What do you think would be appropriate ways of your girlfriend of a month showing affection for you? The more examples the better, apparently my normal meter is completely fucked. Please and thank you in advance. Pic mostly unrelated.

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Cuddling me and saying how much she enjoys my company.

If it's your girlfriend for a month then holding hands, kissing, etc, MAYBE sex. If you've just been dating for a month then hugging, maybe kissing.

How about you tell us what you/your gf actually do?

Can and will do.

I meant more like gestures of affection rather than actual, physical affection.

I am the gf and I am looking for ways to display affection. Apparently my previous relationship has me looking at completely typical and thinking that they're OTT or clingy.

Bumping to ask, if she were coming round to yours to chill and get laid, would her wearing thigh high stockings be too much?

Honestly I just want to ask him if everything is okay before I do it but I know that shit will get real annoying real fast.

Communication is key, but I get what you mean.
How sexually active is he? Most guys will happily bed you, so if it's sex you're after, I don't think you gotta worry too much. Dress sexy and he'll probably enjoy it, unless he's some kind of super conservative / religious nut.
The first few months are 'the' time to experiment and look attractive for each-other. It's the honeymoon phase. And you can always ask him more casually: "You like this outfit? Or you think it's too much?"
Get an idea of what eachothers limits are.

Yeah I know communication is super important, I'm just aware I can be grating at the best of times so I don't really want to be constantly turning to him for validation.
I'm not specifically after sex, I mean I did start this thread asking for ways to show affection, it's just we only see each other once a week really so that's kinda our guaranteed lay day. I know for definite that looking nice for your partner is considered affectionate so I can do that, I just don't want to be going over the top too quickly I guess.

>of a month
>If it's your girlfriend for a month
>If you've just been dating for a month

Would you rather I didn't specify the amount of time so everyone could go "but how long??"?



Something that isn't expected please, if I can be so picky.

Suck his dick while he's sleeping and film it.

Sexual favours definitely show affection but they're easy to know and get right, I was looking more sensual or romantic

C'mon guys I'm autistic af and just come out of a relationship that viewed obvious gestures of affection as bad, I really need a boost here to see what's appropriate


Just fucking do those things in that one shitty instagram meme about doing little physical things to a guy like hugging him, scratching his hair softly, rubbing his back or some shit, and another girl saying her bf nearly cried because no one ever did that shit before

That's all very easy and queer as fuck tho. I want to do something that actually requires effort and thought to pay him back for his affection and I'm too much of a retard to figure out how.

Do you do any of that shit on a regular basis

You asked for gestures of affection that's it, otherwise get your fat autistic ass to a gym and get yourself a thicc ass for your bf to slap while staying loyal to the poor guy

Yeah literally every time I see him. When we wake up next to one another, when we're binging tv, when we're just chilling, I'm just constantly gently touching him wherever I can lay my hands. I say thank you for his kindness and tell him that I really enjoy his company and that I think he's super hot and wonderful. All the very gay very easy stuff is covered, trust me. As for that last part, I got to that point before even getting to him, so what now?

Is he actively complaining, making you worried? Do you cook for him? Support, if any, of his productive hobbies/study/career?

Hardest part and biggest part for him is keeping this attitude up for several years without straying

Find ways to keep the relationship from stagnating. Surprise him and find new activities to do, places to go, etc. Keeping things fresh will greatly help the longevity of your relationship.

>Is he actively complaining, making you worried?
Nope, just want to make him happy.
>Do you cook for him?
We don't live together so no, also he's the cook in this relationship. I'm okay but he's fantastic. I'm bringing round oven pizza later though of that counts.
>Support, if any, of his productive hobbies/study/career?
We're both big into /tg/ so I support his gaming and painting by going "oh wow" pretty much. I bother him a little more than I am comfortable with about his career so currently I'm giving him a month off from that.

Okay, I can try and find new things to do. I feel like I'm boring too so this could really help. Do I just bring it up in general conversation or save it to be cute or what?

You could talk to him about it, or you could try and surprise him. In my opinion, when two people really enjoy each other's company, they'll usually be able to enjoy just about anything. I'm sure doing a new activity with him would help out.

Did you just come here for appreciation and validation your bf isn't giving you

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Well okay, if there's anything special I'll try to save out but the rest can be casually discussed. Yeah I've enjoyed everything I've done with him so far, so hopefully this will be a good idea, thank you.

Nah I feel plenty appreciated and validated, s'why I'm trying to figure out how to return the favour, honestly. I'll give that super specific fantasy a miss this time.

The only fantasy there is a well written series exploring and world building the non war aspects of 40k that isn't by abnett

Literally just carry on what you are doing and notice what he likes and surprise him later with it

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