How are you anons not scared of finding co-workers on tinder...

How are you anons not scared of finding co-workers on tinder? Im kinda intrigued by it because I'm very introverted and have no social circle at all, meaning I don't ever meet anyone. Right now I'm in cc in the cycle of go to work/class then go home and do nothing. I'm not very interested in anyone at classe/work. I'm 21 and I've never been on a date or anything like that. Tinder seems like it could bypass the need for a social circle, but at the same time it seems filled with trash. I know this is rambling but got any advice or experience that can help?

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>bumping after only 20 minutes
this board can be slow sometimes. deal with it.

why do you care? if you're on tinder and you see someone you recognize, it just means they're on tinder too

I guess I would just like to avoid gossip spreading or something. I tend to overthink things and it will kinda drive me nuts.

"oh my god, user wants a human connection!? disgusting!"

you're definitely overthinking it

>not on tinder but found my 7/10 boss on POF
Ehh, saw her profile and bounced out. Its not so much being scared to find one, its accidentally matching for me. I mean where I work is a small place (4 people total, boss, her assistant, myself, and another guy). Boss is a single 40something with 4 kids, her assistant is married to a heroine addict, I'm in limbo with my current relationship, and the other dude has a woman and I ain't gay. Now as for the residents where I work, fuck me running if I find some of em on there. Fuck me with a shotgun if I find the ugly fucks.

When I still bothered with that shitty app, I didn't care because nearly all my coworkers are men and I was searching for women.
Don't work in an office or in retail, you big girl.

Thanks for helping user.

Im not changing jobs just to use Tinder

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Okay then look at it this way: Even if a female coworker spotted you on there, what's she going to say that wouldn't incriminare her just as much?

Anyone who is on Tinder to see you is also on tinder for probably the same reasons.

thanks anons. I think you helped me get over that.

now the next question. Is Tinder really worth trying if you are someone like me? I'm not really interested in hookups or anything like that. And girls who dress scantily are not attractive to me. Also even if I do land a date I think I'd be visually shaking from nervousness. But at the same time I feel like due to my lack of social circle and high introversion that it at least worth a shot. What do you anons think?

Again sorry for the rambling.

But they were just doing it as a gag.

I'm trying to think if that is worse than running into your boss in a singles bar and she is tipsy as Fuck.

Everybody wants to get laid. We are reaching a point where it will be weird to not be on tinder.

No I think you're better off meeting a woman IRL.
Women on Tinder usually say they want a relationship, then only go for good looking men who just want a pump and dump. They repeat this process numerous times, then complain that they can't find a man for a relationship. All the while ignoring average men, even though most women are also average and the 8+s obviously aren't going to settle down with/settle for them.
Don't get me wrong, I met some nice women on dating apps, even relatively sane ones (I found POF to be better than Tinder for this), but most were selfish, entitled, bratty, generally crazy women. They often expected something amazing, no matter how ordinary and typical they were.

Tinder will make you feel worse. You can't show girls the right aspects of your personality through Tinder easily and they will ghost the shit out of you. Just because you don't meet them in person doesn't mean you won't feel anxious and that she won't catch on to it.
Rejection on Tinder is the worst kind of rejection and everyone EVERYONE will do it to you, even the fat flat earther bitch and yes that's a true story (I didn't know for sure what a flat earther was at the time so it was easier to convince myself...)
Don't do it.

got any tips for people like me to find a girl irl then?

You can try Bumble if you want. It is supposed to be more serious than tinder. Downside is it has like 10th the users of tinder in my area

Do younger people actually use it? I get the feeling it's mostly older people.

yeah its the same age range. if you want old people you are gonna have to pay match or one of the pay sites $10 to filter out the broke poorfags

I have, and I told her "hey I found you on tinder haha"
She asked which way I swiped
I told her "haha nah I don't shit where I eat"
Then we talked about our experience using it and that was it. I see no shame in using it if your intentions are wholesome and honorable

I downloaded a BDSM app, immediately saw a girl I went to school with on there, deleted the account and uninstalled the app

Tinder is a garbage app and I recommend nobody ever use it except for STI ridden roasties and thirsty pajeets. It will most likely just make you feel worse about yourself and girls in general, unless you're one of the very, very few who finds a nice girl on there who happens to pick you over the 400 other guys who right swiped her that night.

That being said
>any coworker you do see is there for the same reason you are. If you're confronted about it you can say it was a joke, or your friends forced you, or you were drunk when you made it, or you were bored etc.
>you're very unlikely to even see coworkers, especially if you're in a city and lower the distance down
>if you're really worried then obviously make your account as wholesome as possible (classy photos, no pics of you in skintight speedos, no mention of your frothing interest in anime, etc.)

I'm good friends with a couple that met on Tinder several years ago. I've seen couples fight and argue before, but nothing like that; they were horrendous. It makes me think that app is horrible for sourcing a proper relationship and is really just for fucked up people who make bad decisions.

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>How are you anons not scared of finding co-workers on tinder?
I have, what's the problem?
She didn't swipe me tho!