How do I not resent my colleagues?

>Any oldfags still alive?

>I need to ask you guys something: Got a new wageslave job in another supermarket for a minimally higher wage, but there's one thing I've noticed. Over the years as a supermarket wageslave I've noticed there's been a sort decline in the sort of people that work there. When I initially wageslaving in supermarkets, there was a varied bunch of people working there, young, old, students, career shelfstackers, from different places in the world and locally, etc. Over the years (at every supermarket I worked at) the types of employees rapidly started to boil down (mostly) to three types of employees: Miserable people who have nothing going for them (e.g. me), old-ass immigrants from 3rd world countries who have nothing going for them and morons who are too stupid to get anything better.

>What happened? Where did everyone go? How come I'm stuck with people who are lowering my IQ?

Posted this somewhere else, but my god, I think it's the worst it's ever been, everyone at this new place is just literally one of those three types I mentioned.

How do I not resent my colleagues?

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Bump cos blatant bait threads are being replied to.

>>What happened? Where did everyone go?
In my town, the economy got much better. Unemployment is like 2.1% Before everybody was working any job they could get. Now all of the really attractive people, for example, are waiters in restaurants where they can get really good tips and the really in shape guys are doing heavy construction for more money.

Even the students?
How do I not resent these people? There's no one young here anymore, everyone's my age or much older. There's no one with ambition or anyone looking towards the future. Everyone's on the daily grind but towards nothing. No one really talks about anything, they just bitch about work or talk about the latest football matches.

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As you get older the illusion of stability falls apart, the same assholes you worked with before are the same as the ones now. Plus some boarder jumpers.
Those students who where in college are so up to their eyeballs in debt, that they might as well be miserable fucks.
The whole country/world is in the decline, the experiment known as human civilization is collapsing as technology enhances the hedonism of mankind. The only saving grace is that once the shit hits the fan, people will start to give a fuck about being better people or they’ll be left behind on the streets when all the low wage jobs are given to robots.

>As you get older the illusion of stability falls apart, the same assholes you worked with before are the same as the ones now. Plus some boarder jumpers.
I don't know, I thought it might be me but it's not. I distinctly remember there being a lot more than just the three same types of sad sacks and ne'er-do-wells.

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It's a few different things. One of the things I've noticed is that they hate firing people, and if you want to get anywhere with promotions, you better learn to haul ass and work for two.

And it's stupid, all of it. The ilcs are never right, the stockers are always understaffed or poorly staffed, and if you can't work around this and dumbfuckistani scheduling, you just don't know what you are doing!

>poorly staffed
They seem to be trying to run the place with as few people as possible here, it's kinda insane. I was legit working alone one night when there was supposed be 5 stackers.

Most kids don't want to work jobs. Who knows maybe Gen Z is wising up to the college meme and sees no point in working if all it is for is paying for college.

>Who knows maybe Gen Z is wising up to the college meme and sees no point in working if all it is for is paying for college.
You think so? How are they going to survive without a job?

Maybe it's for the better, I mean, I'm stuck people who I genuinely think are lowering my IQ and spirits, and I'm not an optimistic person to begin with. If they can avoid that...

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Alan Watts said you're better off existing briefly, doing what you want, than you are living a long life of misery.
If money is the only reason you work, you are absurd.

>Alan Watts said you're better off existing briefly, doing what you want, than you are living a long life of misery

Sounds right. Especially this part:
>doing what you want
Fuck I wish I had done that.

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What do you have to be resentful of your colleagues for? Are they getting some sort of preferrential treatment that you aren't receiving? Are your coworkers earning an unfairly higher wage than you? Are they better off in life than you in any other way? No? Then why do you resent people that have nothing? Is it because you have less than nothing?

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You've never worked retail.
Other workers are genuinely miserable people. It's obviously not a hard rule. I think my first team was crazy but awesome, a bunch of smalltown-grade bumfucks who knew a lot about life. I get transferred to grocery and every one of the stockers thinks he's God's red-blooded gift to patriotic bootstrapping (a misselect? THERE ARE NO MISSELECT'S IN GOD'S PERFECT PLAN!) The one genuinely competent and levelheaded person I've worked with so far is also a colossal dickhead that doesn't get along with anyone else in the store. I can merely stomach him, like diarrhea that burns when you hold it, but doesn't send you running to the bathroom.

