I've been dating a guy for a few weeks who I thought was a very sweet man. I fear I might have been wrong...

I've been dating a guy for a few weeks who I thought was a very sweet man. I fear I might have been wrong. We went to eat at a buffet restaurant, and he deliberately stuck out a foot to trip an overweight man that was walking past our table with his food. My boyfriend jumped up, apologized, and helped him to his feet. I thought he was being sincere, but after we were done eating and returned to the car, he told me that he did it on purpose and that he thought it was a hilarious joke.

I'm... not sure what to think of this. Well, no, I do, I'm disgusted and filled with anger. Should I break up with him based on this incident?

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thats a clear red flag OP


Yes wtf why are you still with him. If he thinks that's hilarious imagine when he's actually mad or angry.

>Should I break up with him based on this incident?
You should ask yourself why you ever considered Not breaking up.


Unless you're both 14 that genuinely suggests mental handicaps/conditions

Holy fuck that's based. Wageslaves deserve this punishment as a reminder that they have inflicted imprisonment on themselves. Maybe he could have passed on the joke, but I think he did the right thing for the wrong reasons

Idk I think what he did was pretty funny

When Jow Forums approves the behavior you know it's fucking autismal as hell

>1/6 replies is Jow Forums
First of all it's 4channel. Secondly, I'm the dissenting view. "Jow Forums" (appealing to common consensus thus far) seems to think she should drop him

If he is capable of that, imagine how willing he would be to beat the shit out of you. If you don't like the idea of being beat (does not seem that way) I would recommend ghosting him.

>tripping some nobody means they're at risk to beat a loved one
That's a pretty slippery slop my dude

Heh. 4channel thinks she should drop. Jow Forums is an autistic permavirgin with nothing meaningful to offer anyone, who is contrarian just because and whose idea of intelligent discussion is deriding anyone else who contributes meaningfully.

Your viewpoint is that shitting on people is fine. I think you're just here because you're not funny or interesting enough to gain traction on /b/ as a troll, and that's why you hit up a slow board.

Jesus, that's quite a bit more harsh than being rude to a waiter.
Dump Now.

No. I genuinely believe that wageslaves should be treated horribly. I left work because it's slavery. People need to wake up and take action for it to ever improve, and this guy getting tripped might make time think, "hmm, maybe I don't want to be a fucking waiter anymore."

it doesnt even fucking sound like the overweight man was a waiter you illiterate cunt

But it was literally just some customer. They were at a buffet.

And again, your viewpoint is treating people like shit. You can think whatever you want, it still makes you look like you're autistic and autism is a huge deal breaker because it ensures the woman will always be lifting more than her even share.

Whether you feel wageslaves should be shit on or not only reflects that you probably need a therapist and meds, not whether OP is right in leaving a guy who trips random customers at places.

>Next you'll tell me how him being overweight means he deserves to be tripped

Oh man, my bad. Yeah, that was shitty I guess. You got me

It would be shitty regardless you damn idiot

Oh, sorry for the confusion! It was a random customer he tripped, not a waiter. He told me that he thinks it's funny to trip obese people and watch them be unable to get up.

I disagree, but that's never good enough for you fucks. You've given no reason beyond screeching I need therapy. So you know what? OP's bf should have ran the fat fuck over after tripping him again in the parking lot

>I disagree
>because they arbitrarily deserve shit for trying to get work experience

We tell you you need therapy because literally anyone who espouses violence is fucking touched. Hell, they're probably victims of abuse and more.

But again you're on a fucking blue board. If you want to get claps on the ass for endorsing random, aimless violence then you need a red board

It’s not enough because you’re still a prick regardless of circumstance, and not only a prick but a stupid mother fucker

It's not random, it's not aimless, and it's not necessarily violent. They deserve whatever they get for what they do. If they want to work shitty jobs around shitty people, shitty things will happen to them. Work experience is a fucking joke, and only desired by the worst materialists on the planet. Fuck them, and fuck you too. I don't care what color board this is.
Sorry, op. It was me that misread this and accidentally derailed your thread. Although I don't think your necessarily at risk for beatings like the one guy suggested, I think his actions are suspect. While fats shouldn't be subsidized like they are, tripping them is like tipping a cow; unnecessary and unproductive

It sounds like you have issues with the society we live in


Sherlock spotted

This thread

Ah. Like the "he's going to beat you because he tripped someone" comment? That wasn't me FYI


Yeah you need therapy
You're just a broken and sad little person who takes it out on people who are obligated to put up with it, like employees and your parents and people online who can't just kick you off the chat.

