Hey girls of Jow Forums

Hey girls of Jow Forums

I have a question for you. How do i meet girls like you in real life? What are your hobbies? Where do you frequent ?

I ask this in a more general manner. I seem to have taken a liking to girls who like to communicate via text in an age of images, who like to help out people when they can. Not necessarily Jow Forums users mind you, i know that would be a too specific thing. And feel that somebody like that might be a good fit..

Thanks for the suggestions and help already, cheers!

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I go to university and volunteer at a children hospital.
My hobbies and interests are mostly solitary ones, and fairly feminine ones as well.

>How do i meet girls like you in real life?
There's no specific way to meet 'us' irl, you might want to move to local forums or something for a better chance.
>What are your hobbies?
Vidya, /tg/, Jow Forums
>Where do you frequent ?
My local game store and my friend's houses

dm me❤️

Thanks, what are the hobbies exactly? Knitting, painting or the likes?

Local forums might not be fitting from where i am from though.

Lol, ok i will slide into your dms..

Aside from work... I have a local gaming store with board games and 40k I frequent.

I'm otherwise very isolated. It's not easy to find me anywhere, really.

I frequent to a FLGS too but it is 90+% dudes, more in stuff that are not boardgames.

And i doubt my warlord titan and knight army will be impressive in real life..

I go alone and i prefer it
>grocery store
Cook a lot
Ethnic ones, not white people food
I go after eating to walk off the food, not shop.

I honestly wish a guy would talk back/to me but I've been told I'm intimidating. -_-
I went to a bar arcade with new friends last month. I clicked really well with one guy. We had a lot in common which was insane. He's off limits though bc hes bff with my ex.

I go to grad school and work at a legal services organization. Unless Im going to school, work, or running errands, i dont go outside much.

My hobbies are all indoor too, like playing games, and watching movies. I guess you can meet girls like me online

Thanks for the honest answer.

Got a question tough, how can a guy even approach you at all? Assuming it is not meet up of people who are already connected in a way like you said.

I mean wouldnt it be creepy if some guy just approached you in a bus or cafe and said "hey i think you are cute , here is my number if you want to go out for coffee sometime"?
I did meet a few girls from/adv/, not interested in dating with me which is fine , but they were really nice hence my question in OP.

I guess you are about online, it is just that Jow Forums or similar anonymous platforms are not common where i am from.

Btw I dont think you are talking about instagram or similar?

>I frequent to a FLGS too but it is 90+% dudes, more in stuff that are not boardgames
Yeah, it is quite the sausagefest. I'm one of two girls who frequent it, and the other girl is exclusively there because of her boyfriend. So it isn't exactly common.

>And i doubt my warlord titan and knight army will be impressive in real life..
Only because that's such an annoying army to play against, holy shit. I want my infantry to have something to do, not have them sit around uselessly plinking shots at your 24 wound T8 monstrosities.

In all seriousness, I am more interested in just regular talk about the game, lore, etc. In places like that, you shouldn't really be worrying about "impressing" someone.

The impress thing is more of a joke. But i do feel like i have to keep a platonic/romantic tension going in a relationship, otherwise i have seen/lived through enough occasions to hear the phrase "i only see you as a friend".

Also, thats why you play ETC/ITC with maelstroms or emphasis on objective controls. That way my guardsmen can still be useful while my custodes bikes makes şiş kebap of the enemy, or just dying while collecting points. A win is a win even if i only that company commander hiding behind a wall or sth.

I will think more about the "impress" thing though, thanks.

Ave Imperator sister..

>But i do feel like i have to keep a platonic/romantic tension going in a relationship, otherwise i have seen/lived through enough occasions to hear the phrase "i only see you as a friend".
I'll be honest, that's less about impressing, and more about making it clear you aren't just looking to be friends.

This didnt work, for various reasons, but one guy pulled this on me:
>him: alright, if I win this game, you go on a date with me.
>and if i win?
>him: then I'll pay for the date
He got a date, at least. It helps to be openly honest about your intentions.

No i meant online in video games or whatever. Guys IRL might meet me at a networking event for our career, school, or work

Gotta admit it, thats clever.

But i dont really want to go on dates just because she is a girl in proximity. I prefer to know the girl first as a person, than decide if i want to pursue sth romantic from there..

I had known him for 4 months at that moment.

The best part about those kinds of places is the fact that it is noncommittal, and you come and go as you please. You never really "become irrevocably friendzoned" like people normally fear, because you simply don't get to that point in places like this.

That happens to people you spend private time with, or at work or studies. Not at a gaming store.

