Do I have a shot?

Ok this is probably going to seem like I'm fishing for compliments or being an attention whore but I promise this is genuine. I got contacted by this talent agency and they want me to come do a photoshoot for free. It's legit.. and they find people work for big names. ..and my boyfriend is finding all these reasons why I shouldn't go . He got pissed off tonight and told me nothing will come out of it and that there's too much competition. That it's vain and I should stick with art. I just feel like shit and I really just want to do this to make easy money on the side.. no it's not something I want as a career... But if they like my look and want me to do a commercial or advertising why not? Idk I'm second guessing it now because of him.. it's in 3 days and I might just say forget about it... Maybe I don't really have a shot and I'm delusional
So I just want honesty and input on the situation.. thanks guys

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You'll never know unless you try, femanon. Upor boyfriend makes a valid point in that it's an oversaturated market, but you're better off doing it anyway and finding out for yourself.

Yeah I know... I'm not looking to really pursue it for long but if I can make some money easily that would be cool. I don't want to do anything degerative just simple and I go onto my real aspirations
Thanks for your input user

I’d say there’s a fair chance that your boyfriend plainly doesn’t want you to do it because he’s worried that you’ll be disappointed or upset with your results. Either that or he’s just an asshole. Anyways, as the other guy said, you can never know unless you try and as long as it’s not costing you anything, it’d be idiotic to not try it. The arts commonly is a field in which it’s difficult to make a decent amount of money, but I’d say it’s worth a shot. Good luck.

did you show him a portfolio? did you get an application form, they ask for IDs etc?
if none of the above it's a fucking scam bro.

How did this talent agency find you? Don't give them any money.
Good luck.

There are plenty of "modeling" scams that are amature porn skimmers that are rapists in disguise. Ask for your boyfriend to be present at the shoot.

he literally just doesn't want you to get raped holy shit

Yeah he's kinda controlling and insecure so I think that's really most of the reason but you're right I don't really have anything to lose... I think I'll do it..

yeah sure just ignore these posts

No it's a legit agency they have a lot positive reviews from what I see. It was a woman that contacted me and the studio is definitely a legit studio. The website is studio-1.Us

They found me through Instagram

Ok, so questions, Who gets creative control of the photos? Is it just so they can practice or are they representing you?
Op, you really just seem naive as fuck, or straight up omitting info.

I can relate to how you bf is feeling, I lost my 4 year relationship to a fucking modeling agency brainwashing my girlfriend.
I know you'll say that you'll act differently and you want to continue with your relationship etc It wasn't just my case, every guy in my situation had the same issue.
I recommend you to go with him to the photoshoot if you want to do it anyways.
Keep in mind that you have a high chance of becoming a total brainwashed slut.

My ex started with some photoshoots for local shops, nothing really dirty but then they started proposing her lingerie, nude modeling and at first she refused but gradually as the other girls accepted it was harder to keep her on the right side (It was a normal agency but people from other places contact as the agency post your info)

Now she's a crazy bitch that I don't even recognize anymore. Good luck OP and my condolences to your bf!

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Only agree if your BF can be present or enjoy being featured on a porn site.

Top-Shirt hanging subtly slightly below the normal position. Of course, you are going to get a lot of responses in this thread.

>A girl that will break the rules
>A girl
Tits or gtfo.

Yeah I understand that kind of reluctance. And I have been contacted by numerous porn agencies and photographers like that but it's just not me.. I never wanted to do that kind of work so it would be a definite hard line drawn. He was invited to go with me but doesn't want to go. I really want him to be there. I'm sorry to hear about your ex... Unfortunately some girls get caught in that trap. I just have already been down that road and I know my boundaries. This agency wants me to model in formal, elegant type wear... Nothing risque at all but that doesn't mean it couldn't lead down that road... Idk it's not worth the confrontation between me and my bf. I respect his opinions but I also think they come from a selfish place ... I mean he doesn't even want me to have any type of social media.. including being on here. I've been 100% more loyal than he has... It just hurts.

Uh? Idk what that even means... My cleavage isn't even showing.. but of course there's always that one person

I don't know how your relationship works and my advice it's not about how to fix the problems you guys have, the thing is that they corrupt normal girls in a very subtle and slow way almost you don't notice it... My ex and I studied in a catholic school and she was pretty shy and had some self steem problems, the business just changed her to the point its was just a different human being.
You're an adult and you should take your own decisions, just keep in mind the more they can corrupt you the more money they will be making. Just take care OP.
Good luck.

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The agency’s a masters a breaking down people into doing what you don’t. Have your boyfriend with, and do some more investigation.

The fact is that if you have a line, you have a barrier to the natural progession of modeling. You don’t just get to be what you want to be a star. The modeling agency is not a clean business. You are going to go places you don’t want to, just ducking trust me okay. Model and know your limits but you will eventually be a part of system that doesn’t want you unless you conform. Because the fashion world is not about what you want.