I'm 20, he's over 60. I'm a virgin and always had the mindset to just find that one man I love...

I'm 20, he's over 60. I'm a virgin and always had the mindset to just find that one man I love, I can have a family with and grow old with. I wanted to save all my experiences just to give that one man I will love all I can and have. I always been good at ignoring crushes and discipline myself. But now, for the first time in my life I truly understand what real love means. I am so deeply in love with this man. And he is too, I know that. We already spend almost half a year together (share workplace the whole day) and I never got myself into all these signs he gave me. I always gave rejecting reactions and didnt allow myself to get into it. I love this man so much and he probably knows that, its the same the other way around. We both know. He is the perfect man for me. We share same interests and have conversations we cant have with anybody else. His character fits me perfectly. We are amost made for each other. But this doesnt fit into my believe system. He cant be the man I can have a future with. God I wish. But I already know that this would be hardly possible. But I am afraid I will never love somebody else so much and will always regret not taking the risk and trying it out with him. We are both a bit eccentric but in the same direction, its hardly possible to find another man who lets me forget him. As I said.. I never loved somebody before and am afraid never will in that extent. Should I just allow myself to have the experience with him now for a while? I just want to touch him and say how much I love him.

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I never been the type of girl who just fucks around. But where is the line between that girl who just fucks around for fun knowing it got no future and me? In my case it got no future as well and it would be just for the good feels too, right? But it would truly make me happy, those girls who just always fuck around arent truly happy, arent they? I look for reasons to allow myself loving him. Maybe we can have a future and maybe I can even have kids with him? I dont know what to think and what is the best for me and him and in case my future husband. Thanks for reading

At least the bait is getting more creative now

which part makes you think its bait?

It reads like a guy is writing what he thinks a woman should be writing to piss as many people as possible off.

>I'm a virgin and always had the mindset to just find that one man I love, I can have a family with and grow old with
Would be of dubious authenticity in itself, but then you add
>But where is the line between that girl who just fucks around for fun knowing it got no future and me?
It's going entirely to the other extreme--and it's almost exactly along the lines of memes like "I'm not like the other girls". I.e. not believable.

Still, on the off chance you're serious, it would be beyond idiotic to do anything--he'd likely be dead before any kids even graduate high school. But then again you're probably some dude in his mid-20s.

You're close to the epitome of faggotry on Jow Forums being both a namefag and a tripfag with a secure tripcode at that, and while I don't always agree with what you have to say, I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I do enjoy reading your posts. There's few with a sense of morality on this site and you seem to be one of them, capable of backing up your point of view with logic and links that aren't some chickenshit website. Keep it up, you just might be getting through to some lurkers who won't ever admit it.


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Thank you for the last part, the rest was confusing. So would I have the mindset of a girl who thinks 'Im not like the others'? I want to know how to change myself. Do you think my mindest is too extreme? Is it okay to have this little experience with him?

I dont want to orientate whats okay and whats not by society these days. I just objectively want to know the pros and cons. I know this is kind of a special case, I would still appreciate it if I could be taken serious in some kind of way

You're just retarded. Bait or not you're a complete fool.

I know, but tell me please why? Please give me explanations, reasons, whatever. Dont let me alone with even more confusion, Jow Forums

Fuck that's a lot of text for what is essentially just a shitposting board.

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Option A) You're a retard trolling outside of /b/ breaking a Jow Forums global rule knowing the janitors are too busy sucking cock to do their job so you'll get away with it

Option B) You're a dumb slut that actually thinks wasting her time on a 60 year old makes sense. Whether money is involved or not, shit ain't worth. You could be building a real family life with a guy your age or even a 45 year old but naw you apparently want a 60 year old.

Tits or gtfo. A thread died for your bullshit that we cannot verify. Dont bother posting here again.