Ok, so more of happenstance than instead of actually looking for a relationship. Wouldnt it be a nuisance for you if somebody approached you in work though? Or are we talking about a business relationship slowly growing into sthmore?

I am ugly and unapproachable so you wouldn’t.

Ok, so your FLGS and mine seem a bit different. Ours is a bit more committal than you described. We go to drinks to a bar every Saturday for example, with the flames of war players or whoever is there.

Also most 40k games take more time than actual dates, i dont know maybe it is a difference of gaming culture from where you are and i am from. It is really the norm to be eventually friends witn the people you play with around here.

And it is not necessarily a fear, just more of a "usual outcome"..

I go by myself to a lot of places. Local music venues, festivals, I go paddleboarding alone... go up to a girl by herself next time. Like another girl said on here I get told a lot I seem intimidating so I dont get approached often

I dont know about ugly, but definitely a no with that attitude..

Interesting answer. I am not intimidated by any girl. I always assumed/told that it isnt appropriate to approach women on the street, or in this case paddleboarding. That it would make them uncomfortable and creep them out and so on..

You asked. I’m willing to bet most of the women here are pretty homely and invisible to men. Otherwise they’d be on instagram or whatever it is normies do.

Well... dont be creepy about it. Approach target, quick introduction, ask for phone number. Then leave to text later. Worst thing that will happen is no or "I have a bf".

I dont mind the homely part, but being invisible.. wouldnt that be against whole society? I mean how would a guy even meet you in that case? Let alone move onto sth more sincere?

So, just

>hi, i'm user. Can i have your phone number?

Thats it?

Be confident about it, but yes. Confidence is 90% of it

Either, I guess? It's very important to network in my job, so if someone approached me at work, I'd be receptive to talking as long as it's not a client.

>How do i meet girls like you in real life?
By going outside
>What are your hobbies?
Mostly vidya and anime, sometimes cooking and critiquing food, social drinking once in a while
>Where do you frequent ?
There's a cafe around the corner from my house, the grocery store, restaraunts occasionally, the movies, nightclubs and bars typically with friends.

>wanting to meet anyone from Jow Forums
o im laffin

You are most likely right i guess.

So no to clients but a coworker or a colleague from another company is ok doe example?

I did meet several people, they were kind and nice people. It just wasnt meant to be..

If I got too close to a client i could be subject to sanctions, or lose my license. I can chat with a client in a friendly way, but I couldnt date a client, unless the professional relationship ended. But yes, a colleague, someone from another company or similar field is fine.

Ah it makes sense than. I assume some medical practice or a psychology related field?

Thanks for the answers.

It's actually law! but close enough

Ha, didnt know lawyers couldnt date clients. Interesting..

That aould explain the networking events too i guess.

Honestly I have no idea where you would meet me irl. I go to work, buy groceries, and run at a park.
If not for online dating I probably wouldn't meet any men at all.

>what are the hobbies exactly?
I run a skincare blog. It's my main hobby at the moment, been taking off over the last 9-10 months and I'm even making money off it. I run, read, garden and love, love cooking.
I go to sport events now but I didn't before I got a boyfriend, just watched sports on tv (was too anxious to go alone).

Sadly online dating really just doesnt work for me. Tried a few apps over a few months, literally nothing. I understand that maybe with better pictures and stuff it might be better, but it is just unnecessarily a rough uphill battle.

A nice way to meet you would be to run at the same park, slowly getting acquaintad over weeks/months and building something from there. Sadly not going to happen since i do my exercises at home.

Can i ask how did you and your boyfriend meet? Also good luck with the blog!

On Jow Forums, lol.
We started talking about the sport team I like and I said that I never went to matches because I'm anxious when I'm out there alone. He said he is very anxious too and wanted a buddy to go to sport events with.
Exchanged contacts. Then I told him I was a girl. And here we are.

Oh, fuck you! (Not really though, hope it works out for you, just jealous a bit :) )

Sadly Jow Forums is blocked in my country so you either need vpn+Jow Forums pass or a software that bypasses the block. So doubtful same will happen with me.

Good luck with your bf!

Basically try to be funny with a girl you see often. When you become close with one of them, you start messaging her, go on a date or two and then it's pretty obvious if she likes you from there. After about a month confess plainly or try to lean in on a movie or party. Parties offer the "drunk" excuse for failed tries. This varies from girl to girl. Some like more cocky guys, some nicer and quieter ones, others like funny dumbasses etc.

Not exactly what i was looking for, but thanks for the suggestions i guess..