In relationship of two and a half years

>In relationship of two and a half years
>Used to have sex all the time, multiple times a week
>Now lucky if its once or twice a month
>Read online that its basically my fault somehow, and I need to do more for her like spending more time together doing stuff, cuddling more, doing romantic stuff
>Try that
>Doesn't work, still not having sex
>Straight up ask her if she is even physically attracted to me anymore
>She swears up and down that she is
>Ask what the issue is then
>"I don't know, I'm just never in the mood"
>Well can't that be my fault
>Tells me its not and to drop it

This has been going on for like six months now, we just aren't doing it. I've gotten out of my mind horny, especially the last two or so months, and I'm jerking off constantly because of it, which she doesn't know. Even when women look at me in public and smile at me or something I immediately imagine being in bed with them, they don't even have to be pretty.
This situation wouldn't be so bad, if she'd help me out every now and again either, but when its time to get down to business, she complains about how lazy she feels, and puts it off.

What do Jow Forums? I'm trying here, I really am, but nothing is fucking working. Its not like I'm bad in bed either, penis is just large enough to hit her "spot" and she can orgasm just from that, and I go down like a fucking wizard too.

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It's normal that when the honeymoon phase is over you have less sex. The one going on now is your girlfriend's sex drive.
If you don't like it, move on to someone else.

During our honeymoon phase we did it 2-3 times a day. that lasted for about 10 months, and we started having sex 2-3 times a week, still fine. but around 6 months ago, even that dropped off the face of the earth.

It’s probably chemical. Sex with you just doesn’t excite her the way it used to because it’s an old experience. She’s used to the rush. As an experiment, try going away together for a weekend. To a place neither of you have ever been, and while you’re there do new things. See if that sparks anything up. I suspect it will, but if it doesn’t things might be over. And for the love of GOD disregard the entitled pseudo-alphas who will reply saying shit like: “You have a right to sex tell her she has to put out or you’ll find someone who will.”

This exactly.
Don't tell her you'll find someone else, just do it then tell her after

how ole are you two?

I'm 26, she is 28.

We went on a trip recently, we banged every night in the hotel room. Soon as we got home, it all stopped.

I really do love this girl, but I just need to have more sex, I'm so tired of jerking off. I don't know if I could bring myself to dump her because of this. Fucking shit sucks.

she is more likely cheating on you with a guy with a bigger cock. someone who can satisfy her properly. dont trust these hoes. they crave the dick in them just as much as men crave the vag. if you haven't been laid for months, you my friend, have been cuckolded. may as well but yourself a chastity device and lock your little pecker up.

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Unfortunate reality of most modern relationships. One of the people will always get bored of having sex with the other, even if they orgasm every time.

You either date a normal girl, fuck a lot in the beginning, and it dies off later and you never fuck regularly or even weekly ever again, or you date a mentally fucked freak who is going to be on your dick 24/7, but will make your life a living hell.

Do you live together ?

>Unfortunate reality of most modern relationships.
It has always been the reality user. That's just how hormones work.

Yes we do, for the last year or so.

Here is the thing. MOST people recognize they aren't going to be horny all the time, and they'll have to give their partner a handy from time to time or something. but if she isn't even willing to do that for you, something is definitely wrong that she isn't telling you. either that, or shes inconsiderate as fuck.


fights more than sex?

Nope, rarely ever fight. Smooth sailing on that front. Every now and again we'll piss each other off somehow, but its fine 5 minutes later.

Mostly this. From my past experiences with similar aspects she is definitely keeping something from you OP. It may not be that she’s cheating or whatever but she is definitely withholding why she isn’t sexing you. The ONLY way to find out is to sit down with her and be as open and honest as possible. Tell her you know something is up because it’s obvious but also because she won’t address it.

lol your both in your 20s and not having sex? cucked lmao. are you paying her rent and finances as well? lmao. max cuckolded

Female libido mostly works differently. There's so many things affecting this that it's probably not worth blaming yourself over. Most men have a Spontaneous libido, they are down to fuck whenever. Most women are going to need a build up in order for them to get in the mood after the initial phase of the relationship. It can be anything from feeling sexy that day, to being in a good mood to you being romantic. This is also why you fucked like bunnies on a vacation, being in a stress free environment with just the two of you.

Only thing you can do is cut any pressure you're making her feel. The smallest bit of pressure dries out a women pretty fast from my experience.