WHY. I dont even understand why this should be bait/shitpost what so ever. Can not anyone give me genuine advice? Im feeling really left alone right now.. on a platform where I didnt thought this could ever happen. This is normally the place I go when I feel left alone outside in society. God damn please help me. My mind is going crazy thinking about it all by myself

>the rest was confusing.
Don't play dumb, it's perfectly clear how this would fit the mold of bait.

>would I have the mindset of a girl who thinks 'Im not like the others'?
I'll keep responding as if this is real. Practice at the very least. But yes, hence why you said as much--standards exist for a reason, both in the absolute sense of "don't have sex before marriage" (which you supposedly--and to your credit--are familiar with) and the situational sense of "don't play something you're guaranteed to lose".
If people followed rules such as those on instinct alone, then we wouldn't need the convention any more than we need signs like "do not step in front of moving train"--but our instincts often lead us into unsustainable or damaging outcomes, and we must rely on reasoned self-control to navigate ourselves then.

This would be one such case--getting into any kind of relationship with him will guarantee pain, loss, and struggle. This is arguably inherent to any kind of intimate interaction, but your proposed actions would be magnifying the losses for little, if any, appreciable gain.

>I just objectively want to know the pros and cons.
Objectivity doesn't exist for us. At best, we can set axiomatic conditions on which to build further beliefs and guidelines. That is to say, what outcomes do you want? If you want a family, a life partner, then you know full well he cannot give that to you. In addition, should you in your desperation chase after him, he will take with him to the grave what you can never get back--your dedication to morality. Imagine how you would feel, if after pursuing to the fullest your current infatuation, you meet a man who not only makes you feel as this one does, but who is also able to give you a full life and be around for your children; yet you will no longer be able to give him yourself, as it will by then belong to the dead.

> Im feeling really left alone right now.. on a platform where I didnt thought this could ever happen.
Kek, yeah, this is 100% bait.
Pack it up, boys.

Thank you so much for your point of view. So it is unrealistic? That would break my heart for a while, but thats how it is right? Fuck I could never forget him. He is so special, I will barely find a younger version of him

Thank you so much for your time and tolerance to put yourself into a position of a 'weirdo' or just simply someone who thinks different. You are absolutly right and your advice was what I needed. I would gift him something I could never get back. I anyway would give it to him because I love him that much woth no reward other than his love but I think I should learn to look for myself here and give it to someone where i can get something back. By that I mean family.

Just out of interest literally hitler, how old are you? I love the way you think. Once I got my shit together, where can I find people like you?

I'm 20, but nothing I say should be listened to because of who I am--since if I disappoint you in that regard, reasoned positions will be needlessly dragged down with me.

> Once I got my shit together, where can I find people like you?
Hell if I know. If I'm any indication (although I'm certain there are people who have the same outlook in a less abrasive package), it's risky to look for someone like me, since I have a lot of traits that can hurt others badly if abused. All I can say is that, if you meet someone you suspect has something you're looking for, you should keep your barriers up initially, and for a while after that to be safe; they'll be doing the same if they're similar to me.

Part of my own issue is just the same recklessness I caution against; on more than one occasion here I've made an ass out of myself (inb4 "you always do that" comments) by lashing out against those who certainly didn't deserve it. But that recklessness needs a reason to play itself out, and then other traits come into play.

Thanks for the compliment, anyway.

Maybe you just need a women who is self confident enough to see when you're an ass or when its appropriate. I didnt fully got everything you said, youre smart and I'm german so my english sucks a bit. Anyway I would fucking love you. Funny because this a thread about how I could possibly never love anyone else than this mentioned man. But fuck Im talking weird confused bullshit. I didnt even completely understood what you say. But you're great. I hope I'll be able to identify my type of man without having spend half a year working together or after exposing myself on Jow Forums. And no worries, I enjoy complimenting you with what I think of you

>I'm german so my english sucks a bit
It's still way better than my German. I tend to ramble, too, so it's not all on you to understand. There isn't anything 'deep' about what I'm saying, as long as you get the main points.

