Please help my sister

Guys can you help my sister, she feels very suicidal and doesn't want to talk to me, you can contact her on discord Katsu#0811, please don't tell her it was or she will kill herself

She is a homophob so watch out

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Yeah because people suddenly adding her isn't going to be suspicious at all, hopefully, she will pull through this though.

You sound like an NPC, no wonder she can't get help. I imagine you get teary eyed hearing the word faggot and as such you couldn't relate to her let alone talk her out of anything. You probably can't even play along that's how stupid you are. Honestly if you cared you'd swallow your pride, and be a good sibling for just a few minutes.

you make me sick.

that said this wouldn't be my first rodeo, with how many women I've talked out of suicide my cellphone should be the suicide prevention hotline.

I dont know what else to do
Dude just help her out, also i tried my best i really did

I added her for the sole purpose of letting her know this thread exists.

this is Jow Forums and someone is going to convince her to do it or try to get nudes.

you fucked up, delete this thread.

Wtf please dont do this i beg you
Omg please noooo, i cant delite, dont do this

I'll tell her she's a worthless slut and doesn't deserve to live when I get back home.

What do you think would happen whn you open this thread? What is next, the pic is actually her?

How old are you?

>She is a homophob so watch out
So if we tell her we're gay she's going to insult us? What does this have to do with the situation at all?

Plese dont this, why!?
I thought you guys would help, yes thats her, why?

As you can see she need help

gonna ask her to stream it and say "subscribe to pewdipie" before dying

Ok, assuming this is not a larp at thid point. What did youthink would happen once you did this? Specially how.

I mean sure she is cute and i would date her, but really you shouldnt have done this inthis way. She hasn't accepted the requests yet, but you should definitely go tell her what you did.

Are you literally like 10 years old? I am genuinely asking?

I'm not adding you, discord tranny freak, kill yourself

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>I thought you guys would help
Are you twelve years old? This is not the place to ask for serious help. I hope you're playing dumb and trying to harass this person, because that's what you're going to get.

WOW, this is the most retarded thread I've ever read. You sure are new here, and yes you fucked up buddy.

Tell her to delete her discord and information there, as people can find her on other social media platforms. Tell her the truth that you made a retarded thread for the sake of helping her.

Next time, don't do shit like this.

Also, because Jow Forums, more pics?

Post her Snapchat and I’ll give her the whole chad

A'ight OP, I'll try to help. Anything specifically I should know?

OP she asks where I got her Discord from. what should I say?

What type of Alabama mother fucker has pictures of their sister in just panties and a shirt? You might need more help than her.
If she wants to die just let her. Why prolong any suffering?

bro you're larping,thirsty,or stupid. no way you tried. You probably tried to whitepill her about gay rights and she didn't wanna exist any longer.

Tell her to accept other anons requests as well..

Wait, did you seriously put your real name (Nate River) as your username? Please, tell me it's a fake name.

I was actually thinking that, how deep can this go. Also sage ing this in aa futile attempt lol

OP, she really doesn't appreaciate that some "random dickbrain" keeps giving out her profiles. Appearently you've done it before you nigger

Just make something up i didnt think this far, omg

Because thats what she gets for calling me a fag, but i didnt want this, this is fuckt up now and out of control
What how do you know that?

Oh never mind hahahahaha, i am new here sorry

Ok this is larp. And some poor girl has to change her discord tag now..

So anyone got any conversations to share with OP's 'sister'?

I fucking hope it's a larp.

She hasn't responded after this.

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obvious bait is obvious
you guys got scammed by a troll. he’s clearly not her brother, just some guy who pretended to be clueless so you retards would harass this girl for him