Are you both leading an active, healthy lifestyle? Is she on the pill or any other thing that might affect her hormones? Is she going through a stressful period in her life like a new job, or maybe a tough semester?

Six months is a long time, you might want to consider going to a sex therapy.

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>We went on a trip recently, we banged every night in the hotel room. Soon as we got home, it all stopped
Okay yeah, that’s a good sign. Frustrating, but good, because it means things can be salvaged. I’m going to pitch two things: either she’s bored, or when you’re at home (and I see that you live together), she has adopted an emotional role that isn’t conducive to sex. The former is pretty straightforward, but the latter is trickier: Has she adopted a mother-like role in your relationship? Doing most of the housework, picking up around, cooking etc..? It’s easy to accidentally fall into those roles, and that’s a real sex-killer. If it is the latter, and recognising it will require a hard, honest look at things, you can change it by modifying your role.

>do the housework, cleaning lady to get laid

holy fuck. this board is truly full of incels. do cucks like you actually do that?

Yeah, I've all but given up on hope when it comes to sex at this point, so I don't put ANY pressure on her at all.

I'm fit as fuck, run every day with the dog, eat extremely cleanly, lift, etc. She exercises, but only a few times a week, and mostly just watches her diet.
She isn't in school, but I'm finishing my bachelors (started late and have only been going part time to pay for it myself and not go into debt). She works a decent job, nothing super stressful, money isn't an issue for either of us currently.

I probably should have clarified, we've fucked in the last 6 months, but I'd say maybe 6 times max if you exclude the vacation, where we fucked 10 times over three days.

She really hasn't adopted a super emotional role. I do MOST of the housework because I work from home, and I grew up in a military family, so I keep the home spotless 99% of the time. The ONLY thing she does is the laundry like once a month, and occasionally makes dinner. I wouldn't say she is motherly to me at all. I know what you mean though, because my buddys girlfriend does everything for him.

>it’s ALPHA to sit around all day and make mommy-gf do everything for me!!

So it’s boredom. That’s easier to address. Do new and exciting things together to re-spark the interest.

Im not going to lie, I'd dump her ass OP. Look before you dump her though. You sound like you got your shit together, no reason to put up with this.

alpha is making money and relaxing after work. not cleaning the dishes like a subservient sissy. fucking hell your pathetic. your sex like must be none existant

it's probably why. she sees you as a cuck. your taking up a feminine role. I bet your a real shyboy pushover

>this level of samefagging to project your fetish

jesus christ LMAO

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>coping this hard being a subservient sissy

I haven't even posted in this thread, just read through it and came to laugh at you.

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Well, what about the birth control pills? I can say from experience that they can kill libido. This can happen out of the blue. My girl and I stopped with the pill and I'm putting up with condoms for now. It's not ideal but I can tell she wants it more often and is usually more wet during.

Still, if you're both healthy and we take the health related issues I'd honestly suggest bringing up therapy. Well, I'd actually wait for a couple more months because this could be just a phase (though to begin with people don't fuck as often as they say they are, one time a week is probably the norm with most couple that are this long together.) Anyway, communicate your feeling to your partner in a month or two, stress out the importance of your need and bring up therapy is that seems to fail.

I'd still wager the dramatic decrease is health related though.

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Lets see. After about the hundredth time of the same thing its not worth the clean up.

My bf idea of sex. He gives me a peck of a kiss, grabs the back of my head and nudges me to give him head for one minute, then he crawls between my legs or from behind rabbit strokes for less than a minute, grunts and rolls away. The few times I tried to move around or do something different or in a different order he kinda accused me of cheating. Like how would I know to do it this way if some guy didn't teach me a new "trick"

God, insufferable. Oh, a couple times he wanted to do "foreplay" but his idea of foreplay is sucking my left breast a little, move to the right just long enough to get it wet, little lick and rough treatment of my clitoris. Then he wants me to do him for ever till my jaw is out of joint, then wants me to ride him SLOW but he cums about the third time I rock back and forth.

Yeah, she was actually on the pill awhile ago, and she had numerous issues with them and it was affecting her mental health after trying numerous types. So she quit, hasn't been on them for a while.

We actually were fucking more when she WAS on the pill, but she had other issues. When she stopped, we started doing it a few times a week instead of a day. That lasted until six months or so ago, and now its once a month if I'm lucky.

That sucks, but isn't even CLOSE to what our sex and foreplay is like lmao