How do I get a Black Girlfriend?

First time coming here for help but...can Jow Forums help me with this?
How can I get a black girlfriend?
A hot one,I'm a white male,23,from Eastern Europe. Any ideas? Advice on how to aproach them? Etc.

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Just don't have children


Aren't they coming over by the boat load across the Mediterranean? Just pick one off the beach

apply some black shoe polish to your current white gf. voilà.

I wish it was that easier

I broke up with her. And no,that's an awful idea.

Because white people are the minority on Earth. If you keep race mixing Europe will turn into another America and Europeans will have the same fate as the Native Americans.

My best friend is married to a hot black woman and so his his cousin. They are both as white in appearance and mannerisms as you can possibly get.

1. Most black women don't want a white guy, in a survey of American dating sites, black women are the most racist group. That's ok, about 40% of them are willing to be with a white guy and something like 10% would prefer it. That's a hell of a lot of hot black chicks. Don't get discouraged by those that don't want you.

2. Black guys "swagger" (walk around with false confidence and bravado) a lot more than white guys. I've heard people say that if you swagger more black girls like it more, but my friend and his cousin don's swagger at all. I figure that most black women like the bravado, but acting white is better for the black girls that want something different.

3. Even more so than with most women. You must be confident and you must be ok with being looked at. EVERYBODY will look at you and ask you questions. Your friends, her friends, your family, her family. You can't be wimpy about it. My friend often replies to questions with semi-racial answers that makes the people asking them uncomfortable.
"Why did you marry a black woman?"
"I wanted my kids to get scholarships." (said with a cocky smile)
"Have you seen her her dance?"
"Hybrid vigor"
"I'm a colonist."
The key is to have that laid back cocky attitude.

>tfw I have to save the white race
But the attraction to black girls is stronger. What can I do?

Have you been to a beach lately?

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You can fuck them, even love them, just don't breed with them. Wear a rubber, and not a cheap one. Make sure it doesn't break.

Black women are more likely statistically to leave the father to go on welfare.

Take the ebonypill


>white people
Are you stupid?

Remind me how many Han Chinese there are on this planet.

>2. Black guys "swagger" (walk around with false confidence and bravado) a lot more than white guys. I've heard people say that if you swagger more black girls like it more, but my friend and his cousin don's swagger at all. I figure that most black women like the bravado, but acting white is better for the black girls that want something different.
No, the black women that want a white guy are typically the ones into alternative genres that aren't hip hop. There are a few, but they are far and between. Those are really how I've earned most of my friends. They're nerds and weebs like me.

They count as white now.

Bang her


t. a gook

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Is it true black girls have 'looser' vaginas?

He's right tho. When regarding world population, whites are a minority.


What do you mean by looser?

deeper and wider

>tfw no black queen
Why even live?

How does sex feel like with black girls?

I'm white and I unironically date only black women. I want to have at least 5 kids, maybe even 6 or 7.

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How are black girls user? How's sex wet them? Worth it?

How many hot black women do you think there are? Globally, they are pretty scarce. In Eastern Europe? Pretty much non existent.

I've slept with a few and find they have a weird smell.

Their hair smells like plastic or something.

>tfw I will live forever with white roasties

My wife is black and I can tell this user is full of shit. Black girls smell very nice.

Are you white?

I think it's a pheromone thing. Like my body is saying 'This isn't genetically advantageous, go find a nice white girl'

Yes,I'm white. And you just have a mental problem then. Stop going to Jow Forums

I'm going to agree with
I dated/fucked a single black girl. She was actually very white in her mannerisms and enjoyed things like plays and opera. But there was still something off about how she smelled compared to all the white women I have been with. Maybe it's the products they use for their hair or something?
Also, apparently black guys don't eat pussy. She absolutely fell for me because I would eat her out.
So, OP take that as a tip for keeping a black woman after you get with her. Eat that pussy.

Do you love that black girl? The smell thing I know is to keep away brothers and sisters from fucking with eachother. Like,I'm not gonna fuck my sister because there is that smell that keeps me away or so. Yo

What? can you rewrite your comment to make sense?
The smell I was referring to was (I assume) some hair product, or perfume, or type of soap or something they use differently than white women. I wasn't implying they have a different body odor. At least I don't think that it was body odor, I could be wrong. It was a few years ago.

>anons in this thread still didn't take the black ebonypill

Go to a McDonalds or other fast food in the ghetto a few times a week. Flirt with a cute cashier. Always pay with $20 bills or a fancy thick credit card. If you're white and have money, you will get her easily. Be careful, she might be under 18.

Not that user but I also only really date black women. Their skin is always soft, they always have great lips and asses, and they are always real loving treating like their “man”. I personally love their hair too but their pubes are a little weird. They were low key kinda racist too, 3 of the ones I dated refused to date black guys because they told me they felt unsafe or because they wanted better

Reminder fellow whites:
>breed black women
>love black women
>protect black women

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My black gf
Ask me anything

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Imagine not taking the ebonypill


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Love __________

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I've taken the ebony pill multiple times but I always threw it back up after.


