I took an iq test in real and my score was 83. Is it over for me?

I took an iq test in real and my score was 83. Is it over for me?

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I meant to say I took an iq test in real life

If it was for a job then most likely you wont get it. Just out of curiosity, how much do you score in online tests?

Well you’re not that stupid. I can easily understand what you wrote (sounds dumb but a lot of posters here crap out their posts and its hard making sense of it).
You will be fine.

Well what other way can you take an IQ test genius

But the ones you do in person are usually the approved ones and coat money.

IQ isn’t everything imagine having a high IQ but at that same time your a bald Manlet there are things worse than having a low IQ, it is just one part of you.

imagine being chad but you're a drooling retard who cant put his pants on

I would trade all my IQ of 130 for better health and being less ugly with an IQ of 83, just to let you know an IQ of 80-89 is still low average and in other countries it could be normal or even above average

Below 85 is unfit for military service (literally cannon fodder)

> be Forrest Gump
> be nationally famous and millionaire
> only get laid once

I know that I would still trade my IQ of 130 for an IQ of 83 if I looked chad, I don't even care about the military anyways plus forest gump is a vietnam veteran, once your IQ is below 85 it is possible to qualify for disability payments if it is autism for example.

IQ tests can be trained for.
Study math (geometry, modern algebra, and analysis). Read more books. Learn a new language (and I mean learn it well). You will become faster at pattern recognition and that will boost your score significantly
Furthermore, the brain's neural organization is malleable in response to mental stimuli: pic related. Therefore intelligence itself is malleable. The more time you spend on Jow Forums, the better you get at reasoning like a retard. The more time you spend learning real shit, the smarter you get.

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I've wanted to learn a new language for a long time but i never know where to start

If you're black just associate yourself with those soibois that fawn over you, they'll do all the heavy lifting and will help you improve.

if you're white but not a hoodrat, I'd say maybe. If you're a hoodrat then it's environmental.

Don't bring my man reviewbrah into your low IQ

Your fine thats like a B-

Are you black? That's a high score if you are.

the higher your IQ, the more likely you are of being autistic

Start by learning a few hundred basic words
step 1
There's a really good flashcard software called anki you can use to learn the most common words.
At the same time, use a beginner textbook to learn the grammar basics.
The goal is to get out of step 1 and into step 2 as early as you can

step 2
Stop the flash cards, start reading stuff. It should be a genre you like or something interesting to you
Don't use a dictionary while you read, just try your best to understand without it. it's too disruptive to look up every word as you read. highlight or underline the words phrases or sentences you can't figure out and keep going, you can look them up at the end of the session.
If the book is too hard just stash it and get a new, easier one.
It's going to feel shitty reading and not understanding 100% at first but the mental process of working it out teaches you faster than anything. this process is called "Extensive reading" and it works.

Google "IQ tests discredited"

Don't worry user. You're in good company here.

>"IQ tests discredited"
>literally finds just this thread

IQ is a number representing a person's reasoning ability, how much they absorb in learning something. It’s bullshit if you let it effect you user. I ended up with a score of 85 and ended up getting a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from A&M and currently on track to work for NASA. Don’t sweat it OP, it’s in no way the end for you.

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