the sense they actually think you're stupid and feel superior to you.
Drop anyone that's overly sexual. Some touching is fine, and maybe a frank discussion where you discuss preferences/likes/kinks is in order after the third date. If you ask them to back off and they keep pushing it dump them.

>Girls who are nearing the wall after riding the cock carousel for a decade, advising each other on how to lock down a beta provider before they hit their expiration date

Top kek
We don't want you anymore hunny

You fell for modern society's lies. I feel sorry for you honestly, I wish you were raised better. Good luck out there, you might end up finding a good guy if you keep searching.

I think that might just be it how you were hopping from guy to guy

T-thanks. I'm sorry bud. Don't rub it in, please? I realize I fucked up
Yeah, I haven't touched any dating shit a year. I go to bars occasionally with some work friends but everyone is sexual there, or guys are taken. Plus, I don't think a guy at a bar is going to be a great partner.
I guess I just want someone who can love me even with my misguided past. He doesn't have to be rich, or extremely handsome, or anything like that, but he has to love me. I don't know where to look and am going crazy
Too late to realize it. Suicide seems better than keeping this up
Yeah, me too. My actions had consequences I wasn't aware of, namely that guys don't particularly like whores

Guys are sex driven. Testosterone is no joke. Think of the horniest you have ever been, that's probably the baseline for most guys. You've got to be the one to set the pace and keep it very slow.
I've dated four guys since January and dumped all of them. The most I've done physically is one guy gave me a lips only peck. It's just a process.
Unfortunately you end up dating the guys that are willing to lie. I've had some encounters will really awesome guys that didn't match with me for specific lifestyle reasons. One guy specifically told me that he didn't want children (I do), that he thought I sounded really nice but he didn't want to waste my time. I've almost never encountered a guy that was considerate of what I wanted in the relationship. I think he was probably a really wonderful person but we just didn't match. I also met a nice guy at work that I had a real connection with but I think he's too young.
You've just got to put yourself out there like a guy has to. It's tiring but you won't be able to find someone sitting at home.

I am sorry femanon, but it just means that its your age at this point. Guys you would be attracted to are just going for you(but younger), so at this point it will only get tougher and tougher.

You might need to lower your standarts, or just get in new spaces that you haven't been to.

What are your hobbies? Do you go out to places except for bars ? Are you from europe or usa? If usa i suggest bumble? If europe something more in real life..

No, one thing I learned is that your life can always get worse. You could become a meth addict in addition of your problems, but you're not.

You can always repent. Reject this society that lied to you, embrace a traditional lifestyle (but don't lie about your past, be honest about it). Maybe become religious, it's good for changing your lifestyle. Better yourself and maybe your past mistakes will appear lighter if you have other qualities

Suicide would only conclude a failed life. You still have the chance to turn things around

I'm new England area. Hobbies have disappeared but I used to do outdoorsy stuff, mainly running and rock climbing. I was in a couple book clubs back in college, but that was so long ago and reading doesn't help me anymore. My destinations are work 5 days a week, the bar once a month, and then random coffee shops and places on the weekends sometimes.

My kids would come out retarded. I failed. I'd be dragging any religious (or just good) man down and I can't live with that thought

Hey sorry I didn't read any of your responses while I was typing my long one.
Don't feel bad about your past. Do you think guys worry about how many bananas they've eaten or dumps they've taken in their lives? Sex should be no different. As long as you are clean of stds and mentally you want a solid monogamous relationship the past doesn't matter.
Definitely don't go to bars. I'm sure it works out sometimes but I think most people are looking for hookups there.
I honestly think there's something really wrong with guys 27-37. They for the most part seem like massive dicks. I've been really hitting it off with guys 21-25, and 40+.
Maybe try dating a little older? There's a lot of awesome guys that are interested in you as a person at that age. A lot of the guys obsessed with how many partners you've had are very young and inexperienced. It seems like the norm here on the board but it really isn't.
I haven't tried dating younger but don't discount the possibility if you meet the right guy. I've seen it work out really well.

This is bait, right?
It has to be fake.

Well, i have news for you. You remember hopping on guys laps when you were in your early 20s?

Now is the time to go from cooking courses to dancing lessons yo gyms and to wherever. You need to keep meeting new people. You are lucky that you are a chick and if youact decently guys will approach to you.

But you need to put yourself out there, need to meet new people. People who wont know you were a thot, essentially it will be hard work. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

I dont really see another way, i am a 28 year old dude and i wont approach anybody romantically that i know for a long time at my age. So, this means new people at this point..

