What's your opinion of a 30 year old virgin female?

What's your opinion of a 30 year old virgin female?

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As a 28 year old virgin male I'd be happy to meet someone like you. Not even romantically necessarily, it's just nice to interact with a girl in a similar situation.

That's a really lovely answer, thank you. I feel the same way honestly.

The initial reaction would is there something wrong with you?

Like are you fat? Ugly? Insufferable?

How and why?

Thanks! I feel like it's a situation where you can be more open and honest with each other, where you can essentially be yourself. When around more experienced people I usually put up a facade.

Don't care unless you want to have sex with me. Then I'd be really patient and gentle with you.
But otherwise none of my beeswax. I'm sure you have your personal reasons for it. I don't think less of you or anything.

It depends on why you are a virgin. Do guys find you repulsive? Are you saving yourself for marriage? Have you just never found someone you click with?

29yo virgin male (going on 30), here. Wouldn't really think much of it. Some people are just really prudent, and I respect that. Some are by unfortunate circumstances, which sucks, but that's life.

Now kiss

Is it like "never saw a dick IRL" virgin, or "did stuff except vaginal" virgin?

I have sympathy for her because it is almost certainly her own feeling of unworthiness that has limited her - and we have all had experiences like that, if not so extreme.

I have hope for her because it is never too late.

Doesn't exist anymore.


Are you saying they used to exist but no longer do? What changed and when?


Nothing positive. I'm not angry or bitter about your predicament. Just find it depressing and somewhat tragic. Also, the potential crap you might get from just being a virgin female at any age (ex.: potential stalkers) comes to mind.

Women started to become less oppressed.

Take that as you will.

The number of sexual partners has gone down and virginities are lost later, compared to before tinder. For both genders. Makes you think doesn't it.

And you would be wrong.

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Sexual liberation.
Men ( in the figure of the Father ) is not the gatekeeper of reproduction, but women are.
And as soon as that happen, women stop reproducing, cause they use their newfound power to work.
That is morally just, but you don't have the time to have kids, rise them properly and use their power ( either in politics and/or work ).
So less families, less kids.
It ALWAYS happen.
Look at history.
Thus, till we can take their responsibility ( and thus power ) away by making a proper artificial womb, they will always kill society where they have power.

That's bullshit. No question about it.

If it's bullshit, then post what is more correct. You know, a source more reliable than government data collection agencies.

You can't be older than 16, you are literally regurgitating every Jow Forums incel meme

Pic related is enough for you?
Else, look for Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc..

>you are literally regurgitating every Jow Forums incel meme
Actually, i looked into it pretty deeply.

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So an illegible, unsourced graph supposedly made for another country is more reliable than a sourced graph for the US by a US government agency? You incels are pathetic. You can't back up a single of your claims. That's what being an incel is all about, being immune to facts, because facts destroy your beliefs. Now go back to whatever incel circlejerk you came from.

>illegible, unsourced graph
It's a population pyramid.. It's common knowledge..
Hell, google population pyramid Japan, Italy, South Korea, Germany, see what happens.
>You incels are pathetic
I ain't an incel.
I would have more money if i were tho.
>being immune to facts, because facts destroy your beliefs
But.. I just explained it to you my facts, and you didn't give any..
>go back to whatever incel circlejerk you came from
That's not very nice..

You are dodging the question, which is why you think that graph is bullshit, incel. You have not provided any counterevidence. And we all you won't because you have none.

I don't know what you fags are arguing about, I just scrolled past this single post browsing the front page. I must say that this is what "blind rage" looks like.

>You have not provided any counterevidence
Yea, you got me.
You are absolutely correct, i invented it all.
It's just bs bait to troll you.

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Have babies already. Marry. Grow old. Die.

I want one.

>30 year old virgin female
Being virgin as a woman per se is not a bad thing, but it does make you less desirable as it's glaringly obvious that if you haven't done it yet it's going to be extremely hard to get to have sex with you for anyone who may be interested in a relationship.
Not having your vagina available as a bargaining chip makes you pretty much worthless unless you have enough money to be sugar mommy.

>What's your opinion of a 30 year old virgin female?
How much of a fat, ugly rotten bitch you must be

They never really existed.
Even 100 years ago, most people didn't wait for marriage, and most people married in their very early 20s.
To be virgin at 30 you'd have to be a freaking weirdo. Like today.

What's with 10% of 40 year old men being virgins?

Might as well live the movie
>mfw 27 tear old virgin

>What's your opinion of a 30 year old virgin female?
Either you're the antithesis of most of the guys on here who can't get laid or you're lying.

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Do you even really have to ask?

What if you just choose not to have sex because you have never loved anyone or trust issues?

Or her feeling of worthiness

You have high standards

Great as long as she isn't ugly or insane.

I'm 27f and virgin. I'm afraid to tell men as some may think the worst of me. I'm actually waiting for marraige. But i haven't met the right man either. It's torture i tell ya. Women get real lonely too. But i hate this hook up degenerate culture we live in.