>Anyway I would fucking love you.
It might be the case that you simply feel comfortable interacting with the guy (where most interaction, I assume, comes only with effort), and you grew attached because of the interaction; in which case, finding someone who would be a good partner for you is probably going to be easier than you think. Maybe too easy.

Hopefully I'm just overanalyzing a well-intentioned compliment, but if any of it is relevant, my advice will then change slightly--while it still holds that getting into a relationship with this specific guy is a bad idea, it would be best if you think about what, exactly, you are looking for in a partner. As it stands now, if you have a tendency to get attached quickly, it leaves you vulnerable if someone you don't have a good idea about decides to exploit you. Being exploited in such a way would certainly end up being more painful and damaging than even getting into a relationship as in your OP.

Shit, youre right. Seems like I make it easy to hurt me. So in the best case I neither should exploit myself by anybody nor get in a relationship with that mentioned guy. There must be other, healthy options for me. A good interaction is probably indeed enough for me to create feelings. So what I should work on is being more specific in terms of what I look for in a partner? Or just learning to identify better if somebody could be an ass? I actually thought I am good at that already. But since I would be already attracted to you, you think otherwise? Are guys like you really that much of an ass? why?

Don't give in to social pressure. You never know, it could actually work out. I say go on a date and see where it goes.

My problem isnt the social pressure, but giving away something valuable to someone I may love but cant give me back what I'm allowed to expect. Thats the fair exchange nature provided us with. I would definitly love him enough to let myself come up short and gift him without getting something (family) back but I think I just wanted to hear that I will find another man in future who I would love just as much and who lets me forget about this love now and where I will be happy to have waited for him. But I'm afraid I wont. I experience true love at the moment. I'm worried I'll become like one of those old women who regret their whole life not having taken the risk in their early years for their true love. I know it doesnt sound true since nobody can relate to a young girl falling in love with an old man, but I know my feelings well and I know that this is special, as naive as it may sound. And whats the risk? Loosing my virginity in an age where it doesnt matter anyway? I thought I'll start the change of doing things different and getting back the value of being pure to society again. But now I'm tempted to do exactly what I thought is wrong. Having short term relationships and loosing the value of being pure. I know this sounds crazy in the society we live in today, but thats just what I believed in. I thought this is how I can differentiate from those girls who dont look for long term relationships and just fuck around. This love makes it difficult for me to stick to my principles

Your virginity is irrelevant. What the main issue here is knowing that if you get married he will grow old and die while you are still young. Are you ready for that? Ask yourself if you see yourself in a happy future with him, knowing it will only last 10-20 years. You will still be young and able to remarry.

Hmm, this story kinda feels neutral. In one way it breaks my heart to see a young women with some old-butt guy, but from other side, it's good to see that old pals can be loved too. I don't think that will work - you gonna loose that attraction eventually, so you should let it go and forget.

Hey. Dumbass. Daily reminder that old man jizz isn't immune to ageing. Have fun bearing schizophrenic/autistic children.

Why are women so goddamn fucking stupid?

Is it so? I heared thats a meme. He is by the way very healthy, active and focused.

>almost half a year together
Do you plan to live to 24???
How is six months a long time to anyone but a teenager?

Oh, that's right: age is the only disqualifier you possess to teen age. The rest of the tropes, being naive and dumb and brash and headstrong and needlessly self-assured and melodramatic and hyperbolic and self-absorbed... literally the only teenage characteristics you do t display here are the fact that you're a teen in age. And really, I'm not sure even that's true.

But you know what, you're like every other OP who came for validation and not actual fucking advice so instead of telling you that 40 years' gap is legitimately impossible to cross at your age and he likes you because you're young and have daddy issues, I'm just gonna say do whatever the fuck you want, because what could possibly go wrong.

Fuck this board, honestly. You guys have gotten so bad that even tripfags produce higher quality on average. Holy actual shit.

Youre fucking right. I indeed just look for validation. Didnt realise that, thanks