Too good to be true?

Met a girl on the weekend who said she isn't interested in a relationship but just wants to have regular no strings attached sex with me. Spent the night at her place on Saturday night and she reiterated her position about 'no feelings, no relationships' on Sunday morning. She also said I was free to 'go and search for the woman of my dreams, and I could keep fucking her until I find her'.

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Do you think this is too good to be true? Any of you bros who've had a fuck buddy/fwb before, did they eventually want more from you? Did they get jealous of you spoke to or saw other girls?

Also, the girl kept a knife under her pillow and said she has a psycho ex who threatened to hurt her, if that changes your answer.

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I'd go for it. Fwb can last for years in some cases. Just uh, make sure to flush the condoms. She sounds a little crazy but not too much.

>Also, the girl kept a knife under her pillow and said she has a psycho ex who threatened to hurt her, if that changes your answer


What would a girl do with unflushed condoms? I threw some in her bin. She said (and she's right on this) that condoms being flushed can fuck up the plumbing infrastructure.

I mean if you dont think ur catching feelings why the fuck not?
Everytime I did a fwb or one night stand one of us did

>Do you think this is too good to be true?
>is a random whore acting like a random whore too good to be true

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Inseminate herself when she develops baby fever

Sperm can't live in a used condom, lad.

user, don't look a gift whore in the mouth.

I probably wouldn't spend the night, just because I'd be nervous about the knife.
But it sounds like a good deal. Although I'll be honest, women who enjoy no strings attached sex, usually have a fair amount of fwb. Don't be surprised if she tells you later that she met another partner to fuck.

This was a very quick google search and I may have saved your life.

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I kind of expect that she will fuck other guys. But if she uses protection, it shouldn't be a problem, right?

>yahoo answers
Yikes lad

Nope. As long as you wrap your tool, you're fine.
And yeah, just giving you the heads up since I was in a similar situation a few months back. I had to drop her though because the girl had like 5 or 6 partners and I began to hear less and less of her.

As long as you know what you're walking into and absolutely don't catch feelings, you're fine

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Absolute degeneracy.

The first part sounds pretty good but they knife under the pillow worries me, lad. What if in the dark if nightshe mistakes you for her ex and stabs the fuck out of you?

knife under pillow?
i dont know man.
maybe do it in another place will be good

if you have a sister or trusted female friend who is at least semi normal but likes to gossip or fb stalk dudes get them to check her out. If she's crazy she'll be able to tell you, you won't know because guys never know even when they woman is sleeping with a knife under her pillow.

Jealous cunt

Why would I be jealous of you disgusting degenerates? I'm married to a beautiful woman and we have 3 beautiful white children. You sick fucks just keep destroying our country.

Nice LARP, kid. Go seethe somewhere else.

So basically you've got a relationship where you both are attracted to each other enough to want to keep having sex but both of you are too neurotic to commit and you're a walking dildo and she's a walking fleshlight. Cool bro, way to go.

Real jelly.

Based ESL retard.

Similar situation to OP here. I've got a fwb who doesn't mind me talking to and dating girls that I actually want a relationship with.

The fact that I actually have/had a fwb, this is something you never tell another girl, right? Like if you're on your first date with a girl you want to pursue, you definitely don't tell her that you are casually seeing another girl? And then hypothetically if things go well and you end up marrying the girl, you still take the fwb information to the grave with you, yes?

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You should be worried about the ex killing you so if you want to hook up make it somewhere other than her place.

Otherwise if you think you won't become attached go for it but watch your back entering or leaving her place because that ex is lurking.

The fact that you want to take your secret to the grave with you means you know that what you're doing is something that can easily and completely destroy your future relationship. Its not good to lie or keep secrets from your spouse. Get some self Control and stop making decisions that you KNOW are wrong, just because muh dikk.


I bet you're the type who thinks pulling out works too.

Girls do it all the time so why can't you?

not jealous just Jow Forums


Why would she insist on 'no feelings, no emotions' casual sex...but ONLY with you? It sounds completely subversive but since i was a traditionalist and never got into the whole nihilistic hedonism scene when i could i can't really hope to understand this discrepancy

degeneracy is basic Jow Forums

I think it's more 'safe' in regards to STDs if it's just with one person.

The only safe sex is no sex.