Good to know that there are still girls like this.


Marriage has been hijacked by liberals and corporations to siphon all resources and priviledges out of men. Saying you're "waiting for marriage" is the biggest red flag ever for any smart man, so stop being a selfish prude and learn to accept men for who they are because they carry all of civilization on their ugly hairy backs

more valuable than a 30 year old non virgin female

Ah don't tell me how to live my life.

Die alone you worthless shriveled cunt

Only if you do it first

I'm 20m and legitimately have chosen to avoid sex because I only wanted it with someone special
are there any women who actually see this as a good thing? It seems at best I only hear women talk about it as something they "don't care" about as long as the guy isn't insecure, just like they say about height.

Same, could’ve banged a tinderslut or ugly irl slut but I’m not desperate to lose my virginity I want it to be with someone special

why does it seem like only men are in this position? I don't want to believe some nonsense like it was orchestrated by the bogdanoffs or something. Is it just the constant push to create equality in sexuality by pushing that women need to actively avoid being virgins for marriage to spite traditionalists?

My older sister was khv until 29 ish. Idk how she talked the therapist into not writting 'bipolar psychopath' on her file for years.
By association, I'd avoid an older virgin woman like the plague.

Your mistake is waiting for marriage. No self respecting man would put up with that. If you're not willing to have sex in a committed relationship you will die alone.

My ex's sister is a 30 year old virgin. Highly educated with a good sense of humor and attractive appearance. She's a completely normal person other than she has absolutely monstrous tits and involuntarily cries over any and everything. They're usually happy tears, though once I made her cry by saying hello when she didn't notice me on the couch. She wasn't sad or happy -we have zero interest in each other- just her eyes started leaking and she couldn't stop for a while. She's got reasonable standards: virgin, similar religious beliefs, able to support himself financially, goes through the old fashioned courtship process (friends before dating, then winning the family's approval before eventually asking her dad for her hand in marriage, all before sex), likes to travel, and has similar passions and interests. She just has bad luck with finding a guy who meets all of the criteria and is interested in her too.
In regards to the original question, my opinion is there's nothing wrong with that by itself, but other factors may be hindering a relationship. If you can't live up to your own standards you should either lower them to something reasonable or better yourself so you can. If you're holding out for a Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa but you look and act (and probably smell) like Amy Schumer, you might want to adjust some things. Likewise if you're a selfish stuck up liberal/feminist who doesn't shave her underarms or wash her cunt and you're wanting a sweet innocent handsome man, he's not going to be interested at all if he even bothers.

Holy shit you are deluded. Those are anything but reasonable standards, they are pants on head retarded. There is absolutely nothing old fashioned about that, that is only a fantasy that religious people have created. It's not hard to find a guy who meets the other criteria than sexlessness. It's hard to find a guy who is okay about being in an unhappy sexless relationship, they do exist but in that case they will be bottom tier males in all the other possible ways.

Hopefully she grows up one day because as long as she has the mentality of a teenager she will never find a man.

>says standards are anything but reasonable
>calls them retarded
>proceeds to say they're not hard to meet
>requiring the self control to not be a nigger and keep your dick in your pants is the mentality of a teenager
>assumes the entire relationship will be an unhappy sexless one because she won't ride the dick of a man she just met
Who's the deluded one? She's not asexual or won't put out, she just wants to wait until marriage. If the guy puts off the vibe he's just waiting to fuck her instead of living life with her, she won't be interested. She's dated a few guys before but her and their careers got in the way early on so they called it off.

>deliberately missing the point
No guy worth his salt will want to date someone for years with no sex. You literally said that if a guy doesn't want to wait until marriage he only wants to fuck her. You literally said having sex is a bad thing. That she thinks this way shows that she is a selfish person who doesn't care about her partner's needs. There is no rational reason to not have sex in a committed relationship, in fact it is very important for a happy relationship. She wants to deny her partner all that for selfish reasons.

Girls, all you have to do is call us handsome and ask when we're free.

In this society? If you're not ugly then you have one issue or another such as chronic depression or anxiety. I'd go out with you to see what's up.

And he has a point while your argument is [buzzword] + [place I don't like].

>No guy worth his salt will want to date someone for years with no sex
False. No guy worth the wait will pressure her for sex before marriage. He'll want it, may even voice his desire, and he'll probably masturbate to her like every other guy would, but he'll wait on the actual sex. I'll concede that most of those guys will be betas or even omegas in some areas of life but they'll be the beta/omega that gets to fuck her.
>You literally said that if a guy doesn't want to wait until marriage he only wants to fuck her
>You literally said having sex is a bad thing
Is her desire for abstinence until marriage triggering an insecurity or two you're projecting there mate? Never said either of those things, and any implications were that it would be a bad thing to violate her desire/rule of no premarital sex
>she is a selfish person who doesn't care about her partner's needs. There is no rational reason to not have sex in a committed relationship, in fact it is very important for a happy relationship. She wants to deny her partner all that for selfish reasons.
Ah there it is. I get it now. So it's selfish of her to not whore her hot body out to whoever wants to date her. Denying someone sex until an appropriate time is irrational and bad because you can't be happy with someone unless you're fucking them. But not only is the act of sticking the thing you piss out of into a leaky sometimes bloody hole between the holes where she shits and pisses totally rational, nor is it not selfish of her potential partner to invalidate her feelings and desires because he can't live without putting his piss stick in that leaky hole right away, but it's actually a requirement for a happy relationship even before marriage. Get real mate. You've got the issues of nobody tells you no, you get what you want when you want because you want it, fuck everyone you do what you want, and you're led by the head of your cock. I'd be surprised if you ever found yourself in a stable relationship

