Do girls really love assholes or is it because there's no sort of guy between asshole and nice guy anymore + the fact...

Do girls really love assholes or is it because there's no sort of guy between asshole and nice guy anymore + the fact that most men love asshole loving sluts and not usual girls?

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My boyfriend is abrasive and a bit of a dick, in general, and I love that. It's fun.
I also like that he's the softest, kindest, most romantic person I've ever talked to and he's extremely sensitive.

Those two sentences are mutually exclusive statements. What kind of delusion are you in?

overgeneralization, besides, thinking about this wont get you anywhere, really

Would you say that he treats you like shit on a daily basis or some crap like most guys would define "assholes"?

The truth is even the "nice guys" are assholes. You just date whoever you happen to like, that's it. I've just given up on dating all together. I've taken the blackpill.

6/10 b8

Nah, long story short: Some girl i know was in a relationship with some school dropout/druggie/police car wrecker/wigger (i'm not overexaggerating anx it's sll the same person) i knew from school and we talk from time to time about him + she texted him once. I'm not into her but i still wonder if that's on a general basis.

For sure its an overgeneralization and she's a naive hoe but it still gets me to hear such stories.

"Nice guys" aren't nice as much as they are harmless and boring

How come bullshit "advice" threads are replied to and when a serious question is asked, there are few to no replies?

Your "problem" isn't interesting enough

Even though this is the same fucking thread posted a million times over?

only if you consider men with confidence as assholes. If they don't like something they say so.

Hair matters unlike what the OP image suggests. Leo looked better with his messed up hair in Titanic than his tidy, combed one; Cavill looks better than his hair isn't putting unnecessary emphasis on his hairline; Chalamet wouldn't make girls as wet if he went around with a buzzcut (he'd look like an unhealthy Holocaust victim).

What's your problem

No they aren't, brainlet.

OP, MOST guys are "somewhere between." The nice guy vs. complete dick thing is an oversimplification. Except in the case of guys who beat up and yell at their women all the time most guys have a mix of sensitive and asshole traits.

No, they aren't.
He's abrasive, speaks up his mind, jokes around and can be a bit mean, if he's unhappy with something he says it without much issue, he can be a little dick-ish but it's always in a very light-hearted way.
He's also a top tier, super sweet guy.

I wouldn't say he ever treats me like shit to be fair. He is a bit of a dick, but it's fun.

This. Chad's can poke or tease their girl, but can take being poked or teased in return. Its just the men who don't understand that think they're assholes.

Real assholes are emotionally or physically abusive to women. Women who date them are desperate or have problems.

My boyfriend is a literal robot from r9k who has been on Jow Forums since 2004. He's not even Chad, he's just autistic.

Yeah Chad was the wrong term I admit.

Nah, don't worry.
We're both huge shit posters and we banter all the time. I love that, it's the best part of our relationship.
And he just blurts out whatever he has on his mind with me, which is cool.

How the fuck can you be an asshole with someone you love.

Because it's fun to be a bit of an asshole from time to time. Teasing each other is fun.
If your partner isn't a person you have fun with it gets real boring, real quick.

makes a lot of sences.

i don't like it.

Better be really good teasing then.

Hope i don't take poke to seriously.

isn't wrong at all. Couples comfortable with each other roast each other from my observation. You have to get the formality and awkwardness and shy politeness out of the way sooner or later.