I'm currently applying for university jobs around America...

I'm currently applying for university jobs around America. The bad thing is I don't have much money to move (i most likely will have less than 1k by the time of the move). What can I do? I'm applying for instructor positions which arn't high enough up on the food chain for the university to offer supplementing my moving fees (very few do but almost all dont). I've been considering that if I get a job I'll take a pay day advance loan or something along those lines but I don't know how viable that would be or if that would even be enough. I need these jobs right now because I'm in a shitty job and the university jobs pay 40-50k (which is beyond anything I can expect now).

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If you have no money and need money, there are a few options:
-Be frank about your need for relocation expenses after you get an offer. Even if the university can't offer full compensation for moving, most will at least pay for your 1-way plane ticket and/or put you up in temporary on campus housing for a few weeks. That will save you at least a few hundred bucks and buy you some time.
-If you get a job somewhere, see if you know anyone in town whose couch you could crash on for a little bit. Take them out for a nice dinner when you get your first paycheck!
-It sounds like this is an important life step for you- in situations like this, it is 100% OK to ask to borrow money from your parents/partner/close friends. They want to see you succeed and if you have a job and you know your pay, they won't be worried about getting paid back.
-Payday loans aren't THAT bad as long as you pay them back on time, considering you don't need that much money. Depending where you're living, a plane ticket, some groceries, and first month's rent + deposit in a new city might come to 2000 bucks or so tops. A $1000 payday loan might wind up costing you $300 if you pay it back a month later. $300 is honestly not that much to pay if it's an investment in a major earnings increase that otherwise you wouldn't get! Even though compared to the above it's probably the worst option, this is one of the few occasions that such a loan could be OK.

I'll look into the plane ticket and temp housing option.

I dont know anyone at any place I'm applying, except for 1 and I will definitely be asking him for help if I get the job near him.

My parents are dead and my friends arnt much more well off than I am

If a pay day loan is an actual option I will definitely look into it though Is something more like 3k possible? I know the more I'm taking out the bigger a bite in the ass it is however I need to make sure I can afford housing (even if a hotel) while I get there. I can't be looking / being homeless while teaching.

Thanks for the response.

Usually there are state laws limiting the maximum amount of payday loans. Look into what those are. If your credit is good you could also apply for a credit card- once you have new proof of income for your higher salary it will be easier to get one with a reasonably high limit.

so pay day loans might be the best option?

If you want my ranking:

1. Ask your new employer for a salary advance or what help they can give you.
2. Look for friends who might be able to put you up.
3. Sell shit you don't need, you're moving anyway, and when you are making more money you'll probably replace a bunch of other stuff.
4. Open a credit card, giving them proof of income from your new job rather than your old one.
5. Borrow money from friends or family.
6. Take a payday loan.

And they don't need to be exclusive. You should get as much money as possible from your university. If you still need help then check to see if you could stay with friends and re-figure how much money you'll need. Then sell as much as you can and see what's left to cover. Then try and open a credit card. If you still need money, ask to borrow what you can from friends or family, even if it's just a hundred bucks or something. Then after all of this, take a payday loan for the balance if you absolutely have to.

Alright thanks for the advice I'll highly consider what youve said.

Professor writing here.

Assuming you have the degrees and qualifications, hiring will either be long in advance (i.e. for next academic year) or last minute (i.e. they just discovered a freshman course is over-enrolled)

If it's for next year, you have close to six months to get a job and save your pennies.

In either case, what do you need to move? It may be FAR more economical to sell (or even store) your furniture and stuff and just go with minimal stuff and rent a furnished apartment or buy new stuff.

I don't have much. Literally all I own can be fit into the trunk of a small car. And your right the job (if I get one) wont start until August. However about saving pennies I can't do that because I have to pay off student loans while working and I hardly have any money to save up after that. I believe I can get 1k by August but thats it.

Oh, the rat race. It's such a shame that this is standard paradigm. Endless seeking and endless effort. Where does it end? I couldn't tell you

I guess, thanks for the bump though

You're welcome. Good luck on your journey (self-imposed prison)

What does an enlightened person like you do to continue existing?

You simply undertake risk regardless of consequences, towards whatever goal *you* want. Yeah, some days I don't eat. Some times I don't have a roof over my head, but it's been so much more fulfilling than working as a wageslave

>Yeah, some days I don't eat. Some times I don't have a roof over my head,
That sounds rough and I hope it gets better. I'm not trying to judge but why are you so arrogant about this? I'm just trying to get a job. I enjoy teaching and teaching at a university will give me a chance to pursue a phd in the future.

I mean, I don't want to be arrogant per se, but I think a lot of people's minds are co-opted. Regardless, my own goals involve upsetting the status quo so snapping people out of whatever trance their in will make my life easier

and what kind of life style should we have then?

One where your will is your only motivation

1) if you want people to take you more seriously you should have a more direct and specific answer

2) if you dont want to come off as arrogant, don't enter other conversations and abrubtly say pseudo deep stuff.

I'm just happy I got answers and the thread died before you came in. I just wanted help and if you came into this thread earlier you would have ruined any chance of me getting help.