I stand by what I said. You're just a failed hack off /b/ who thinks he's hard shit but you're just one of those hermit nerds that never adds anything of meaning or value.
>LOL hurt workers!
Yeah let's shit on 16 year olds trying to get their own money so they can actually live like decent human beings.

But it's fine since I know you deadass will never have the balls to trip someone at random. You're the type who'll talk the big game on Jow Forums, because that's all you really have left.

Seething redditors go home. Fatties deserve nothing but disrespect and vicious bullying. That man is a fucking hero.

T. Lanklet

Huge red flag. He'd probably trip your kids and laugh at them too. Get the fuck out of that relationship. I guess you can talk to him and tell him it was a red flag to you and say that's why you can't date him anymore but I don't really know what that would accomplish besides giving him an opportunity to lie his way out of it or just direct anger towards you, and make him hide his fucked-up-ness more in the future thus making it harder for you to see until it's too late. See this as a good thing, you're seeing his true colors before things get out of hand seriously.


nothing wrong with tripping a fatty

How do you eat?
The system is obviously terrible and rigged, do you eschew effort entirely? or have you devised a pathway through the cracks of it?
Genuinely curious here.

Right now I live off the charity of my mom. Once that's gone, if I don't have my a revenue stream online, and if I can't enact the change I want, I'm going to risk being homeless. I hate the thought of working for money and want to kill everyone who props this system up.
I'm trying my best to figure out what makes the most sense towards my goal(s) and/or principles. I will be homeless if it comes to that

Bless you user, I felt the same way.
Don’t hate the wagies, they are the victims.
They aren’t propping the system up, they are being trampled underneath it and are trying to stay alive under the weight of it all (whether or not they know this; whether or not they are lower-class, middle-class, or upper-class)

Do not resent your brother; ultimately that is the primary goal of this system. To sow divisiveness and to conquer all.

The meek shall inherit the earth. It’s taken me a long time to grasp what that meant.

Keep it in your heart, man. We are all going to make it. I’d give my life to light the beacon of hope, and I know that deep down you probably feel the same way.

Oh, no. I don't hate wagies per se, but more so because they refuse to take charge of their lives. I'm not into the Christian shit but I do have my own ideas of hope and a better future. I just want people to stop being afraid and to kill the evil people who make them feel that way

desu I feel that the only tangible evil force is some intangible satanic shadow cabal under the false guise of jewish hegemony.
Even the chair of some bank is merely a blind wagie in the grand scheme.
Jesus, as an archtype, is the embodiment of the hero we need to navigate beyond this crux, I’m not a biblethumper yet that wisdom resonates profoundly in these times.

>he told me that he thinks it's funny to trip obese people and watch them be unable to get up

i'm ded

although I feel like the satanists have thankfully been overthrown by some young yuppy generation.
sage since ded thread.

>agreeing to work for money is slavery

Sounds like psycho behavior to me. Never can fully tell from an isolated incident, but if there is any repeat or pattern of behavior like this:
I'm serious, you don't want to be in a relationship with this.

That's an evil human being. Do not give your energy towards such a person.

You boyfriend is an ass but he has a damn good sense of humor. Also if he is in his teens this is okay if not I still find funny just a bit more immature.

Being comfortable with and actually hurting someone as a joke is a red flag

I'd rather risk and leave an person who did it just that time than to remain with a probable woman-beater

>Should I break up with him based on this incident?

It's antisocial behavior, a trait of psychopaths.

stupid cunts like you OP kill me. you hear "oh, I didn't know he was a serial killa" when there were warning signs the whole goddamn time. I believe for every great psychopath there stands a woman, you're made for each other.

Yes, what an asshole

>I believe for every great psychopath there stands a woman
what's the difference?