It's all shit, though, because the corporate is shit. These people do not care about you. They do not care about your well-being. They do not care if they even go out of business tomorrow.

>Is it because you have less than nothing?
It's because they're a constant reminder that I'm at the bottom of the heap. And they're all mind-numbingly depressive and/or stupid.

Jesus Christ if there were even 2 people who had some level of intellect or ambition beyond stacking shelves, that I could have even a half-decent conversation with while at work, it probably wouldn't be so depressive.

It's just literally old tired immigrants, not even young ones, people with no hope and retards who couldn't get any other job.

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Do you think it would be possible for you to make enough money while working part time/less hours? Honestly I have a decent fucking job and even I think less hours would be nice. Try trading money for time if money seems less importsnt to you. May be hard since most people think life is all about money.

It looks like your IQ was lowered by your continued wageslaving in a supermarket. That's not a career. You're holding yourself back.

If you're so smart and qualified in life, then why are you in the same rung on the ladder as them?

Think about that.

ive been working retail and i loosely agree with this, i think in general retail isnt a place that necessarily encourages positivity,and the people who are the best come off sometimes with a sense of superiority, one guy i work with has been working this same place 15+ years, and maybe its because everything is to complicated now, i dont know, im not saying things were better before, but theres only so much one person can manage mentally, and no fucking kid likes going out of his/her way to learn

> maybe its because everything is to complicated now
> no fucking kid likes going out of his/her way to learn

Life is about increasing complexity. What's the point to living if your existence is just to coast into nothingness?

The fact that you exist at this very moment in the existence of everything and that we're able to communicate over a series of signals is INSANE!

Do something with your luck. You could have been born a frog, or have been born in ancient times with no chance to improve your situation. This is the one shot you have. Don't deny yourself that right.

Nothing stays the same.

Really it doesn't.

People leave situations they can't make better for themselves for something else. It's almost like a form of inflation. And when you're young, everything seems possible. It's based on an illusion--your identity is built on your potential and not what you're actually doing. We even see older people this way when we're young. As we age, we see things more as the present, future and past mixed together. You are probably seeing things differently because you are older. You are relating to different people.

Something I noticed is that everything always changes. I would be screwed if I hadn't just walked away from entire towns and friends groups, and always been casually looking for more people, more knowledge, more things to enjoy. It's scary but it's worth it. Happiness is really close to anger and fear, those manic emotions. It isn't like depression, or sleep.

huh, its ironic one thing i worry about most is that ill be left behind, i was an applied student and everything, so when i see people effortlessly good at things i get frustrated, and im an agreeable person so, not acting on my thoughts has got its problems. in retail the already good think the bad employees dont try which may very from person to person.and i know im not what you'd call a, super intelligent person in a practical environment but the fact that this can be communicate with anyone is amazing, and i have future ambitions like anyone else, but i worry. i know my words are rambled,and in vain, but ill improve my situation, ive a good few ambitions to cope with nothingness.

Been in this situation forever, I feel such an outcast, nobody seems to understand me, I can't even understand myself, why do I lack motivation to go forward in life?
It's the worst of the works, living hell.
I don't have an advice, I just have the same feeling and void inside the op has. It seems that I would do anything to break through, but in reality I will not :). Oh dear..

The obvious answer is I fucked up earlier in life and I'm paying dearly for it.

Children, friends, experiences, and, most importantly, meaningful complexity.
I can think of about a million other reasons to live aside from ad integrity, credits, or just playing work place politics.

Bumping cos no one's given actual suggestion on how to deal my growing resentment.

You need to find a way out of your current situation. Pick a career or lifestyle you want to pursue and work towards that everyday.

>Pick a career or lifestyle you want to pursue and work towards that everyday.
That's gonna take a while, at least a year before I make any progress towards anything worthwhile. For 5 out of the 7 days I'm going to be working with people with dead eyes and souls. It's not even fixed days.

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In meantime, I really need some sage advice on how not to gouge my own eyes out around these people.