Why do people care about me being a virgin?

Why do people care about me being a virgin?

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as a 28yo khv in my experience they don't. I don't hide what I am but the most I ever get is a weird look or someone saying they should get me onto Tinder.

No one's ever asked me about being a virgin.

Because you might kill a couple dozen people

The last time someone asked me was when I was 17. I'm 29 now.

Who are you referring to exactly? No one cares really except maybe your parents or something.

Being a virgin is a blatant indication that you have many other problems such as low self-steem, horrible social skills, etc

People will ALWAYS judge you for those kinds of things, even if those problems dont affect them.

Same reason they care if you drink, play videogames, spend a bunch of money on something that's beyond them, or just do something that's kind of weird.

They're very fucking lazy and they'd literally do anything but work, that means talking to fill in the time. Boring people can only talk about so much though, so it turns quickly into what a slut she is or what a loser he is.

That's why you have to cherish people who are different.

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I wish I was as optimistic about it as you are in this regard

I definitely don't care. I don't know why you keep bringing it up.

Your parents might care, but nobody else really does. They just see it as a way to get under your skin, because a lot of people are low-key shitty... if you're lucky.

Kinda this. Being a virgin in modern society is often an indication of those things, but not necessarily.

It’s one of those things that really bothers you if you let it, so start by asking why you care what other people think about your virginity. something that is yours, and then ask yourself why you havent given your virginity yet.

They never fucking understand. Like the fact that I live in constant pain due to genital mutilation and that I will never have sex because of it

Can you see a doctor about the pain? you're talking about being circumcised right?

Yes. And I did and they nearly laughed in my face. They said the pain is completely normal until the glans dry to death. I have talked to other mutilated unfortunates and they too experience that

Look man I've had shitty fucking doctors that laugh in my face. Make a complaint about it and find a different doctor that will listen to you. You can't give up entirely because of one dickhead.

But you see they would all answer the same
>let your dick keratinize,its natural
Fucking hell I hate my mutilated body

lol they dont, otherwise someone might've cared to take it from you

Would this help with the pain? I don't think you're the only man that has an issue with circumcision. You need to find a doctor that wants to help you.

>cut of parts of men's genitals
>sell it off for money
>sell them back a crappy subsitute
holy shit

I cant trust them. None wants to ever help. I was needlessly mutilated with no consent and everyone I tried talking to about how shit this is and how much it hinders my life just thinks I am crazy

There are lots of men that are going through the same feelings and physical problems with circumcision. You're not the first person I've talked to about it.
Could you look into foreskin restoration? I don't know much about it but I definitely think you could try.

I tried that for 4 years without any progress

I don't know your situation. Would surgery be an option for you? Have you looked into it?

>Could you look into foreskin restoration?
currently a meme, maybe 20 years from now it'll be something worthwhile. The idea of actually restoring your foreskin as it was is pretty much impossible at this point. Might as well look into "arm restoration" for amputees.

He meant the skin stretching that at least gives coverage with the remnant and shaft skin

I have looked into that too but it heeds not good results and costs very much

That is what I meant. I know it's not the same, but it does seem to help.
Will you look into the manhood foreskin substitute user? I think it might help with your pain issue.

Maybe. But it really wont help much. As even when my penis doesnt get friction it still hurts

Can you describe what's happening? I'm female so I can understand you're feeling pain but I'm not sure what's going on.
You're in constant pain. You're doing something to prevent the keratinization right? Like using lotion maybe? Were you circumcised recently or as a child? Has it always hurt?

I was a child with no reason and without my consent. I didnt know what was going to happen to me. If I were recommended this mutilation then I wouldve rather chosen death. And its a burning feeling. Like if I had a constant open wound

And it always hurt in both ways I always tried to hide myself. And I am too ashamed of my body

I'm sorry that sounds awful. I really do think it's a serious issue and want to help you.
Which country do you live in? Surgical restoration might be something your insurance would cover, since it is a pain issue.


The most damaging thing is that I live somewhere where less than 1% of people are mutilated. And I am not even a jew or muslim

Maybe go abroad? I'm from the US and many people get treatment overseas because it's more affordable.

I dont have that money to travel

Save up maybe? It's really an important issue.

>get mutilated at birth because lol who gives a fuck about men's rights
>have to save up to pay to go overseas to pay to get surgery done to correct the mutilation
oh lordy I'm having a good kek

You may kek but honestly when you are the victim you just want this faggot world to die

I don't blame you for wanting it man. I think it's really fucked up how it's totally legal to mutilate babies in even the most progressive feminist countries, just because they're male. Pretty much why I don't give a shit about feminist issues, women's rights and all that shit. The hypocrisy just kills me. Wish I had a solution for you man, I'm lucky enough my parents didn't slice my dick off and I can't imagine how it must feel to have it done to you.

I wish I had sane parents like you. And be very thankful for having your whole body

Virgin shaming started getting worse when MGTOW became popular. I think it's a way to quiet any criticism of women.

I guess I will do that. But I am thankful for your understanding and the fact that I can type about it to someone

I think circumcision is really horrible. My family is totally against it. My dad hated it and my brother isn't circumcised. I don't have children yet but I would never have my son circumcised.
I think it's more an issue in the US because so many men had it done in the eighties. I'm sorry you're all by yourself wherever you are. I'm sure it makes it much harder to go through.
Best of luck to you user. I hope you can find a solution, stop having pain and are able to enjoy sex with someone that cares for you one day.

Desu I dont know if anyone would understand me

Arghhh I am part Japanese, and maybe my Japanese sucks but I really hate it when people use desu like that.
Also it's a verb and should go at the end of the sentence.
Are you the OP? I'm the woman you've been talking to mostly. Is the country you're in Japan?

No and no. I use desu because its the Jow Forums equivalent of to be honest. I have been here for a long time. And now I understand why your family is against it. At least Japs are sane about mutilation

Oh really? Maybe that will make seeing it more bearable. I'm a newfag obviously.
I look almost totally white and it's my 1/2 Asian dad that was circumcised so not 100% accurate but yeah we're definitely against it.

I feel bad for him. But anyways my point stands