I need a good opener. I'm a 6.5-7/10 so I have a very slight chance with her, but I'm gonna need a good opener...

I need a good opener. I'm a 6.5-7/10 so I have a very slight chance with her, but I'm gonna need a good opener. Any ideas?
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>hey are you an architect?
>(her reply)
>because i have a bone you can inspect

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Maybe I'm just retarded but I don't get how a bone is related to architecture. Like, I get the sex part of the joke, but not the architecture part

Obviously a catfiah my dude. Kek

He probably meant archaeologist.

Oh, that makes way more sense

No actually Italian woman would ever eat tortellini alfredo.


>wants to date but nothing serious
>doesn't want kids
>drinks and does drugs "socially"
21st century dating, everyone

even the conservative and religious girls are in decline

She's 21. Yeesh, what do you think she wants to get married and have kids already?

When I was 21 I knew I wanted to have kids and get married, in the future.

no u

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Why wouldn't she? Why is it socially acceptable to ride the cock carousel until you're in your 30s and to finally "settle down" only when your pussy dries out?

I bet you were a really fun person

Give her a few years at least, dude. I know I for one wish I would've spent a few more years having fun before getting married


OP here. I'm just gonna say "hey pretty little thing. care to fart in daddy's mouth?? :)"

>hurr durr sleeping around is the only way to have fun

When you get married and have kids, your ability to travel, go to parties, and do things spontaneously drops to near 0.

Should I just ask her favorite movie or something? Feel like thats too dry

I mean, you wouldn't be wrong.
I travelled a lot, lived in 4 different countires, speak 3 languages fluently, partied as much as I wanted really, have friends all over the world.
I still got married at 25 and had my first at 26, and never fucked anyone but my husband.

That's why you start doing it at 16. I had travelled, partied and done things"spontaneously" for 10 years when I had my first.

I mean, guys do basically the exact same thing

Yeah. Tell her you're right outside her house.

What's a an attractive, funny, wonderful guy like me doing without your number?

Ooh. That's good.



If you don't get this OP, never speak to me again for advice.

Or for the dozens of anons here.

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t. 30 year old boomer

>I need a good opener
>I need
it's over for you, it never even began actually

Oh god no don't be that cocky

Its a monty python reference, if thats what youre asking. But i can't solve it

Think it won't work

>That was a funny line, I would've said "You have a pair of great, big, beautiful... eyes" instead, though. Wanna kick it sometime? I'll smoke us out and get us some tacos when the munchies hit.

Easy, man.

Damn those are some big ass titties

ironically my best opener was "have you ever read julius evola?"
it sparked the most interesting conversation and friendship I ever had on tinder LOL

how fucking old are you?

Haha, I'm going to use that next time. Should end up in weird places.

Sauce on the girl?

That's a catfish


>hey are you an archeologist?
>(her reply)
>because i have a bone remains you can inspect
Sounds retarded. I think he meant anatomist

Don't worry, she doesn't actually exist.

thai living in indonesia. goes by Dj Katty Butterfly. suspicously a tranny, nobody knows tho

24 mph or 11 m/s

But it really depends if its african or european

She will almost certainly just say "no".

>enter information age
>people can no longer be isolated from outside information and brainwashed into following religious brainwashing
>people start valuing science over faith
>people stop being religious
How is this surprising to you?

You sound fun

Science damn you time child!