Gun Buying advice (Burgerland)

I recently moved by myself to a new city and I'm looking to buy a gun with self-defense in mind. It's something I've been considering for a few years and now seems like a good time to do it. The thing is, I didn't really grow up around guns and have very little knowledge of them. Also, I'm looking to do this as inexpensively as possibIe while still being legal and safe. I'm not dirt poor, but I don't consider myself a hobbyist and I don't expect to get too much mileage out of my gun, so I only care about owning something functional and safe.

1) What's a good way to get an inexpensive but safe gun with self-defense in mind?

2) If something like a pawn shop, what questions should I ask? I don't want to come off as an idiot and end up getting ripped off.

3) Is there anything I should keep in mind when looking for gun safety classes or any type of class in particular that I should seek out?

4) Anything else I should know, or any links you think I should read.

Thanks anons, your help means a lot to me.

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Owning a gun VASTLY increases the likelihood that you will be killed by a gun

Owning a swimming pool VASTLY increases the likelihood that you will be killed by drowning

Get a revolver
Dependable and foolproof for beginners and experts
Try a .38 or a .25
They even come "hammerless" for carry
"Hammerless" are easier to use because they don't snag clothes and their single action mech. (Squeeze trigger to shoot, no safety, no accidents)

Live by the pool, die by the pool

1) it depends. Are you lugging it around, or is it strictly home defense? Manlets don't like to carry full sized guns (like the 1911 in your pic) and opt for smaller pistols and revolvers for concealed carry.
As blanket suggestions, these are what I'd carry by size
>full size
Any 1911. Even cheap ones (I have a rock island one, which are about the cheapest "new" ones you can buy)
Cz-75 (any model, but the simpler the better)
Any full sized revolver
>medium (I forget the edc terminology...)
Compact revolver
Baby 1911
NAA Ranger 2 (this one is small enough to carry anywhere. It's smaller than a phone, but the obvious draw back is that it shoots a small and weak round; 22 mag. It *could* kill someone, but will likely serve better to scare them aware)
Any american Derringer or similar (2 shots of whatever caliber you want)
LeMat revolver
2) the things you want to look for are rust, the functionality of the parts, and the condition of the barrel rifling. Watch gun disassembly videos to get familiar with how certain guns work, and after a while you'll be able to figure out how most operate.
3) can't help you on 3. The best practice is shooting, so whatever allows you to do that.
4) Hickok45 is pretty sweet, and a comfy way to get into guns.

Hope this helps, this revolver has clipdraw attached to it
But honestly, I've lived in rough areas and never needed a gun but it sure is comforting to know i can take an Intruders top off if i need to

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Don't listen to this idiot
I'm sure if a "manlet" pointed an 'undersized' gun at his face he would take a 'fullsize' shit in his panties

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Wow, triggered? Kek. It was an exaggeration, but the complaints against full-sized carry guns do center around the average man finding it uncomfortable. I literally never said, "undersized" so I'm not sure why you're quoting it...
Calm down, dude. Didnt mean to attack your manhood so directly. I also didn't outwardly suggest one size over another

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And i carry a s&w governor that i definitely don't need almost ever in my life.
And FYI all rounds under NATO assault are considered sub-caliber, even your precious overrated 1911

I literally defended 22mag. But I'm guessing that's *too small* kek

Why you gotta kill someone?
Its self defense not a hit
And 22 is small but a pop in the knee should stop any crackhead or tweaker in his burnt out tracks

Which is why I asked him what he wanted and gave him suggestions for any size. Just because I have a 1911 doesn't mean I think it's the best gun ever created. And your governor shoots the same thing mine does. Beyond that, I have a few different calibers and am happy to have guns. I don't really understand taking offense over something this trivial

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If we're dueling, I'm bringing my ruger super blackhawk
But in all seriousness, op, any gun is better than no gun if you live in a black city. Stay safe

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If you’re not going to get very good at having a gun it will only put you in more danger. The best answer is the smallest shortest barrel revolver you can hit anything with.

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Go to Jow Forums. You're not going to get the best advice on this subject here.