Wow, you have severe issues. It's obvious you have never been in a relationship, and unless you grow up never will. Maybe you are asexual. You do not understand how intimacy is crucial to a happy relationship. Someone who does not want to have sex with his/her partner simply does not care about them.

You completely fail to understand that there is no rational reason to not have sex in a committed relationship. All you can come up with is "hurr sex bad".

I've been in a solid relationship for 3.5 years. We've never had sex. Made out, felt up, etc but no sex. My gf wants to wait, and I think she's worth it. I rub one out at least once a day. You make sex the core of your relationships. What happens when you can't get it up? Guess you don't really love her then. What about in your 50s or 60s when you dick doesn't work anymore? Your relationship falls apart because you can't fuck? I'll outright say it so you can accuse me of saying the opposite yet again: sex isn't bad, but boundaries should be honored. You fail to understand a simple thing of boundaries. Since you're going on about being rational explain how you rationalize someone saying up front "I don't want to have sex until I'm married" as being selfish. Go a step further and explain how saying "I want sex before marriage but you don't so give it to me" is not selfish.

I'm not that other guy but man are you two going to be disappointed.

I don't know why people make sex out to be this huge important mystical experience that changes your life. It's literally a less significant event than getting a flat tyre on the way home from work.

You are going to be in for a surprise one day. You will look back on this moment and think, why did I waste my years on this woman who ended up cheating on me and losing her virginity to that other guy?

Same answer as before, more or less.

Don't let the sex obsessed posters get you down user. If you two are happy, thats all that matters.

user, I'm not saying to just go and have sex, but don't make the wait too long because the broad will leave you if you dont step it up, because you know, broads tend to be like that, they have zero patience and I really don't want you to get cheated on

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That's the point I'm trying to get that guy to understand. There's way more important things to a solid, lasting relationship than the 10-20 minutes or less of sex per round. That's also the reason my gf's sister has the "abstinence before marriage" rule, so she and a suitor can learn about the most important aspects of each other first. Unfortunately, that horny nigger can only think with the head in his pants so he keeps throwing up that nice strawman of "you're saying sex is bad" when his entire argument for why he thinks she's wrong is "muh dick".

Damaged goods. Too scared to take romantic risks, or too ugly, fat or mentally unstable to be attractive enough for men to desire.


I give you a few months until you create a thread on Jow Forums asking why your gf left you when you were waiting until marriage to have sex.

So why is sex bad? You still haven't explained.

Like I said, she's the one who wants to wait. I've brought it up on occasion and have even tried to just go for it but it's sternly denied every time and I'm not going to ruin a relationship because I'm being too pushy about something I agreed to at the start

You're a confirmed sub-60 IQ retard. Show me where I said it's bad. Not where you said I said it was bad, but where I actually said it. If you'll give your two little brain cells something to do and read you'll see where I said verbatim
>sex isn't bad
I'm not going to explain or defend a viewpoint I don't have based on something I never said to you. Meanwhile you've yet to explain anything at all that you actually have said.

Just a man looking out for another one

Poor guy. You don't understand that you simply don't excite her enough. She will spread her legs in less than a week for the next guy she will date.


Did you mean distaff counterpart?

Your gf certainly thinks sex is bad. And you agree with her. Otherwise you would be having it.

"Are you not interested in sex?" That would be my assumption I guess. I also just know that there's a variety of ways and reasons someone could be a virgin at 30.

I think almost all would agree that you dont -have- to be a virgin if you don't want to be, even if you were unattractive. So I'd assume it's a personal choice.

If he has the same mindset he will.

No self respecting women will give it away because of muh partners needs. Her virtue is priceless, and our generation can learn a thing or two about keeping it in our pants.

If she doesn't care about her partner before marriage, why would she suddenly change into someone who cares about her partner after marriage?


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That doesn't mean she doesn't care though, or will continue to stop caring about him after marraige. She may very well care and acknowledgeds his point of view and needs. That's why she is telling him and being honest with him about her needs as well. Putting the cards on the table so to speak. If he doesn't want that he can move on. It obviously isn't for him and he is the type that needs sex in a relationship regardless. But if i can wait all this time, i think it's possible a man can too. Especially if she is a keeper.

Jesus Christ this place is terrible. Just like women apparently men don't know what they want either.

Noting wrong with it, just really curious why.

Dude, please stop hitting on my gf