The smell.


You've never taken any women pill, virgin pol fag.

I imagine you haven't if you haven't noticed they smell different.

I've fucked every race and they all have a noticeably different scent.

East Asian isn't too bad. South Asian is a bit Weird.

Black isn't BAD it's just a

Do you two workout together?

move to africa

and by that I mean North Paris.

Seriously though they jump on any white man who gives them attention.

>i fuck-
Stopped reading right there

But I hate france

Am I supposed to say "Tenderly made love with" or something?

No way you fucked that many women

Yeah, guys who sleep with alot of women always have the upmost respect for them.

They always consider their feelings, what they're thinking and would never dehumanize or objectify them in any way.

They certainly wouldn't use a word like 'FUCK' to describe the tender, respectful, explicitly-consensual lovemaking they indulge in with their scores of partners they find on Tinder.



Get Tinder, swipe until you match with a black girl. Go on a date, try to hook up with her and establish something.

Don't pretend to know what it's like to be black, and never ever initiate "oh i feel so bad for how black people are treated" stuff. It won't win you points, and it'll make you seem condescending.

Find out what she's into and talk about it. Hitting it off with a black girl once you're actually on a date isn't that different from white chicks. If you're funny, be funny.

Stay frosty, user. You've got this. BLANDA UPP!

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>I'm a white male,23,from Eastern Europe.
Why is everyone giving him tips on American black women. They are TOTALLY different than the recently-from-africa blacks that he will be exposed to.

Black african women are unironically civilized compared to american ones. I'm curious why...
Also,it depends on how much black he wants them to be. Light skin black or black as night?

Assuming she's not a conservative somali in full chador, she will have tinder. If she's single, young and attractive she will -definitely- have tinder.

People in African cities - surprise surprise - have night clubs, and bars, and active dating lives. Of course it's different from Europe, but it still exists.

Hot single chicks are surprisingly similar all around the world, especially if they live in Europe.

Ideal ebony goddess here

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Based,wish I had a ebony gf :(

1. What sort of a white guy would a girl like this be interested in, assuming you would be interested in a white guy at all.

2. Some people might not call this black or whatever, but I consider her to be of that race.

3. Are black girls humor different than other races?

I live in a small town so I've never had the experience of being friends with any black women which I wish I could.

Is it true black girls take sex more passionately and aren't dead fish in bed?

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>Is it true black girls take sex more passionately and aren't dead fish in bed?
In my case? Yes,she takes it a a union of love when we get inside each other. It feels amazing.

you have an extremely strange special interest sir

It's not fair to the kid to bring them up in an environment where they are different and they will never be accepted by any of their black or white peers. Culture and sociology is heavily influenced by ethnic makeup, it's not fair but it's how humans operate, we are a tribalistic species, we accept the familiar and shun the unknown and the different. You're condemning a kid to a life of ostracism and rejection, it's cruel and unfair.

you first need to start being a retard

>Their hair smells like plastic or something.
It's probably residual burnt hair smell from the constant crimping and straightening they constantly do, very few black women keep their natural nappy curly hair anymore

>Always pay with $20 bills or a fancy thick credit card. If you're white and have money, you will get her easily
If you're white and have money in an all black area you will also get robbed easily, just go on tinder and find one

same as any other girl. different color of the hole dont change anything. if you can get a white girl you can get a black girl.

move to the US and post on tinder.

She is considered black and yes,black women are fucking great at sex.

Most black people grew up poor. Literally land a 100k a year job and you're a relative millionaire. You take a poor chick to the olive harden and buy a moderately priced wine and she thinks you're throwing money around.

1. Stay away from the ghetto

I don't want to be shot after I get out of the airport.

Also not user but yeah black girls superior to whites with regards to sex. Black pussy just feels better and if you dont think so its cause you havent actually been there.

Obvious samefag

I like black women because they are upfront, honest, and not fake at all. They'll tell you straight to your face if you suck at sex or if you do something they dont like, compared to white girl who will tell you every day your perfect while talking/fucking other guys behind your back.

I love this response.
This is part of what keeps shitty people out of the USA.
>Everyone has a gun here and at all times you have the chance of being shot.
Please spread this belief to everyone you know!

perhaps you could bring an animal skin to her and show her how to make a drum..

to play at the next village fire dance event.

Ok I have a black gf but I kek'd

Would you?

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Based slave owner

Goddamn i want a BLACK GF AAAAAA

I prefer the term colonist

He cute

Marry me!!!

The Virgin Collectivist

The Based Individualist

>white people are dying out
>the solution is for white people who date outside their race to not have kids

subscribe to pewdiepie ;)