You're 28, you still have time for kids. However if you have kids, I hope you'll at least teach them to never make the same mistakes as you. As long as you break the cycle, you'll have done something good with your life.

About men, don't despair. You can change your ways, and you can offer things that men want. Learn to cook, learn to clean the house, learn how to take care of a househould. Most modern women can't do that and men need it. As long as you prove that you've changed and that you regret your past, I think you could find a good man if you try hard enough.

And we never wanted you to begin with.

Somewhat feels like that but alas i will respond if it isnt..

It's ok. No one understandably wants to deal with me. No, I don't think you can equate sex with banana eating. This is exactly the thinking that got me where I am. I have literally given myself (mentally and physically) to more guys than I can remember. Some stuck around longer, but I didn't (and don't) know what commitment involves. Older guys are fine, but even they aren't interested. I probably came off as some sort of gold-digging whore because I one am a whore and two was talking to older and wealthy men. All middle-class middle-aged men are either taken or disinterested in women. I can't blame them.

>This is exactly the thinking that got me where I am
> I have literally given myself (mentally and physically) to more guys than I can remember
> I didn't (and don't) know what commitment involves
> I can't blame them
Confirmed fake.
A woman would NEVER say this.
Hell, a woman couldn't understand that there is even a problem!!

It's so hard to do any of that. I cry at work sometimes and then come home and cry some more. Any tips to help getting to do things? I can't push myself anymore out of fear of messing up more. I also can't lie about my past, because my mannerisms give it away I guess
I would be the best mother I could be. But if they ever found out about my past, I'd probably have a breakdown

I know it's hard to believe women can see where they went wrong, but some of us do... just too late for it to matter

(Still helping despite this becoming sounding like even more of a larp every post)

Well you need to fix yourself, need to do it pretty quick too.

I suggest getting mental help asap. You cant be a nervous wreck to attract guys long term. You need to hold it in and be stable to attract a long term steady partner.

>any help getting to do things?
Like i told you, get into new spaces. Take dance classes, cooking classes, slowly become a good term partner by being in places that are low key meetups. It is not like you are in europe where i can actively help you. So to summarise,

>get psychological help
>control your mannerisms
>learn long term partner skills
>get into places where you will meet new, decent people

Hope this helps..

Honestly I broke up with one of those guys I mentioned because he's into cuckolding. I'm sure your past would turn him on.
And he wanted a serious relationship with marriage and kids in the future.
You just have to keep meeting guys. There are all sorts of people out there. Jow Forums attracts a certain kind of person so that's all you're going to see here but there are plenty of other people with different preferences.
I think you should go to the therapy. You sound like you're really down on yourself. That's probably why you're having trouble, not your past.

By help, I assume you mean therapist? I guess that's an option. I've got money saved a little. Thanks for the advice, even though you saying this is bait hurts a little

>some of us do
No. Women cannot see the mistake they do.
Their nature drives them to hypergamy, and stop them from being too much introspective about it.
That's why comunism is on the rise, cause women want their gibz from the one who married: the big government.
And stop tring to impersonate a women ffs.
Tits or gfo!!

The sad thing is, you're right. I am a dude. I'm glad it went over this well. It's a shame that people honestly bought it for this long. My bait craft skill must be increasing

There is like 3 threads active on advice that are like stereotypical Jow Forums talking points. It feels different and i am on advice a lot. So colour me suspicious to say the least..

Any professional mental help would do you good at this point. You shouldnt be bursting to tears at work. Decent people will not go for neurotic partners who will make their life harder. So please, sort yourself out first, partner will come after that.

You need to do it fast though because of your age and gender, i cannot stress this enough. Just get out there, change how you dress a bit, start slow superficial changes and fundamental proper changes will follow.

Good luck and i am here if you need any more help or have questions..

It was bait. I got you

Doesnt matter, just like how a debate is not conducted to convince the other side, my advice is not just for you. It is to all anons who are reading this, maybe a femanon will actually read and learn from this.

In case i will be more than happy..

>maybe a femanon will actually read and learn from this
Women don't come here!
At least sage this shit, so that real advice can be given to people!

>expecting women to own their actions

Lol i actually met 2 people from this board who were women. So i know they come here.

And also what real advice?

The #th tfw no gf thread? Or the #th my gf broke up with me how can i get her back/get over thread? Or the #th the girl who obviously doesnt like me, how can i change her mind thread?

Come on man, at least this thread is original. Majority of advice is unoriginal at this point..

>Online dating only gets me ONS and short flings.
>Should I buy a gun and end myself?


Stay off tinder and stop hooking up with randoms. Try weaning off social media. That shit is mental poison.