Why do women give a shit about status?

Why do women give a shit about status?

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You're joking right? Status means safety and security for their offspring. That's all they care about. That's why they gravitate towards men who are well liked and make good money, because they know their children will have a good life.

Brain compels them to, probably a survival mechanism. Same as how your brain compels you to be attracted to certain shit that doesn't seem to make totally rational sense.

i like you why dont you come iver ti my house and fuck my sister

Is this a joke?

Shut the fuck up Chris.

I just want a simple explanation that's it

why do you care abut money?

or is there a deeper more esoteric question bubbling i tuere youre tdying ti form that doesnt sound comoletely retarded?

struggling to speak there? you condescending fuck, nvm

Are you sure? Because there's an awful lot of incels on here who just want to be told that there's nothing wrong with them and that it's all women's fault.

Shut up jh

>why do women care about anything they should just take my useless ugly incompetent incapable ass and be happy tf is this shit where they actually expect you to take care of yourself and do something with your life this is bullshit I saw a homeless dude getting head under an overpass I should be able to get head anywhere

Yes i'm very sure, just lay it on me, idgaf about these incels

if youre going to get mad at least put some substance in it man...

spit it out.

what do you want to know? Why women like money? because you can buy shit and the jews set the game up that way

why they like muscles? for opening jars

like why is it so hard for your brain to play connect the dots

because its harder for them to attain it on their own than it is for men

Why do we give a shit about these likes?

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Because guys are fashion accessories to women

Kill Jester.

That seems to often be the case for both sexes. If you can't show them off in some way then nobody wants to bother.

They don't. They care about money. Men also care about money which is why they're so obsessed with stupid get rich quick schemes like bitcoin. The most efficient and reliable way to get money if you're a woman is to get with a man who already has it, but that isn't an option if you're a man.

They care about money because it's a form of status, ya dingus.

No they care about money because money lets you live as you please. They care about status because status is an indicator of money.

Not really. You can have status without wealth.

The root cause of our desires is always Survival & Reproduction. Social status = survival.

And when women find out that you're broke, they'll lose interest in your "status" quickly.
Unless by "status" you mean "good looks".

Wonder what social status had farmers back in the day and had plenty of kids.

You're fucking backwards.

Your social status was that you were good at farming, hunting, building shelter, killing wolves, and various other valuable skills.

If you sucked at these things and starved, you got to be a beggar and the church would give you gruel.

that's not social status. Just set of skills. What social status does a automechanic have?

No I'm not. People who talk about "social status" are stupid unpopular 15 year olds who can't understand why girls don't like them. Can't be that you're ugly and stupid and annoying and talentless. Must be that you lack the "social capital".

louder for the incels in the back

>that's not social status Just set of skills.
"Social status" is your perceived value to society. That's it. If your skillset is considered valuable, you have status relative to the value. A mechanic has a skillset which is necessary, but its also common and replaceable. Still, he has higher status than a janitor. All these types of value are compensated with amounts of money relative to the value.