I'm so sick of panic attacks for no good reason. I can't function, how do I make it stop?

I'm so sick of panic attacks for no good reason. I can't function, how do I make it stop?

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What does one of your panic attacks look like exactly?

Almost constant state if dread. Like the feeling you might get if you've ever been walking in a really dangerous neighborhood but it's all the time and it doesn't matter where you are. There's no explaination for it, you're just scared.
When it's a full blown attack, its fetal position weeping and desperation. This is a just about every day. It's getting harder and harder to preform any daily functions.

I tried mindfulness meditation, I tried Prozac, I tried saying fuck it and trying not to care about anything, the only thing that works is benzos like Xanax or Ativan, but I can't take them every day. I limit myself to two half pills a week in hopes that I won't get physically addicted.

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How's your therapy going? Maybe you need a change of pace with the therapist.

At that stage I wouldn't give a single fuck about addiction. My only worry would be to develop tolerance.
What does the doc say?

Wow, that sounds horrible user...
Which approach that isn‘t medication (as you already stated that) is the most helpful one so far?

Dont eat sugar. Work out daily and get help from psychiatrist which can actually help you.

None. Nothing works. Living at home with my mom and not working was the only time of my life when this wasn't a thing.

I don't eat sugar, I work out 3 times a week, I'll make it daily, I'm going to see my psychiatrist for the thousandth time again soon.

Nowhere. Wheel spinning and no progress

What do they say about what? I don't wanna get addicted to benzos because it's almost as horrible as being addicted to heroin. If I start getting seizures from not having enough I will kill myself, and I'm close enough to that as is.

How can you stand being so pathetic?

I can't. I'm probably gonna end it tonight. I'm writing a note for my roommates now.

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So is there really no way to fix my brain? Is suicide really my only choice?

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Say for example (not sure of your living situation or responsibilities) you were to sit in an empty field with the blazing sun on you as you read a novel or non fiction book of a topic which interests you, become fixated on the book and take in the sun say you also had a brisk walk a few miles to get to the field, then at midday you ate a sandwich or something nice you made for yourself.
None of this together would relax you or decrease these symptoms?
Even after 10 hours of almost uninterrupted easy reading, none of this would stop the panic attacks? Surely you can get medical help for this aside from benzos as it clearly doesn't seem to be purely psychological

What do they say about your anxiety attacks.
I guess you are trolling, because only a retard would worry about being addicted to a drug that is legal, widely available, can be prescribed for ever, costs almost nothing and solves that kind of problem.

Holy fucking shit you're retarded. Take two fucking seconds to look up benzo dependence.

You aren't even supposed to take it for more than 4 weeks

Xanax XR is extended release and you can take it daily. Might be worth looking into.

I know several people that have been taking them nonstop for more than 15 years. It's one of the most prescribed drugs worldwide, for years it was number one.

I sympathise.
About 2 weeks ago i had a panic attack for the first time in my 29 years of life. Id came off a rather long bender and when i sobered up i just lost it all together. Hands down the most horrible experience ive ever ever been through.
Your smart to worry about addiction. Because sooner or later you have to stop taking them and withdrawl is an extremely brutal experience.
Try councelling or ask your doctor for beta blockers. They help the symptoms and keep your heart rate down. Theyre not addictive either.

>Xanax XR
thanks, I'll ask about it

If they ever stop they'll die though. Or have such severe side effects like seizures that they'll wish they'd died.

Have you ever tried watching asmr videos?
This one in particular really helps me when my anxiety is getting out of control


Thanks I'll try em

Don't think about suicide. Think about how someday, well, you're going to die and I'm going to die and everyone is going to die so what's the point, right?

Wait, that's exactly the point, that some randomly thrown dice decided you should have a life and yes it will end at some point. But why end it now, when you have no idea what could be coming next (next year, next week, tomorrow)?

See if you can get off benzos, any anti-depressants for that matter. And I mean it. I'm on adderall daily and have been for a long time, and I'll be honest most nights upon falling asleep I get so depressed I want to die. Most days my heart beats so fast in any public areas I feel like I'm going to have a stroke from anxiety. Yet in between there are hundreds of thousands of things that the world has left me undiscovered and that strangely keeps me so goddamn curious that I've learned to say fuck you to my brain trying to pull me away from those discoveries.

Did you know you can build a robotic arm with two servo motors (~$2) and some popsicle sticks? Look up Arduino microcontroller prototyping. Its some shit like this, some miscellaneous yet oddly fascinating shit that you need to direct all of your thoughts and attention into and find the purpose of building that robotic arm in that moment, and when it's done go to sleep thinking about how you learned something so random, yet cool enough to tell people the next day.

That is an analogy for how you should live your life if you feel suicidal. Just try and initiate yourself into activities, primarily educational or social/outdoorsy (as painful as it is to engage yourself) and if you make it halfway through engaging your brain can easily switch into establishing a purpose in doing that activity.

And no, I have not taken my adderall today and it is not fueling this current rant. I wish you the best of luck, and remember why kill yourself when anything else could kill you so might as well make life interesting until that day.